Demand Justice for 8-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Gang Raped, Tortured, and Killed in India

Target: Ramalingam Sudhakar, Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir State

Goal: Prosecute the men reportedly involved in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in India.

An eight-year-old girl named Asifa Bano was reportedly gang raped, tortured, and murdered in a Hindu temple. Asifa was grazing her family’s horses in a meadow when she was allegedly kidnapped, drugged, and taken to the Hindu temple to be raped and tortured for four days. This horrific act was reportedly done in the name of religion. The young girl was Muslim; these radical Hindu men allegedly committed the crime in order to drive the nomadic Muslim population out of the area. The attack of this innocent eight-year-old girl was reportedly planned for over a month before the alleged horrifying event occurred.

Police have arrested eight men reportedly involved in the death of Asifa. Many people have been disgusted over the events that have reportedly taken place, including other Hindus. However, due to the large Hindu population of the area, there have been groups of religious nationalists that have initiated a campaign to have the charges against the Hindu men dropped. Demand these men face justice for their alleged crime.


Dear Chief Ramalingam Sudhakar,

Eight men have been accused of gang raping, torturing, and killing an eight-year-old girl named Asifa Bano because she was Muslim. The horrific crime was allegedly planned for months before the attack was carried out. This was a hate crime, and these men deserve to be prosecuted for their alleged actions. Asifa did not deserve to be raped, tortured, and have her lifeless body dumped in the forest to decompose. We demand that these men receive punishment if found responsible.

This innocent little girl did not deserve to die over religion. It is clear that these men deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent if convicted of this terrible crime. We ask that Asifa gets the justice she deserves, and if these men are convicted, they deserve maximum punishment.


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Photo Credit: Family of Asifa Bano

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  1. Julie Bates says:

    A child is a child is a child no matter what faith….a FROMTAL LABOTOMY is what those fuckers deserve…then they can roam the fucking Hindu or Muslim streets like mindless dumb fucks that they are…..far tooooo many MEN IN INDIA THINK THEY RULE THE WORLD AND WOMEN .

  2. Siento una profunda rabia e impotencia!! Justicia para Asifa!!!

  3. These are not men they are SAVAGES and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! STOP THEM IMMEDIATELY FROM HURTING ANY MORE INNOCENT CHILDREN!!!

  4. A gang of ‘men’ and an 8 year old child. There are no adequate words for freaks like this, they are sick and twisted and should be thrown into prison for eternity; they deserve no mercy whatsoever.

  5. Those Criminals must be killed for what they had done for innocent girl please Hung them now

  6. Dixie Denis says:

    Religion (of any type) is NOT a good thing. It has done & will continue to do more harm than good throughout history. It needs to go and humanity needs to grow up big time to the point where folks are able to know for themselves what actually is right or wrong as in plain obviously so. We are all individuals and as such none should be considered better than the rest solely on the grounds of belonging to one’s religion, country or family; when, if ever, is it gonna be clear that this attitude is at the source of all the bad stuff in this world???!

    The scumbags who commited this heinous act solely on the grounds that they think themselves above the rest oughta be, if there is any justice, dealt with accordingly.

  7. Find these evil monsters & hang them in a public square. This horrible act of gang rape done in a temple is so sickening. Hang them all in a public square. They do not deserve to live. Just heart breaking that they could be so cruel.

  8. Is not because she is muslim, they are doing this to many women fo their own religion. As per usual mulsim are trying to make themselves victims. How many women are rapped by muslim men in even another countires where they are seeking asylum, and just think about oppress all with their shit islam? This girl didn’t deserve but so didn’t all the other women muslim rapped and even their own women the treatment they gave to them besides the conversation for fools that islam treats women like princesses ah ah ah a nice story for a 4 y o. There are many girls like this one which are forced to marry much older men, and they rapped them what they call the sex wife and husband and many even die, so u are so hypocrits, liars…

    • In this case, it specifically states that the rapists were Hindu,and the child victim was a Muslim; religious hatred goes both ways in many parts of India, and all over the world, in general.Personally, I couldn’t give a crap about any religion, but your Muslim-bashing here is questionable…
      With that, regardless of religion, these guys need to be beaten, raped, and killed.


  10. John PASQUA says:


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