Punish Ranchers Who Allegedly Forced Animals to Live in Waste and Squalor

Target: Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York

Goal: Prosecute ranchers who allegedly forced animals to live in horrific neglect to the highest extent allowable by law.

Over 100 animals were allegedly found living in abject squalor on a ranch in upstate New York, confined in tight spaces with little to no food or water. According to authorities who came to rescue the animals, several dogs were barricaded in the basement by a huge pile of waste that held the door shut, and a dead goose was found trapped in the electric fence. Thankfully, only that goose and one goat were found dead among the multitude of neglected creatures.

There have been far too many cases like this one recently; with ranchers, farms, and sanctuaries allowing their animals to starve, wallow in their waste, and even die in agony. While the reasons may be varied, they do not excuse the horrific neglect that has occurred. The ranchers were arrested and charged with not only animal cruelty, but for growing marijuana, which is illegal in Ostego County.

While the animals were lucky enough to be saved before any more could die in such conditions, the fact that they were forced to live in such apparently horrible conditions is unforgivable. Sign this petition to demand the ranchers face justice for their alleged criminal neglect.


Dear Attorney General Schneiderman,

Two ranchers were arrested for allegedly keeping over 100 animals in abject squalor on their ranch in Ostego County, in addition to growing marijuana. Most of the animals were lucky enough to survive and be rescued, but they reportedly were horribly malnourished and weakened after being kept in tight spaces with little to no food or water. Two of the animals, a goat and a goose, sadly died.

The two property owners have been charged for their alleged crimes, and you must ensure they face the appropriate punishment for these charges. Far too many animals have fallen victim to situations such as this one, forced to live in deplorable conditions while being starved and neglected. Many animals have died in such a way. It is a miracle that so many survived this time. You must ensure these ranchers face justice immediately if they are found guilty.


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  2. The two ‘ranchers’ could not have been oblivious to the condition of these poor animals; 100 animals living in these conditions could not have gone unnoticed making this deliberate neglect and abuse. Ban them from any animal contact for life, fine them right out of that ‘ranch’ and toss their useless butts in jail for a long time.

  3. Sugandha N. says:

    No animals whether chicken or dog deserves to suffer.

  4. lynn woods says:

    take all animals away from these places and make sure these creeps don’t have anymore put them in jail for a long time I hope they all go broke and die a slow painful death

  5. Jail is not enough: They should be punished with DEATH SENTENCE!!!

  6. Rachel Atkinson says:

    Come on USA, there’s too much of this abuse and neglect going on. Something is going very wrong and it’s up to law makers and enforcers to deal with it.

  7. Lilian Caughlin says:

    they always claim law enforcement is too thinly spread. However trained volunteer groups upholding certain established guidelines could inspect places and write reports with pictures included. They should be marked off as either acceptable or not acceptable. Stiff fines for non compliance and jail for offenders with property seizure if warranted. Sanctuaries ,Farms etc.. should be licensed and inspected as well as home owners with more than 4 dog and cats. If you do it right nobody has to fear anything. The abuse is getting out of control. It’s horrific and puts strains on budgets of legit animal rescues.

  8. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    Attorney General of New York:

    You must punish these “sub-human people” who treated these innocent animals in this cruel way. They did not deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PUNISH them to the fullest extent of the LAW. They deserve nothing less.

    thanking you,
    C.A. Pisarcik

  9. Attorney General of New York: These sub-human monsters should be punished – MAXIMUM PENALTY-FELONIES! Animals are living and breathing creatures just like you and I. No person or animal should ever be neglected, abused, tortured or murdered. It’s your job to make sure these crimes against helpless, voiceless and innocent animals get the justice they so much deserve. No excuses. Maximum Penalty! Thank you

  10. The AG of New York needs to apply max penalty to these lowlifes. I hope PETA will follow up on their punishment if it is in any way inadequate.

  11. Screw throwing these pieces of worthless filth in prison! They need to be punished alright to the fullest extent of what I deem fitting which is for these subhuman MONSTERS to be publicly drawn and quartered and their filthy carcasses tossed in the wood chipper and then buried so no animal gets poisoned!!! I live in NY. Yeah, we have inbred, lowlife trash here as well. I hope and pray someone takes it upon themselves to punish these wastes of space with the above!!! PUBLISH THEIR NAMES!

  12. This cruel behavior toward animals is reprehensible and sick. These demented freaks are sadistic psychopaths. They are a dangerous threat to ALL animals–human or non-human ones and MUST BE severely punished with years in prison, huge mandatory donations to animal rescues–and 100 individual charges of animal cruelty felonies! Maximum penalties for each crime!

  13. Elaine Milbourn says:

    Sub human filth that the world can do without. Until each country’s laws are strengthened and punishment fits the crime, evil bastards like this will continue. Rough justice is the only true justice.

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