Stop Hunters From Slaughtering Wildlife With Assault Rifles

Target: Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska

Goal: Stop hunters from using assault rifles to kill major predators like wolves by creating a no-kill buffer around Denali National Park.

Wolves are being killed at near record-high numbers in the area around Denali National Park, prompting officials from Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to shorten its annual wolf hunting season. While the DFG claims that the wolf population is not at risk, wildlife experts have expressed concerns about the state’s lax hunting regulations and the fact that these predators are increasingly being gunned down in large numbers by hunters using assault rifles on highly mobile snow machines. They fear it may be only a matter of time before the iconic wolves of Denali are hunted to extinction.

While shortening the wolf hunting season will help prevent more senseless killings, it cannot reverse the damage already done. If the wolves were to go extinct, this would not only be disastrous for the ecosystem– it would likely hurt Alaska’s economy as well. Denali National Park is the state’s biggest tourism draw, with many people visiting simply to get a chance to see the wolves in their natural habitat.

We must protect Alaska’s wolves for the future. Sign this petition to demand a no-kill buffer zone around Denali National Park and a statewide ban on using assault rifles to target major predator species, including wolves.


Dear Governor Walker,

Denali National Park is your state’s largest source of tourism revenue, drawing thousands of wildlife-lovers annually. Many of these visitors come simply to see wolves in their natural habitat, a sight that has vanished in so many other parts of the world. Yet thanks to lax regulations on predator control in Alaska, the wolves may soon disappear from Denali as well.

Large predatory species, such as wolves, play a pivotal role in ecosystems by managing herbivore populations. When they are killed at unsustainable rates, as is happening in the area around Denali and statewide, the entire ecology of the region is negatively impacted. That is why we are urging you to establish a no-kill area around Denali National Park, and to change hunting regulations to prohibit the use of high-powered assault rifles against large predators, including wolves.


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Photo Credit: D. Kopshever/National Park Service

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  1. What is wrong with these idiots in charge??? Idiots!!

  2. Wait a minute. First you people want to ban so called “assault rifles” because they “are not used for hunting,just for murdering people, now you’re upset because you found out that they actually ARE used for hunting.
    Why don’t you make up your minds?
    What you’re calling “assault rifles”, are no different than any other semi-automatic rifle used for hunting, except in the way they look.
    Maybe we should paint some flowers on them or something, so you silly ignorant people won’t get your panties all in a knot, or better yet why don’t you just educate yourself.
    If there was any REAL danger of the wolves being over hunted
    Alaskas’ D.F.G. would place more restrictions on the hunting, or eliminate it altogether. Why don’t you let the professionals do their job?

    • There’s not a one of them who knows what they’re talking about. They don’t know what an “assault rifle” is much less that they were banned for civilian use in 1934. Show them a picture of an AR15 and a picture of a mini-14 and they absolutely have no idea what the difference is. These morons actually believe that select fire weapons are being used to hunt wolves…those who want them banned don’t know that there’s already twenty million AR15’s out there in law abiding hands. These people are firearms illiterate and probably a danger to society.

    • Eugene/Frank if u are so professional why don’t u cowards, who only hunt poor innocent animals, go where they always had lived and of course need to eat, like every human, but at least they hunt to eat not for fun/curelty like u. Why don’t u go to fight jihadists? or at least why don’t u go with a rifle in a mosque a Friday? Or why don’t u hunt criminals? Paedophiles, rapists, psychos? Those are to much for u arent’t they? U are cowards i know well the kind, the ones who also do domestic violence. People living in Alasca the only thing they do is eat meat, all kinds, when humanity should get back to their origins. We start eating only vegetables and seeds ok so why don’t u educate yourself also? many diseases of today and obese people is because they eat in excess and to much meat. So for me rifles can kill people lots of them but start by the right ones doing a clean up. And also some races are to many and not the ones who actually invented and made modern world.Wolves even grow up and took care of human child lost in forest, all 4 paws had been giving lessons to humans as stupid as some are of course don’t see anything, just see straight and not clear.

      • Jaime Perez says:

        Very well said!

      • KatWrangler Welch says:

        Agreed JFA!

      • JFA, what a silly, uninformed comment. If you’re going to complain about firearms then I have a novel idea for you…why don’t you take a minute to learn what you’re talking about? Why don’t I go fight jihadists? Because I’ve already put my time in defense of our great country and even though I’m old now I’m still a fireman…so still at it in a manner of speaking. And speaking of domestic violence I’ve been married to the same wonderful person for almost fifty two years now…so why don’t you try to understand what it is you’re talking about before getting all snotty with somebody you know nothing about, huh??

  3. The Wolf is neither people’s competitor nor his enemy. The Wolf is a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared. – L. David Mech.


    Ban any kind of hunting predators and other creatures!

  5. jiggabongo says:

    Kill this fucking redneck white militia scum. Fucking trump voting nazis

  6. Franklin Hynes says:

    These morons are serial killers pretending to themselves that they’re not. They get off on killing. It is so sick. Is this the way we want our human race to be.

  7. Wolves have been persecuted for decades. They are an already endangered species. To kill them like this is insanity – it is unnecessary and inexcusable. They have a right to live, to live freely without being targeted to murder. What the hell is wrong with people?!! Where are the protections these Wolves are supposed to have. This is so WRONG – morally and ethically WRONG. Wolves, as well as other predator species, have been shown to restore the balance of Nature when they are re-introduced into wild places. Wildlife does not throw the balance of Nature off – it is mankind that does. Because of their stupidity and ignorance and fear of these beautiful majestic animals. They are part of NATURE – stop murdering them!!

  8. Alexandre Engelen says:

    From bad to worse … USA it is hopeless, soon you will cry because your land no longer produce anything, do not count on your allies !


  10. Wolves like other animals have the right to live. is humanity who invade all, and the usually animal of 4 paws spaces, their habitat, their land we put them to the side, kill them and invade… is wrong. STOP have so many kids, stop reproducing like worms humanity!!! Particularly asian /adrican people bec than they want to go invading others. No one can get mountains of people to feed, to give house, to give all, there is a limit. This who like to hunt should be hunting muslins and the ones mistretaing animals. I am wroking on the roots, not on roofs. Humanity gives all rights and puts herself in an altar when shoudl be the opposite. Put 4 pwas in altar an us much below. Also to be humble is a good quality and the ones saying we are so much everything (I don’t agree at all), are ourselves?? If aliens invade and treat us like we treat animals,those who think they are inferior i know they would be so much ofended, but the other where just doing the same they do, because they could in an hypothetical case.

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    Hunters are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals, with whatever weapon they choose to use. Hunting should be banned and outlawed!


  13. Linda Barnett says:

    All life must be respected and treasured. Persecution of all creatures is UNACCEPTABLE and evil murdering perpetrators of such cruelty must be held accountable and severely dealt with. Wolves are part and parcel of the ecosystem and must be protected at all costs. Man does not have the right to maim, harm or kill! Man’s guardianship of this precious planet is just that, and that privilege must not be abused in any way. We must take a stand on the laws of hunting, because if we don’t there will be no wild life left!

  14. KatWrangler Welch says:

    It’s sad that some people find the need to massacre animals in so many horrible ways. Why can’t they find a better outlet for their emotions? Why kill? Killing in never the answer.

    Get help.
    Take up knitting or painting.
    Stop making excuses for your actions and do something positive.

  15. louis gauci says:

    Eugene/Frank you are cowards, senseless and know nothing else than killing innocent living creatures for fun. End your hate and try to do something more worthy in your life than massacre these beautiful creatures. IDIOTS

  16. Lisa Allred Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared❗️🤬

  17. Agree all comments cruel cunts

  18. Susan Fong says:

    These so-called “hunters” are nothing but greedy cowards. They want to kill natural predators so that they can consume all the prey for themselves. And they kill from long-range using high-powered weapons, even assault weapons. The animals do not have a chance.

  19. Jackie Zietsman says:

    North America has so little wildlife, a sane person would think that the powers that be would be protecting what’s left, instead of allowing bored “macho” men in their camo outfits, to go out into the wilderness and shoot creatures with high powered telescopic rifles to make themselves feel more manly!!!

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