Bring an End to Deadly Police Brutality and Violence

Target: Jerry Brown, Governor of California

Goal: Bring an end to violent deaths at the hands of police.

America is plagued by police brutality, but police may soon find their use of firearms restricted. A bill introduced by California legislators would create a higher standard for when officers may fire their weapons. The landmark bill introduced by California lawmakers would be the first of its kind and would greatly reduce the amount of police shootings in California. The proposal comes after Sacramento police shot an unarmed Stephon Clark 20 times in his own backyard for crimes he had nothing to do with.

Lawmakers argue that mandating officers only fire their guns “when necessary” will usher in a new culture of policing by the book, rather than by the bullet. The laws in place now are over a hundred years old and protect police by allowing them to argue that their shots were “reasonable.” It’s time for a change. Sign the petition to demand that Governor Jerry Brown sign this landmark legislation and work to bring an end to unnecessary police violence.


Dear Gov. Brown,

Recently, like so many other states in the nation, California has seen its share of police brutality and violence. However, this soon may be brought to an end. You have been a proponent of positive change within California’s framework since you took office and now is the most important moment of your career. Will you take the effort necessary to ensure California police officers are no longer able to justify the killing of unarmed citizens?

The bill introduced by your lawmakers is historic and will set a precedent for how police officers respond to tense situations. We need legislation like this now more than ever. The American people demand you stand with us in telling police officers we are sick of “shoot first, ask later.”


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Photo Credit: Jamelle Bouie

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  1. Americas Police Brutality is based on psychological group mentality of “we & they” with the absence of total individual civil courage. The only thing that can make the individual to change and criticize the group is that one or more individuals in the group are selected from the group and held responsible for their illegal act within the group. This usually results in a fundamental attitude of defensive approach where the individual apologizes for its lack of responsibility and its obligations by revealing the group’s mentality and delinquency conduct.

    • Robert Ortiz says:

      To some degree you are right that people must take personal responsibility, but on the flip side of that, being a member of law enforcement does not mean they have the right to brutalize the people they are to protect and serve or engage in corrupt behavior. Not all law enforcement personnel are corrupt, but not every person they come across is a criminal either that deserves mistreatment.

      • Yes you are right Mr. Ortiz. My statement was more based on the psychological group behavior, which fits into many occupational groups, so even civilians. Of course, members of law enforcement does not have the right to brutalize anyone at all. Now we have to know that there are for sure those that are good with in the Police Force. But sadly there are a code of silence in the force that makes it hard for those that want to report law braking Police Officers. Thank God there are a few Police Officers strong enough to stand up for whats right. I only hope that they become more and they will stand up for what’s right by reporting colleagues misconducts by braking the law them self’s. If not It might be the risk of a civilian uprising that have more of devastating outcome. May God Be with you all.

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    The police are there to protect and serve “we the people” not be corrupt, brutal, overly gung-ho, trigger happy, reactive renegades. Yes, people must obey the laws and be good citizens, but law enforcement personnel need to be honest, ethical above the board types that realize they themselves are not perfect and not above the laws which they are paid by taxpayers to enforce.

  3. I’ll make a prediction…if this stupidity is allowed to continue in Kalifornia they will lose policemen left and right. If I were a policeman I and I alone would be the determining factor in using deadly force. There are thugs out there who will kill a policeman in a heartbeat and the overwhelming percentage of police are great, upstanding people. There’s a few thugs in uniform but that’s true for every line of work.

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