Stop Hunters From Slaughtering Thousands of Baby Seals

Target: Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Goal: Stop subsidizing the annual seal hunt that slaughters thousands of seal pups and their mothers.

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has estimated that over 43,000 harp seal pups and their mothers have been brutally shot or clubbed to death as part of the nation’s annual commercial seal hunt in Newfoundland. Despite the international outcry against this barbaric practice, including India’s recent move to ban the import of seal products, the hunt will continue for several more weeks, during which time another 40,000 seal pups may die. With so many nations now banning seal products, it is far past time that Canada finally put an end to this cruel and outdated custom.

Harp seals have traditionally been hunted for their skins, which are turned into coats or other leather goods. However, increasingly these pelts are being disposed of in vast numbers, thanks to the fact that international demand for seal products has plummeted due to laws banning their import and shifts in public opinion. Despite this fact, the Canadian government continues to subsidize these hunts, which allows this massacre to continue.

This grisly practice that results in baby seals less than two months old being impaled on picks, clubbed or shot in the face must be stopped once and for all. Sign the petition below to demand that the Canadian government stop allowing this atrocity to occur.


Dear Minister LeBlanc,

The annual seal hunt in Newfoundland’s far northern reaches is an abominable practice that results in thousands of defenseless baby seals being battered with clubs or shot. It is a shameful practice that has rightfully been condemned by other nations around the world, including the United States, the European Union and India. The slaughter of weeks-old pups and their mothers is inhumane, and is grotesquely wasteful considering that so many of these pelts are rotting away before buyers can be found.

There is no need to continue sponsoring or subsidizing these cruel and barbaric hunts. We, the undersigned, demand that you stop this unethical practice by helping to ensure that this year’s grisly hunt is the last time these innocent animals are massacred.


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Photo Credit: Lysogeny

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  1. Tina shurtleff says:

    One of the most senseless cruelties on earth. Canada. Stop this selfish act of cruelty once and for all. I hope these cowards who do this reap their punishment. karma

  2. Frances shanahan says:

    That this continues makes me ashamed to be Canadian.

    Other countries are evolved enough to ban imports of this, why are we still so barbaric to allow it to continue and in fact subsidize it?

    I understand that people need jobs but why not take the money that is being used to subsidize this and instead provide job training to jobs that are peaceful and actually contribute to society.

    I can only imagine the long term emotional damage a violent job like this has on the people who are doing it.

    • Bless your heart Frances, what a perfect commentary on this atrocity, and yes it has indeed done harm to those committing this horrific act, mostly because it’s just been a way of life for many for generations, therefore they see no wrong with it, and don’t identify with the animal as having any feelings, or their suffering being of any importance, so its a vicious cycle that continues to teach a lack of compassion or regard for ALL living things, not just the poor seals. Horrible message to send, and BEYOND time for all people across the world to evolve, what a better place it could be!!! God Bless every soul who suffers.

  3. How can people live with themselves knowing what they are doing? I realize that people kill animals all the time for food, but a skin is not a necessity to life except for the seal. People need to stop being so vain. STOP THE SLAUGHTER!!!

  4. Sinful morons will surely n definately suffer on their own WORSE KARMA !! SINS N SINFUL !! Killing all these innocent lives!! An eye for an eye!! PLS STOP N BAN IT IMMEDIATELY !!

  5. Greedy Senseless Animal Slaughter: Canada vs China ??? Can’t tell the difference.


  7. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared 🤬

  8. Piece of shit monsters!!!I hate you motherfuckers, you deserve torture in the worst form possible!!!

  9. Activists throughout Canada, show posters and videos in public venues or on the street.

    This is a black spot for Canada!
    Canadian Governments, federal, provincial and municipal, failed the people to bring permanent employment in these job-starved regions! They failed and don’t care!

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