Tell FDA Not to Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon

Target: Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Goal: To stop the FDA’s approval of genetically engineered salmon.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently stated that genetically modified salmon is an unlikely environmental threat and is one step closer to the first approval of a genetically engineered animal. The salmon, engineered by a company called AquaBounty, are designed to reach a larger size at a faster rate, thereby increasing profits in a shorter time frame. But while AquaBounty is concerned with its profit margins, consumers may be unaware they are consuming genetically modified fish, and the environment could suffer irreparable damage.

According to current federal guidelines, a genetically modified organism (GMO) is not required to be labeled. This means that a consumer who is morally opposed to genetic modification or concerned about the unknown health risks related to GMOs will not be able to choose between non-GMO salmon and the ‘frankenfish’ from AquaBounty. In addition, there may also be unforeseen environmental problems associated with genetically modified animals, as there have already been some issues with genetically modified crops in the past. If genetically engineered salmon were to escape or be released into the wild, crossbreeding could occur, certain species could be wiped out, and overpopulation may become a serious issue.

Besides the human health and environmental concerns, legal issues may also become a real possibility. Agribusiness companies who practice genetic modification generally patent the genes they have engineered. Because genes exist in living organisms, it can make patent enforcement difficult. If the genetically engineered salmon were to breed the wild salmon population, fishermen who earn a living through wild-caught salmon could incur legal troubles if a patented gene was detected in their product.

Since declaring the genetically modified salmon nonthreatening, the FDA will allow sixty days to hear comments from the public before making its approval final. If the decision is officially approved, it could set a precedent for allowing genetic engineering of other species. Now is the time to take a stand; sign the petition below to tell the FDA you demand protection from the real and possible dangers of genetically modified animals in our food supply.


Dear Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the FDA,

Your recent statement on the unlikely threat of genetically modified salmon does not take into account the concerns of American consumers. Time and time again, we have seen the troublesome effects of genetically engineered crops in the forms of lawsuits, environmental damage, and animal and human health concerns. These negative effects could be even more dangerous if the genetic modification of animals is approved, leading to crossbreeding, species extinction, and overpopulation.

Not only are GMOs a possible danger to the environment, but we have yet to see their long-term effects on human health. Furthermore, the fact that it is not required to label such products as genetically modified is worrisome, akin to a lie of omission. GMOs help no one but the corporations who own the genes. Why take a gamble on the health of people, animals, and the environment just so a company can make more money more quickly?

As a federal agency, it is your duty to protect citizens, not serve corporations. Yet again you have failed to carry out this important responsibility. We are holding you accountable for this decision, and we demand you do not officially approve genetically engineered salmon.


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Photo credit: The Wild Fish Coalition

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  1. Nobody really knows the long term consequences of introducing these foreign species. We already know that undesirable species imported from other countries can invade and take over.

  2. evolution on a small scale constantly chooses what works from what’s there at the moment not only for a species but the community. nothing can improve on that. and it is, by definition of selection always resulting in something in its own interest. bypassing natural evolution adds a possibility of species evolving outside what is in its best interest. sadly we’re no longer a species that acts for our survival, and now we can force that deficiency on other living things. i wish we could use out own track record in court to show that the human race is the last species that should be in the position of overriding nature.

  3. Natalie Kinnear says:

    No no no no NO, these are not just consumer products, for mankind to mess with as they see fit! These are living creatures and should be treated with respect. This is disgusting! How low will mankind stoop!

  4. What is wrong with the FDA? Consumers do not want to eat this genetically modified crap just so that big business can make yet more profit. Whether the GM salmon in the case currently under consideration can escape and pollute the environment is totally irrelevant. This is the thin end of the wedge. Say NO to GM foods.

  5. Variations in food Genetics for Profit is a bad idea and needs to be stoped…

  6. Barbara Smock says:

    This scares me to death.

  7. The only defense should not be it is all safe because there are 21 barriers, a natural disaster can easily break that. Also this is just one application, which means the first of many. Look what has happened to our corn and soy-mostly all GMO and now many many more products. It is all about money for the big business and elite and population control for the ones who think they know better. My 5 year old can tell better than the FDA what is safe or not for the people and the environment. Don’t buy these products ever!

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