Fire Racist Reporter from Leading Publication

Target: Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor-In-Chief of The Atlantic

Goal: Remove reporter from nationally renowned publication for his sexist and racist remarks.

A reporter who has publicly referred to African Americans as “primates,” who has called Mexicans “peasants,” and who has claimed campus sexual assault is “fiction” has been awarded a position on the staff of The Atlantic. Kevin Williamson, formerly a columnist for the National Review,  now has a national platform to spread his racist and sexist rhetoric.

The statements above are only the tip of the iceberg. Williamson has advocated for hangings of women undergoing abortions and has verbally attacked Planned Parenthood multiple times. Anyone not white or male has felt the lash of Williamson’s hateful words.

While free speech should always be protected, it should also come with a steep cost when those words threaten violence and wield hatred toward others. Demand The Atlantic fire Williamson immediately.


Dear Mr. Goldberg,

The Atlantic‘s newest team member, Kevin Williamson, has threatened women with hanging, has called Mexicans “peasants,” and has referred to African Americans as “primates.” Someone with such hateful words is not someone you should have on your staff.

There is no place for such hateful rhetoric in the pages of your publication or in our country. I demand you show Williamson that free speech sometimes does not defend nor protect hatred and violence by removing him from your staff.


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  1. So what! Get a life. In fact are u going to deny african are much more looking like primates and is intelligence seems to be only for violence and corruption? How many years and years whites and others are giving money, work, teaching and after all they still didn’t learn?? How much this tells about their capacity to work and organize their societies similar to the ones in Europe they so much want to live in, but are incapable of doing the same in their own countries? WHITE PEOPLE MADE AFRICA with their hard work, sweat, losing their money, risking their lives and in the end when all is done the blacks usually suddenly realize: Oh wait this is our land go away. Than they think is just doing nothing and give orders but are incapable to organize and pass the racism amongst them. This had been happening for years and also their fenotip was much more the same, typically the same, not like white people which shows about the intelligence of the species. Only no one wants to say it. Now they need again white people to mix and gain intelligence. Mexicans seem to go in the same way, but these are more in fight against drugs dealers and excess people that’s the main issue in many poor countries is only one: EXCESS PEOPLE. They need to start massive sterilizations than they can plan to go further in evolution and ask white people (everyone wants to come to white societies, so they can milk the system this is the main thing, but what they need is people to go there, and to be humble and learn how to do the white life they so much want. Of course is to work there not to live on benefits).

  2. I know some africans which their face reminds a gorila and is true, like some other people remind another animal because of their nose. This theory of nothing can be said because is racism is stupid. When is true what do u want?
    They are the ones calling white this and that and go to your land when whites are there, or u just see one side? And they need us, we built africa, we teach all to them, is not the opposite. They should thank us. No to mention the ones comming to have houses, food, jobs which no european or american country needs.

  3. Peggy Schuetz says:

    I’m sorry, sadly, I purpose not to say, what I would deem derogatory, but, you don’t get to have it both ways, in “freedom of speech”. Too many Blacks, and Hispanics, and Muslim, out there saying all kinds of ugly things about whites, somehow they are expressing their “rights” we get called “racist”. People need to stop dividing Humanity, stop with the Eltitlement, victim mentality, obsessing over someone else owes them something better, and that someone else is white, seriously, can you hear yourselves.

  4. Gen Agustsson says:

    african people don’t really look like gorillas.

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