Reverse Unfair Ban on ‘Aggressive’ Dog Breeds

Target: Jim Gray, Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky

Goal: Demand Kentucky town reverse recent ban on certain dog breeds.

Lexington, Kentucky has just banned ownership of certain dog breeds, which may force owners to give up their beloved pets. Breeds such as Great Danes, huskies, and the ever-maligned pit bull will no longer be welcome in the city, due to being seen as ‘aggressive’ regardless of the actual temperament of the dogs themselves.

For years, owners of these dog breeds have been forced to live with the stigma attached to their pets, despite growing proof that none of these dogs are the heartless killing machines the public makes them out to be. This holds especially true for pit bulls, who have been unfairly demonized over the past several years. Furthermore, the possibility of owners being forced to give up their cherished pets to placate the paranoid masses is unreasonable and cruel.

Just as no human being should be discriminated against based on the color of their skin or their ethnicity, no dog should be treated just as poorly based on their breed. We cannot let dog owners be deprived of their companions by the masses based on ridiculous misconceptions. Sign this petition to demand this ban be reversed immediately.


Dear Mayor Gray,

Lexington’s recent ban of Great Danes, huskies, Rottweilers, pit bulls, and other ‘aggressive’ dog breeds may force owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets. Despite growing evidence that these breeds are not the heartless killing machines the public claims they are, they continue to be slandered by public paranoia. This holds especially true for pit bulls, possibly the most unfairly demonized dog breed in existence.

A dog’s temperament is not defined by its breed. While concern over badly behaved and legitimately aggressive dogs is understandable, it is ridiculous to ban entire breeds based on the possible behavior of individual animals. Dogs do not deserve to be exiled and demonized based on their breed, and their owners should not be forced to give up their beloved pets. Reverse this ban now, and stop the spread of dangerous misconceptions about these dog breeds.


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  1. michelle mitchell says:

    I have never met an animal that I have disliked,however I am unable to say the same about all humans.


  3. Let people keep there pet dog or dogs. Don’t punish and create sadness on the dog and there owner.

  4. This is so Dumb!!! An aggressive dog is made that way by its owner not the breed. We have two Pits in our home & all they want is to kiss everyone. They love my great grand babies & will cuddle with whoever is sitting down. Shame on these misinformed humans. Pest just want to be loved & give live in return. I would move before giving up our dogs!!! Don’t separate any dog from its owner due to its breed.

  5. Do not blame the dogs, blame the owners.


  7. Jules Parket says:

    There should be laws in place to stop low life degenerate character disordered scum from engaging in dog baiting and allowing innocent dogs to be ripped apart. Dogs are not the problem but criminal antisocial personality disordered Cluster B scumbags are the problem in all societies. These are the filth who use and abuse Pitbulls and then you all have the audacity to ban Pitbulls and other misreprsented breeds. Where are your brains?

    To ban ownership of certain breeds, really indicates that you are ignorant, dumb and stupid. That you need educating. That you are the equivalent of racist and this has got to be reversed. Banned breeds are the new blacks. Those who create these insane rules, regulations, laws are morons with no intelligence and do not have the mental capacity to create the right laws to protect Pitbulls and make life easier for them and decent owners. Those who control all world governments want mayhem everywhere. False flags are created to bring in draconian laws to dumb down and restrict and allow the control system to keep people stupid and in debt slavery.

    This has got to be remedied. Educate yourselves about what dogs really need and should have and revoke and do not replace the insane ban with more insanity. The present ban on breeds that are 100% wrongly termed as aggressive is incorrect and does not describe these breeds as they really are. This has been proven time and time again. Dogs need to be taken care of, disciplined, exercised, well fed and cared for. Then you make an evaluation on them after doing the necessary work. To term animals as an aggressive breed is unacceptable. Unfortunately, Tranny deluded idiots, are given a better deal than humans and misrepresented dog breeds. Societies are unfair. We are controlled by evil, homosexual women hating transgendered Freemasons who are vile and disgusting and I blame these filth for the suffering that our precious dogs go through. No mentally deranged lunatic should be making up insane laws and get away with it.

    What do you do about people who dump their dogs at the local kill shelters? What laws are in place to protect the discarded, traumatized animal stuck in a Shelter on a concrete floor being fed crap GMO food and toxic water? Where are the rules that should hold these criminal scum to account? A dog is for life. You all turn a blind eye and nothing is done about these low life scumbag hamburger eating retards who only care about themselves and dump their dogs that they do not value.

    Rules must be in place everywhere to protect animals and no breed should suffer and be treated like shit.

    Criminal Narcissists who dump, abuse, starve and freeze to death their dogs are the problem. Criminal Narcissists who discard their animals (when they feel like it), who abuse them behind closed doors are the ones who should be held to account. Banning dogs that have done nothing but want to be loved and cared for is insane and ridiculous. Inept degenerate psychopath animal abusing scum need to be banned from harming Pitbulls and they should be given a lethal injection. We should have laws in place to protect Pitbulls and not allow them to be mistreated and removed by the authorities when they feel like being spiteful and vindictive.

    Rights for Pitbulls now. To hell with manipulative, complaining, deluded, mentally perverted idiot Trannies who think they deserve to be given special treatment. I want to see Pitbulls given the respect they deserve, they are important. Trannies can rot in HELL.

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