End Sexual Offender Charges for Public Urination

Target: State Governments of the United States

Goal: Revise criteria for sexual offender registration so that minor offenses like public urination are not qualifying charges

Sometimes, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Whether you are 30 miles from the next rest stop, at a park where the port-a-john makes you feel like you’re going to leave with a communicable disease, or in the endless line of a single-stall women’s room, there are situations when a bathroom just isn’t in the plan. However, most states still list public urination as a sex crime, and only six require a child to be present to render it as an offense.

The majority of those charged with public urination are merely required to pay a fine. However, an unlucky few are permanently charged as a sex offender, thereby ruining their lives. These individuals become ostracized by neighbors, have difficulty finding a job and housing, and suffer harassment.

But public urination isn’t the only outlandish act that lands minor criminals on the sex offender list. Pranks like mooning and streaking can get perpetrators there as well. Other cases, like a 17-year-old having consensual sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend, make the charge of “sexual assault against a minor” sound much worse than what actually happened. There is a problem with this system. All of these scenarios can land people on the same list as rapists, sexual batterers and child molesters.

Qualifying public urination as a sex offense is an outdated law that needs to be changed. It takes away from the seriousness of true sex crimes, and ruins the lives of the people who have to register. “Sex offender” is a label that can tarnish one’s name for life. What constitutes a sex crime in the U.S. needs to be updated. A child molester and a man who just couldn’t wait for a bathroom shouldn’t be on the same list. Urge states to revise the maximum punishment for public urination.


Dear State Governments of the United States,

The broad scope of what is considered a sex crime allows for people with public urination charges to be penalized by having to register as a sex offender. Though we recognize that many states give leniency to these cases, there are always the unlucky few that are going to land on the sex offender list unwarranted. This not only takes away from the seriousness of actual sex crimes, but it ruins the lives of the people charged. They will struggle with finding a job, somewhere to live, and may suffer harassment.

A few states have actually made the effort to rewrite their laws in order to separate public urination from indecent exposure. Only six states currently require a child to be present for it to be offense. It isn’t right to put a child molester and a man urinating outdoors in the same category. It is a flawed system. Please, consider rewriting the law to prevent this from happening to even one more person.


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  1. This is ridiculous! Does anyone realize that when a person is placed on this list, they are followed and harassed by aircraft, neighbors, and people they don’t know for life? The idea is to get that person to commit suicide! In some cases it also allows the sheriff of that county to make money off sex offenders because they get paid to watch and follow them. That’s another way jobs are created! The person who is labeled a sex offender cannot get a job, they can’t vote, they can’t be in the same room as a child, and they aren’t allowed to be in a public place alone with a woman. The chances of that person having a normal life is very slim! I’m guessing an individual from a church institution came up with this ridiculous law since the church is known to have tortured people for centuries! This isn’t the 1600’s! When people were proven guilty before they were innocent and tortured with machines because they wouldn’t confess to talking to the devil! Stop torturing people for stupid reasons!! If karma is real, the people behind this are going to be in pain in their next life! You don’t get to ruin someone’s life for the hell of it and then come back as a king! That’s not how it works! If you torture someone, be prepared to be tortured in your next life, and ten times worse! I know someone who is being tortured with aircraft harassment because of this stupid law, and all because he visited a nudist resort and popped a boner! People say there is a war against women. No I say there is a war against men, and if the women don’t stop it, the population will be reduced very quickly, because men will be banned from procreating because they are on the sex offenders list!

    • i agree. overpopulation should be outlawed. people who urinate in public r not sex offenders unless they rape them. its not just church law but that silly old gov law that does not work this way.

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