Praise Happy Ending to Five-Year-Old ‘Puppy Doe’ Case

Target: Ralph D. Gants, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Goal: Praise courts for finally finding abuser in five-year-old dog abuse case guilty.

The five-year-long “Puppy Doe” case has finally come to a close with the conviction of Radoslaw Czerkawski, the man accused of torturing the innocent pit bull puppy so badly she had to be euthanized. Czerkawski was sentenced to ten years in prison and will be deported once he completes his sentence.

This is a most fitting punishment for a man who committed an act so gruesome. Reports have gone into great detail regarding the dog’s condition; she suffered multiple bone fractures, a stab wound to her eye, and a split tongue before being abandoned by Czerkawski. The poor dog was only a year old, a life much too short for an innocent creature who did not deserve to be brutalized in such a way. Officials state that she even had a proper name, given to her by previous owners, making the case all the more tragic.

While “Puppy Doe” inspired stronger animal welfare laws across the state and even the country, the case of the dog herself has taken five long years to close. Sign this petition to thank the courts for punishing Czerkawski fittingly and finally bringing closure to the short, tragic story of Kiya the pit bull.


Dear Chief Justice Gants,

After five years, you have finally brought the tragic case of Kiya the pit bull, also known as “Puppy Doe,” to a close with the conviction of her abuser. Ten years of prison time followed by deportation is a fitting punishment for Radoslaw Czerkawski, and we thank you for seeing that the punishment fit the crime.

For five long years, we have known the tragic tale of the innocent puppy beaten mercilessly and left to her fate on a playground. The dog who was found and rescued only to be euthanized when her injuries proved too serious to be properly treated or her life to be saved. While this case inspired a push for stronger animal protection laws, we still mourned the puppy who barely had a chance to live before life was cruelly taken from her. Now, thanks to you and the state courts, justice has been served for this dog.

Thank you for finally punishing Czerkawski and for seeing that the short, sad life of Kiya was not in vain.


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Photo Credit: Kemorgan65

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  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TO EVERYONE WHO WORKED SO HARD TO GET JUSTICE FOR KIYA. I have followed this case for 5 years. I have called, signed petitions,sent letters and prayed for justice for Kiya.
    When I saw this update my heart sang and I have tears in my eyes. Monster R C will be in jail for 10 years(wish it was longer ) it’s a start to stop animal abuse,torture and murder.

    There is a special place in hell for this monster and one day real justice will be served for what he did to poor Kiya.


    • NO is not justice this!!!!
      That human beast should suffer EXACTLY THE SAME HE HAS DONE TO THIS POOR INNOCENT ANIMAL. That human beast doesn’t deserve the air he breads. I wish i could revive the puppy making a deal to the devil and exchange the puppy for this human shit. I wish devil hear me and get the puppy alive take this human shit instead please.Amén.I hope in prison he gets the same and his found dead with multiple fractures, both eyes perforated, the pennis cut and stucked in his mouth, and so on. This is justice. Amén!

      • lynn woods says:

        I hope he meets up with inmate that love animals maybe he won’t live to be deported hopefully

      • I’m with you on this one. Hopefully in prison Bubba will get to him on a daily basis. Prisoners also have their own code for those who commit atrocities against children and animals. This piece of shit deserves relentless pain. The fact we have to thank the State Supreme Court for imposing what is a rare punishment for animal abusers is appalling. Should be mandatory 20 years jail with hard labour and no welfare on release. There people are aberrants and really have no place on earth.

  2. lynn woods says:

    this is what should be done with all animal abusers the slaughter houses too that hire people that force cruelty on the animals that are being killed to feed a bunch of faces

    • Agree Lynn. Most abattoir workers have records of domestic violence as well. What else would you expect when you slit an animals throat for a living. Most of the slaughtermen are Muslim – no respect for either animals or women.

  3. gabriela torres says:

    Dear Chief Justice Gants,

    Hope your example is followed by all judges all over the USA, and that all ‘human beasts’ who dare to do those atrocities end up having the same verdict: ten years in jail and if foreigners, jail plus deportation
    Thank you!

  4. Robert Ortiz says:

    I like to hear good news, which sadly there seems to be a dire shortage of these days.

  5. I’m glad he is in prison. He needsore time. I hope this happens to all abusers, killers of animals. They all deserve to rot you n prison. No one deserves to be abused. Justice for animals. I love animals and don’t want them hurt, tortured, or killed nor do they need to be used for selfish and ugly reasons.

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