Justice for Pit Bull Used as Bait in Dog Fights

Target: Michael Rallings, Director of Memphis Police Department

Goal: Find justice for Liam the pit bull and prosecute the abusers who used him as bait for dogfights.

A pit bull named Liam was found severely injured behind  a warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. Liam was used as a bait dog, and his cruel abusers are still free. He was found with hundreds of bites on his body. His left eye was swollen shut, his body was so badly injured he was not able to walk, and his hundreds of bites were evidence of his being tortured and forced to participate in dog fights.

Although Liam was rescued, he is still recovering from the physical and mental affects of dog fighting. His abusers are still free and could be continuing this abuse on other dogs. The Memphis Police Department needs to step up and find these abusers. Liam and other dogs that are a victim of dog fighting deserve to get justice for the horrifying conditions they suffered. Demand that the Memphis Police Department take action to finally put an end to illegal dog fighting.


Dear Mr. Rallings,

Liam the pit bull was found severely injured behind a warehouse with his eye swollen shut and hundreds of bites inflicted on his body. He endured horrendous abuse and those that are responsible for his injuries are still free. We demand that these individuals are found and are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Pit bulls are often subject to these terrible conditions for this “sport.” These dogs are often loaded with steroids, have their bodies mutilated, and experience horrific abuse in order to get them as aggressive as possible. The dogs often do not survive very long, and the end goal is to have them fight to the death. All of this is done for money and the entertainment of vicious people. We ask that the Memphis Police Department find the abusers involved in this instance of dog fighting and give them the maximum punishment.


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Photo Credit: Memphis Police Department

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  1. These are the scum of the earth. May they all rot in hell.

  2. Typical legal system not to care, explains why there is an ever increasing amount of violent crime among people. Nothing will improve until the general public demands it, and requires law enforcement to hire and train officers to respect all life forms, not just their pay check.


  4. I hope the police department realizes that people who promote abusive dog fighting are sociopaths and are a danger to animals and humans alike. Sociopaths have no redeeming qualities, cannot be rehabilitated and have no place in civilized society. Treat this and similar cases seriously, abusers like these need to be prosecuted as felons to the full extent of the law.

  5. Chris Arene says:

    If laws don’t make the punishment fit the animal cruelty crimes, monsters will continue to get a pass on hurting animals. Give hard time to these people. Start a precedent. Do the right thing.

    • Agree, Animal Vigilantes should band together And eliminate this scum from the planet. Tie them up somewhere remote and leave to perish or dump in the ocean, whatever, they need “removing” from the planet so that animals are safer. We don’t need retards who are barbaric

  6. Joan Hellandsjo says:

    As the “parent” of 3 rescued pitties, I believe these abusers should be handcuffed, slathered in steak sauce and thrown in the pit with a few of the hungriest fighters.
    Scum like this doesn’t deserve to live.

  7. Barb Potter says:

    Whether animal abusers, child or wife abusers, the common link is that they are cowards. The police have the power to capture and charge these low life losers. So do the right thing!

  8. When the hell is the authorities going to start doing their job and go after these animal abusers! This is ridiculous that innocent animals have to suffer like this. This senseless act of abuse and slaughtering need to be STOPPED immediately!

  9. Darlene Avery says:

    These depraved heinous degenerates must be punished by a very very long jail term. The terror, pain and torture they inflict on innocent animals is beyond horrific. They are the scum of the earth and deserve the maximum penalty. Yes Michael Vick, you should be In Jail for life.

  10. OMG YOU IDIOTS THAT CAN LOOK AT THIS POOR INNOCENT ANIMAL AND SAY OH JUST WANT TO SEE THESE ASSHOLES GET THE MAXIMUM JAIL TIME. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD AND PEOPLE THAT THINK ALL THIS TRASH DESERVES IS JAIL TIME. ALL THESE BASTARDS DESERVE IS THE DEATH PENALTY. Of course they need to be found. Then they need to be killed literally tortured to death. But lets get really people do you think these bastards will ever be caught and brought to death. No I’m sure they will live on and continue this torture towards these innocent animals for god no’s how long. I REALLY CAN’T STAND THE STUPID PEOPLE THAT TYPE OH JUST GIVE THEM JAIL TIME. LOOK AT THIS POOR ANIMALS FACE AND WHAT HE HAS BEEN PUT THRU SO THIS TRASH CAN GET THE JOLLY’S

    • Dwayne Denton says:

      Thank you and I agree in full I have nothing other then that this lady is right. The kind of being’s that keep doing these thing’s to animal’s should not and do not deserve to live plain and simple.

  11. I hope these scum bags rot in hell.
    These poor poor animals have no voice this needs to stop.

  12. Are you fully engaged in the search to find the guilty in this
    case, if not, you might as well be one of them.

  13. These COWARDS if they want fights why they don’t make those gladiators fights from roman times? Man with man is the right&fair thing to do. But they are cowards, so use 4 paws instead of the 2 paws human beasts which they should use. They should be catch and put in jail for other prisonners to use to beat&bite and than left to die alone. THEY DESERVE THE SAME AND BE LEFT TO DIE IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

  14. This perverse, primitive cowardly evil scum of the earth, who need a new name to identify themselves as human is an insult to us who are disgusted with this shit crap as there is no name in the dictionary to describe or name them!

  15. Audrey Arbogast says:

    Same fate of acts of torture to these sociopaths, then jail forever or the electric chair. They have to be out of society, they are too dangerous and too evil to change

  16. People involved in dog fights should be used a punching bags!
    Cowardly dirt bags that are afraid to fight themselves.
    Let them work on a chain gang until they drop dead!

  17. Agree all comments kill these C**ts

  18. Denise Devereux says:

    We all know the law is useless and will do little to deter or punish these Monsters so until such time as Congress takes animal abuse, torture and murder seriously then we the People of the World must morally enforce STREET JUSTICE.
    Find these Bastards and put a bullet in their heads. They start with torturing animals and then move on to humans. Children first as like animals they can’t defend themselves. They will make great Shark Bait.
    Perpetrator the law might catch you and give you a slap on the hand, however we will find you and show you what pain feels like. You are dead men walking.

  19. You would think the police force would go to all lengths to find and arrest the violent scum who do this sort of thing. If they are capable of putting poor dog through this, what else are they capable of.
    Honestly, there are just far too many violent creeps out in the world.
    Let us start with getting these ones of the streets and into jail and away from the rest of us.

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