Save Endangered Green-Haired Turtle from Extinction

Target: Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy, Australia

Goal: Take stronger measures to ensure the long-term survival of the endangered Mary River turtle.

A turtle species native to Australia is in danger of extinction. The Mary River turtle is a unique Australian reptile known for growing green patches of algae on its head and shell and for its amazing ability to spend up to three days underwater without surfacing for air. Despite these amazing features, the turtle is also now recognized by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) as one of the world’s 30 most endangered reptile species. As the population of Mary River turtles has been in decline for over four decades, it may be only a matter of time before they are gone forever.

Early reasons for the turtle’s decline were due to overexploitation in the pet trade. Because of the turtle’s docile nature, vast numbers of eggs were collected to satisfy consumer demand. While this trade is now illegal, the turtle continues to face other ecological threats, such as habitat loss caused by dam construction.

The Mary River turtle is a truly unique animal that needs our help to ensure its future survival. Sign this petition and demand that the Australian government take all necessary measures to help this turtle thrive once more.


Dear Minister Frydenberg,

Mary River turtles were once commonly spotted in their native Queensland habitat before the pet trade and river dam construction caused their numbers to plummet. Now they are recognized by the Zoological Society of London as one of the world’s most endangered reptiles, and unless conservation efforts are stepped up, they may disappear forever.

Because continued development on the Mary River threatens these vulnerable turtles, it is vital that what little healthy river habitat remains be protected against further human encroachment. While this little turtle may not be as well known as other Australian species, such as the koala or platypus, it deserves just as much respect and attention. Please ensure that all necessary measures are taken to ensure its continued survival.


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Photo Credit: Pandiyan V

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  1. KatWrangler Welch says:

    Can’t blame cats for this one, Australia.
    This is ALL on you. Just like MOST of your wildlife problems.

    • I hear what they did or do to feral cats. Disgusting.

      • Not only the feral cats, also our precious and helpless Kangaroos. Late last year the Australian Government (NSW) allowed the murder of over one million Kangaroos to be massacred in NSW. Most of these precious Kangaroos massacred were females with baby Joeys.The innocent and little Joeys who survived the massacre were decapitated, blundgeoned to death or left to die an angonising death.
        It has been stated that if these massacres of our precious Kangaroos continue, our precious Kangaroos will be extinct in 7 years.
        The Australian Government is becoming an uncaring and callous Government when it comes to our precious and innocent Wildlife. All they think about is the blood money in their greedy pockets.
        Australia has the highest extinction of Wildlife than any other country Worldwide.
        Just look at the Australian Government and their sadistic and callous blood money greed when it comes to our cruel and vile Live Animal Export Trade. The Australian people have been pleading with the Government for years to ban this vile and evil Live Animal Export Trade. They know of the death Ships where our precious Australian animals suffer from the day they leave our Australian shores until they arrive at the vile and evil countries of hell and terror where they endure the vilest of heinous torture, suffering and a agonising death. Hundreds if not thousands of our precious animals die an agonising death on these death ships before the destination is reached.
        The Australian Government knows of these atrocities and ignores the plight of the Australian people to ban The Live Animal Export Trade and also the plight of our precious and innocent animals that are caught up in this sadism and evilness.
        The Australian Government has a lot to answer for. They are an absolute disgrace to the Australian people, our innocent animals,our innocent Wildlife and the destrucion of our beautiful country which is slowly being destroyed,again for their pure greed.

        • I had no idea that the Australian authorities were so short sighted greedy unfeeling and careless.I am dissapointed and horrified by thier actions or inactions


        • Even though I live in the States, I have seen all these stories. It seems no country care about it’s animals. They are nothing more than a commodity to be abused or tortured as long as money changes hands. There is a war against our wild horses in the US and against your brumbies. No animal is safe from this blood lust.

    • I am Australian. I agree with everything you have said.
      Australia is becoming as bad and evil as China.

      • Linda Barnett says:

        Bev, this is truly disturbing. China has such a dreadful reputation and I would hate to think that your country is going that way. Come on Australia, take positive steps and show the rest of the world what you are made of – especially to China!

  2. Christopher Porter says:

    Please ensure that this unique Australian species is protected for future generations of Australians and people the world over. Australia is well known for its wildlife treasures. As many as possible of them should be preserved as the common heritage of humanity and nature.

  3. Elaine Milbourn says:

    Time you took a bit more care of all the animals in your country. Please don’t allow this lovely creature to become extinct when you can do something about it.

  4. Anne Steph says:

    The tourist industry here in Australia, is not going to be able to offer anything, if animal species are continually suffering and/or becoming extinct. Time to act!

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    People of the world don’t be scammed by the Australian Government bullshit. They are up there with CRUELTY with the best!
    They are deceitful, up themselves and care only for the almighty dollar. Australia is a greedy uncaring country when it comes to its animals be it marine life, agricultural, wildlife and domestic. Another example look at its live animal export in sheep, cattle, brumbies, greyhounds. Look at its marine life destruction, habitat destruction, its culling of kangaroos, koalas etc. RESEARCH this you will be horrified at the atrocities. Remember we are two hundred million on this site!
    Hear we have the GREEN HAIRED TURTLE up for extinction like the Tasmanian devil. Australia should be ashamed of itself and its appalling worldwide reputation. People of the World we must ban together and rid ourselves of Governments that abuse, torture and murder other species. The green haired turtle and all species belong to the world. “THE MORALE PROGRESS OF A NATION CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY IT TREATS ITS ANIMALS.” M.G. God’s Wraith on all those perpetrators and enablers that exploit and destroy other species. The only species needing culling from this planet is much of the Human Species!

    • Marion Winkler says:

      Denise, I totally agree with everything you said. And yes too, the human species is the destroyer of all animal species causing obliteration from the world.

    • sharon bushman says:

      Very well exposed — hope they listen to you!

    • Very well said and put. I agree 110%. They think people are stupid and believe their bullshit lies. If they truly cared about protecting animals, they would do the RIGHT THING and protect them instead of killing them off one by one. Sad but true!!




  7. Dolores Proubasta says:

    As China gains rapid ascendance over Australian politics, finances, commerce, etc. all species there will suffer. If the Mary River Turtle has a niche in that bunk known as “traditional Chinese medicine” the creature will be decimated, like so many others around the world. Wake up mates!

    • Marion Winkler says:

      Delores, the Chinese eat anything that does not eat them first. And will destroy and species that they can use for their unfounded medicinal purposes, and to feed the greed i.e. Rhino Horns, Elephant Tusks, cruelty to cats snd dogs in their barbaric meat industry. I could go on and on…not enough room to vent.

  8. I have seen the story on this turtle on PBS,NATURE. AN amazing Turtle🐢

  9. Please help these adorable needed creatures!!!

  10. Whatever happened to the ZPG (Zero Population Growth)organization? Unfortunately, humans are continually breeding and encroaching their species all over the world not caring about the lives of all other animals. In turn species have become and will continue to become extinct. Sadly, I believe that this is the destiny of the earth and that no matter what people do to save even one animal from extinction, this planet will end. And maybe a cockroach and a tick will be left. Perhaps together they will do a better job.

  11. Why do human beings always f****** everything?

    • ’cause they think they’re smarter than Mother Nature and all her OTHER creatures…….we should all be paying attention…..instincts……..

  12. Linda Barnett says:

    All of the wrongdoings of man has to be halted. Conservation is the No. 1 priority worldwide and if we choose to ignore and just carry on with what is classed as “progress” there will be no wildlife for man to enjoy. Our guardianship of this precious planet is a privilege and it is that privilege that must be acknowledged. All life is our responsibility and we cannot, and must not, continue with using and abusing all that we have. The Australian Government MUST take measures to ensure the long-term survival of this unique species NOW! Sadly, the list of too many creatures being added to the list of extinction is rapidly growing daily and it is up to man to take steps to prevent ANY creature on this planet from disappearing for ever! We cannot, and must not ignore this and DO NOTHING, all creatures, great and small, deserve respect and protection.

  13. Humanity truly is the most vile uncaring sick specie. Advocate and keep on doing it even if only one person a day changes their attitude about protecting every other living creature besides themselves. When nothing is left only then will man truly feel the pain at what was done to our animals and environment. Sadly these uncaring humans go on to teach their kids the same indifference. We are definitely not the smart specie just the uncaring evil one.

  14. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    I guess it’s time for the people of Australia to use their voice and vote the current government out.

    Useless signing petitions if the current people in power take no heed, don’t care, and do nothing to save their indigenous wild life.

  15. Susan Fong says:

    The Australian government must enact and enforce strong protections NOW for the Green-haired Turtle which is heading for extinction unless the Australian government takes dramatic action. Also, the brutal slaughter of over a million kangaroos in NSW last year is unconscionable. Can’t you use humane methods such as contraceptives to control the kangaroo population? Or relocate the kangaroos? Or allow reputable sanctuaries to take the kangeroos?

  16. Beth Marie says:

    ALL of Australia’s animals are either going extinct or are abused…cats, kangaroos, sheep, dogs, slaughter house abuse, live exports, the list is endless. No respect for this animal abuser government. At least the world now is seeing Australia’s dark side!

  17. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared

  18. Please let us keep intelligent about it – most of environmental damage stems from human activities.
    Have you considered or stepped up illegal trafficking of the turtles?
    What about Asian obsessions with eating anything that “guarantees” long life and sexual activities forever?

    Killing is always an easy answer. At least it would ease YOUR justification of getting a hefty paycheck!

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