#BootPruitt to Save the Environment

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t allow car companies to increase climate change and air pollution.

Campaign update:

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump are sacrificing our health catering to Big Oil–but we’re raising an outcry and fighting back. Now we ask that you amplify our voices even louder so we can stop the attack on clean car standards. Help #BootPruitt and #SupportCleanCars by sharing our petition on Facebook.

Trump’s EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, wants to roll back car and truck efficiency standards that were created by the Obama administration to reduce pollution and climate-warming carbon emissions. Vehicular tailpipe emissions contribute significantly to the degradation of local air quality as well as to greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. Several states, including California, have already declared their intentions to maintain the stricter standards in the face of the federal rollback, which would cleave the automobile industry market in two, causing conflict in industry standards as well as potential economic impacts to consumers.

Carbon pollution from transportation are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and also imperil public health by releasing pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and others. Greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles contribute directly to manmade climate change while other air pollutants, in addition to acting as secondary contributors to greenhouse gases, are a risk to public health. The previous progress made to curb these emissions will not only be nullified, but reversed, continuing on the path to worsening impacts from climate change.

The proposed change in vehicle emissions standards is simply a political move to setback the progress set into motion by the previous administration, and represents a detriment to the environment and a potential economic burden on consumers. Please, take a stand by notifying your government that we will not tolerate this assault on our health and the environment.


Dear President Trump:

The EPA’s proposed reversal of automobile emissions standards set in place by the Obama administration will degrade local air quality and increase greenhouse gas emissions. Whether or not you believe in human-made climate change, these tailpipe emissions can cause issues for human health and the environment, and many states have already declared intentions to support and uphold stricter standards.

Transportation is one of the leading contributors to air pollution and reversal of the stricter standards could cause significant negative impacts to the environment, as well as to public health. On top of that, the constant changing of tailpipe emissions standards will create an economic burden on manufacturers that will most certainly be passed along to consumers, your constituents.

Don’t allow auto companies and the oil industry to take us backwards. Prevent this reversal of emissions standards that could negatively impact consumers and their environment.


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Photo Credit: Salvatore Arnone

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This administration is killing us!!! The only way to change laws back to where they actually protected us is at the voting booth. Also, car companies, and other mass polluters, need to take it upon themselves, not pushed by current laws, to improve their products in regards to our health and the health of the entire planet.

  2. Cars and trucks are literally very clean now and unreasonable, unattainable goals for milage and emissions doesn’t do anyone any good.

  3. Sugandha N. says:

    Cars just like anything are open to improvement. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. At least try to improve mileage and help protect the planet!

    P.S. One of the most destructive things one can do is eating meat as its very resource intensive. Considering going green!

  4. If we would spend billions (as is done on producing, transporting, storing dirty power) on researching solar energy, to minimize the panels and increase their efficiency, we would have it!

    I am certain that it can be done! We do have intelligent individuals and the technology, after all – we send probes into deep space.

    However, Old Money halts all!

  5. What kind of insane individuals (Pruitt and Trump) want to further destroy our environment and those living in it?! It is absurd to lower the emission standards in cars, giving us more pollution. They don’t want ANY protections, so the the filthy rich fossil fuel industry can become even wealthier–also, Pruitt and Trump.
    Leave the standards for cleaner air, alone! The U.S. already pollutes more per capital than an other industrialized country, worldwide–and these selfish idiots want us to pollute more. Then we can have more respiratory problems–more asthma, COPD and lung cancer! Both these fools need to be fired/impeached!
    Frank Staples: If you think the cars are so clean now (of course, Pruitt and Trump want to degrade those standards), I dare you to suck in the air from an emissions pipe! Hopefully, the decent car companies will NOT lower their emission standards!

  6. Pat P. We have dotards on here who will support this liar in chief. My nephew, who is in Army, have choice words for supporters and pos trump and his swamp fillers.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Don’t you ever get TIRED of calling people names???? All of you name callers sound just like a bunch of children on a playground calling each other names!!! GROW UP ALREADY & MAYBE, JUST MAYBE everyone could get something done in this country!!!

  7. PLEASE put trump and pruitt on Faux News. I want to see the looks on this idiots faces again.

  8. The evil of humanity. Our environment is quickly being destroyed by our current government officials. To not care about air quality or to preserve our environment for future generations is total indifference. Greed is what rules this country $$$ and power. Values gone. Shame on you.

  9. C.A. Rose says:

    Trump,the GOP and their owners want us to die. They are doing everything they can to legally kill. As long as there are enough peons around to take care of them, the rest of us are expendable. One of them even said publicly that your value as a person depends on how much money you have. They care even less about wildlife and view other species either as things to slaughter for fun as Trump’s scum brats do or as impediments to more wealth. So what if grizzlies and elk are killed so Yellowstone can be mined? Shame on the idiots who continue to support Trump and his ilk simply because they are anti-abortion (but never adopt) and they hate Muslims.

  10. It is not just cars, it is not just this administration, we have been hurting our planet for years, now that it is critical , people want change.

  11. Jeannette says:

    Pruitt is a corrupt ,venal individual motivated by greed and self interest , acting as a sycophantic toady to the appalling Trump. This man in charge of the EPA is the fox in charge of the hen house. The execrable damage he is doing to our environment is irrevocable and shocking, our environment and wildlife are in never before immanent peril, and there will be more to come before this incompetent and dangerous administration is through. The big oil corporations and their mendacious greedy cohorts will have a dark legacy in the generations to come when our beautiful planet is changed byond recognition by climate change and human depredation then it will be too late. What a tragedy.

  12. Get rid of the lot! The whole bunch of Rebuplicans don’t care one bit about the Enviroment, none of them! Just as corrupt as each other! Pruit is probably happy when he gets kicked out – he has caused so much damage to America and will get off scott free. He has it made with his decietful corrupt lobbyist cronies.But, his follower is just as dangerous! – does just as much damage as Pruit, but in silence that nobody notices! Very dangerous people! Get rid of them all. Jealous bunch of nasty evil no gooders who will rot in hell. Jealous of Obama! God help America, because your Government is certainly doing NOTHING decent for your Country.

  13. This whole AdminAdministration is the worst ever for our environments and Nature and our wildlife.

  14. America needs a total change of Government. Trump and all his idiot horsemen are in it to line their own pockets and anyone that voted for him has been duped.
    They don’t care about you or the environment.
    Money is all they care about.

  15. Charles McIntosh says:

    That motherfucking parasite, who has stolen funds, as well, should be unceremoniously thrown out of office. Son of a whore.

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