Fire Fox News Host Who Mocked Parkland Victim

Target: Suzanne Scott, Head of Programming, Fox News

Goal: Fire Laura Ingraham for mocking a victim of the Parkland Massacre.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham recently went on air to mock a survivor of the Parkland shooting… for not being accepted into college. David Hogg is one of the most vocal survivors of the Parkland tragedy; he has forged a path for legitimate change to gun policies after nearly dying with his classmates during the massacre. During a recent interview, when David was asked about his college applications, he replied that he had not been accepted by any universities yet: a fact that Laura Ingraham decided to mock on air.

Laura Ingraham chose to tweet that Hogg was “whining” about not getting into college and proceeded to criticize the shooting victim, a recent trend among right-wing pundits. Parkland survivors are bearing the wrath of public uncertainty, as many political pundits try to label them “crisis actors” or “anti-gun lobbyists.” Sign the petition below to restore some order and put some respect on the names of the Parkland survivors. Ingraham must be fired.


Dear Ms. Scott,

The very definition of Fox News is “fair and balanced,” so why do you continue to let pundits like Laura Ingraham tarnish the names and reputations of gun violence victims? Laura’s comments continue a trend of disbelief from the right wing in regards to the Parkland shooting.

We need a clearer dialogue about tragedies in this country, and having comments like Ingraham’s only move us backwards. It’s time to start holding our media pundits accountable for what they say. We demand Laura Ingraham be fired immediately!


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  1. Oh get a life!!! Fed up of this stupidity. Now people can’t say anythign against anyone who had suffer something that they are the so poor victims, the so poor anything that they think they are allowed to do all. They can’t control what people think, that is prepotency/dictatorship. If that person said something about victims of the shooting, lets not be so controling freak right? You are not allowed to control what people think and say. He or she has her or his own thoughts get on with this. Not all think they are so poor victims. If they feel like that get some guns and go to the house of that family and kill them/ or scared them, and i don’t even know if this person who attack is alive but if so, get on after that person not after others who say what they think. Be brave and go after the ones who create the problem.

  2. Peggy Crowl says:

    I absolutely won’t sign this petition! The so called “victim”, David Hogg, was not only NOT a victim, he wasn’t even in school that day. He had stayed home that day, and only rode his bike to school with his camera to see what was going on. He was never in any danger at all, he wasn’t even there during the shooting. What he is, is a foul mouthed, rude, disgusting, snowflake trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. He is 17 years old and every other word out of his mouth is a 4 letter word. He can’t even talk without spewing filth out of his mouth. And people are supposed to pity him & show him respect? Hell no! I have notified Wayfair that I am cutting them off since they cut Laura Ingram off!

  3. he looks older than 17…sorry…also strange that he should boast he had alot of tweets compared to his skeptics….odd to claim that when you’re supposed to be in grief and shock. i’m no fan of right wing pundits or fox news btw.

  4. Angela Carroll says:

    It is a sad state of affairs, when people slam a young person who has been through the dramatic experience of losing 14 class mates at the hands of an angry and unstable man who gunned down helpless children with a weapon designed for ware fare. How anyone in their right mind would think that it is not a problem for fox news to belittle such a tragedy is deplorable.
    I read the comments criticizing this young man who has the courage to speak out against the insanity of the unchecked gun ownership and sense the hate and anger, the same hate and anger that drives individuals to go out and kill something in cold blood.
    the comments clearly illustrate how out-of-hand this gun graze has become.

  5. This little boy baby needs to go to class and learn the history of the United States of America instead of protesting my 2nd amendment to carry a gun.

  6. Wouldnt like what i have to say bout the whinning brat

  7. Jeannette says:

    That woman Ingraham is just a loud mouth political mouthpiece, without the finesse , compassion or understanding of what those young people are about. That young man has the courage to speak out about an issue that is not only a problem for this country, but leaves people in other countries shaking their heads in disbelief. Those young people give me hope for the future.

    • Jeannette you are just like all of the other pantywaists bleeding harts out there get your head out of the clouds and get a grip and quit looking your rose colored glasses

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