Tiaras and Torture – Ban Child Glamor Pageants

Target:  Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Producers of Children’s Beauty Pageants

Goal:  Ban children’s beauty pageants and restore true childhood ideals.  Stop pressuring toddlers and children by promoting materialistic values such as looks and glamor, which can lead to low self esteem, improper body perception issues and even pedophilia.

Child beauty pageants have existed for decades, but their creation is generally attributed to a 1920’s hotel owner who developed the pageant concept as a way to extend the summer tourist season beyond Labor Day.  Since the tragic, unsolved death of beauty pageant queen Jon Benet Ramsey nearly 20 years ago, child pageants have gained greater attention in the media.  The number of competitions has skyrocketed, with no legal protections in place for our children since they fall outside the scope of child labor laws.  Nonetheless, this form of child abuse is growing, with absolutely no benefit to our children.

Proponents of these pageants (mostly the parents of contestants, the vendors they patronize and pageant producers, who stand to make huge dollars at the expense of our children) claim that the pageant experience promotes development of self esteem, poise, and public speaking skills.  It is hard to believe that girls as young as 6 months old – some not yet able to walk or talk – will benefit personally and socially from the lessons learned in pageant participation.  On the contrary, participation encourages youngsters to grow up too fast, wanting to emulate adult behavior from a very young age, and placing materialistic values and outer, fake beauty over all else.  Are these the values we wish to instill in our future leaders?

Parents of participants spend ungodly sums of money for talent lessons, choreography, fake hair, teeth, tans and more.  If they are lucky, they may recoup some of these dollars in the form of future scholarships or relatively minimal monetary awards.  Imagine the impact if these parents invested the same time and money in instilling true values and education in their children, rather than living out their own pipe dreams of glamor and fame through their children!

No significant studies have been done on the long term effects of glamor pageant participation. However, many contestants grow into self centered, promiscuous teens who suffer from body image disorders and the inability to appropriately interact with their peers.

Please sign the petition below to protect our children from this profitable and cruel exploitation.


Dear Secretary Sebelius and Producers of Children’s Beauty Pageants,

Beauty pageants have become big business in the U.S. at the expense of our children’s innocence and well being.  Placing emphasis on the tiara or title, as well as fake looks and adult behaviors,  robs our children of their ability to truly experience childhood.  Without any legislative protections in place, such exploitation will continue and likely grow.  The result:  teens and adults with eating disorders, mental issues, adjustment problems and more.  There is no societal benefit to children’s pageant participation.

The exploitation of our youth at our own hands must be stopped.  Allowing parents to treat their children in this manner is abusive and must be stopped.  The results will be catastrophic to these young, innocent participants. Please take action to ban this unethical and cruel behavior.


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  1. richard lehr says:

    Let these kids live like kids instead of Idols in the egos of their parents eyes.

  2. Children should be children and treated as little girls, not little adults.

  3. To parade a child about in public wearing the attire of an adult, makeup and suggestive posing is in fact child pornography. This would make you either insensible to a child’s exposure to pedophiles, or you are so entrenched in greed any money made off a child’s back is just exploitative. Either way, you are disgusting.

  4. Beats me why anyone would go to preteen ‘beauty’ pageants; I ignore even teh adult ones. The pervs should stick to buying Realdolls in the appropriate age style and size so they don’t abuse and injure real people or animals; the rest of us should concentrate on repairing our diseased education system so our children grow up to become citizens instead of sheeple.

  5. alison perkins says:

    They should be made illegal….it’s great viewing for Pedophiles!!!!!, these pageants are so wrong on so many levels.. BAN THEM NOW.

  6. These beauty pageants are fostered by Moms who had dreams of becoming a “Star” growing up and now their kids have to pay by being deprived of their childhood to satisfy their moms fantasy.

  7. Amber Thompson says:

    Don’t steal their childhood.

  8. —-Children are growing up too fast and are being pressured in too many directions. A little more one-on-one attention from the parents would go a long way to providing a more stable lifestyle for these children. From what I’ve seen, these pageants are not for the children, but for the parents to re-live vicariously a way to get their own attention! It’s disgusting how the parents act and it is so very sad to watch these children endure the demands put on them, as well as listen to the occasional child repeat the parent’s brain-washing! How did these people ever get such warped ideas to USE their children like this?! And isn’t it funny how so many of these children have overweight Moms,…kinda says a lot right there!????



  10. remember JonBenet Ramsey? who done it?

  11. How is this show still on the air!? And how can people live with themselves knowing they find entertainment in watching little girls be sexualized and exploited?

  12. Don’t ban all pagents just make it illegal for the person to be under the age of 13. That is the opion of a 12 year old.

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