Don’t Reduce Charges for Man who Stabbed and Killed Dog

Target: Bucks County District Attorney in Pennsylvania

Goal: Do not reduce animal cruelty charges originally given to Brian Parks for stabbing his girlfriend’s dog, resulting in the animal’s death.

When police arrived at the home of Brian Parks, they found a shocking scene. As they moved around overturned furniture, they found a trail of blood that led them from the living room into a bedroom where Brian Parks was holding a bleeding dog that he had stabbed only moments earlier. During his trial, Parks claimed that he had stabbed the dog out of self defense after being bitten on the hand. Strangely, the DA withdrew two accounts of animal cruelty and misdemeanor charge of possession of an instrument of crime, even though no evidence was found that supported his version of the story. Now, Parks will face trial in Doylestown on charges of making repairs to an offensive weapon as well as misdemeanor cruelty to a domestic animal, charges that are less severe.

Reason was not given as to why the charges were reduced, however the case is certainly suspicious. No extensive bite marks were found on the hands of the accused, and while Park’s then-girlfriend could give no witness because she was sleeping, her son told a different story. Allegedly, Parks was under the influence of drugs or alcohol the night of crime, and became upset after the dog ate his dinner. According to the boy, Parks began to hit the dog with crutches before he yelled “Now you’re dead,” at which point the dog yelped in pain from the knife – a large, steel blade “Rambo” style knife with metal knuckles. The poor animal was stabbed on the lower left side of his body and was soon after euthanized at an animal hospital because he could not survive the injury.

Crimes such as these, where alcohol, weapons, and an emotionally unstable perpetrator are involved, are usually much worse than they appear. An innocent animal was stabbed to death for eating food, and animal cruelty charges should not be reduced in this case. Urge the District Attorney in Bucks County to give this criminal maximum punishment for his despicable crime. No animal should be thus treated, and even those who are badly behaved do not warrant death by knife.


Dear Bucks County District Attorney in Pennsylvania,

Brian Parks was recently arrested for stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend’s pet dog in their home. While his charges were reduced, the case is suspicious and calls for maximum charges of animal cruelty and possession of an instrument of crime. He allegedly stabbed the dog out of self-defense after the animal bit him on the hand, yet no severe bite marks were found, and the weapon he used was a large Rambo knife complete with metal knuckles. This hardly seems to be the truth given that the accused was intoxicated on the night of the crime and had made previous alterations to the weapon to make it more deadly than it already was. If this is not enough, a witness gave a chilling account that directly contradicts Park’s own.

A young boy, Park’s ex-girlfriend’s son, claimed that the man was intoxicated and angry because the dog ate his dinner. He then hit the dog with crutches and, after announcing “Now you’re dead,” stabbed the dog with the knife. This is a horrifying account of animal cruelty, and the original charges against the accused should not be reduced. They should be increased given the pain the animal had to endure before it was finally euthanized at a hospital. Brian Parks deserves maximum charges of animal cruelty and warrants punishment befitting of his heinous crime. In order to prevent future incidents such as this, please ensure that these charges are given.


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  1. J Davidson says:

    This sicko should not be at large to do more harm.

  2. This is so deeply disturbing that this is yet another example of our justice system at work. God help us all. This individual should be locked up to prevent any more sick and horrific brutal acts on animals or children.

  3. Grace Neff says:

    Why anyone would reduce charges on this horrible crime is beyond me. When he ends up stabbing a human will they say “sorry, we made a mistake.”

  4. Winona kitto says:

    A child had to witness this, plus who knows what else. Being witness to emotional and physical violence is as damaging as being the victim. The child’ s psyche has certainly suffered. This man will harm again if the charges are reduced.

  5. It is man’s sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man — Dr. Albert Schweitzer

  6. Kirsten O. says:

    THe judge that reduced these charges is doing a “grave” disservice to society. It is a well-known fact that animal killers often become people killers.

  7. We need to crack down on all this behavior. He is a sicko and he should have his ass locked up.

  8. According to David Heckler, D.A. of Bucks Co., Pa., the charges were changed because there are times the police charge a defendant with more criminal violations than fit the facts of a particular case.

  9. Marguerite Cordell says:

    I agree, give him the punishment that fits the crime. People like this should be dealt with the strongest charges. Put him away for life, or do what he did, stab him to death.

  10. Brenda Cruz says:

    This scum/vile deserve the full punishment by the law,he murdered an innocent/defenseless animal in front of a child,the mental and emotional trauma he must of caused this poor little boy. The way he stabbed this poor dog its just a start for this killer,next stop will be another defenseless animal or an innocent child,Brian Park is a criminal/killer and he must be fully punished! Please judge don’t let Brian Park get away with this horrific crime.

  11. brendabrenda77 brendabrenda77 says:

    This scum/vile deserves the full punishment of the law,Brian Parks without any remorse beat&stabbed a poor innocent/defenseless animal in front of a little boy Brian killed this poor dog,the trauma that Brian Parks has caused this poor little boy mentally is horrible. Brian Parks murder without remorse an innocent animal,his next victim will be another innocent animal or child. I hope Brian Parks rots in jail cold hearted murderer or other innocent lives will be killed by this murdered animal/children ect. Please judge make the right decision and punish Brian Parks to the fullest punishment! Thank you

  12. maureen hay says:

    this arsehole is more likely to stab and kill a child or family member next time, no good crying over spilt milk stop this little shit while there is still time to do so

  13. please don’t reduce the charges against this evil coldblooded monster there’s too much of animal abuse and cruelty going on already they don’t charge these degenrates enough they give them a slap on the waist community service or probation and that’s not good enough for this inexcusable crime of animal abuse they suffer and are murdered everyday by cold blooded black hearted humans that odvisiouly have no soul if they did they couldn’t commit such a heartless crime against harmless innocent and denseless animals there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere people can’t just keep getting away with this.

  14. off with brian parks head now. justice will be served when this happens now.

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