Shut Down Zoo Accused of Euthanizing Healthy Animal

Target: Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Goal: Close the Calgary Zoo, which reportedly put down beloved wolf Kali just to make more room for younger, “cuter” wolf pups.

A grey wolf named Kali was put to death despite being perfectly healthy, apparently because she was a senior wolf and Calgary Zoo wanted to make more room for younger “cuter” pups. This blatant prioritization of profit at the expense of innocent animals cannot be allowed to continue. Kali was one of the most beloved animals at the zoo—it even used her to promote an online survey last year, in which 10,000 people voted and declared Kali herself Canada’s greatest animal. At the very least, Kali should have been given to sanctuary, where she could have spent a potentially long and happy life in peace.

This is not the first troubling incident at Calgary Zoo. In 2016, many animals died under mysterious circumstances. They included an otter, a capybara, seven penguins, and over three dozen stingrays. It is clear that this zoo is not caring for its animals responsibly. Sign below to demand that the City of Calgary shut down the Calgary Zoo.


Dear Mayor Nenshi,

The actions of the Calgary Zoo seem to indicate that the lives of animals in its care are not being valued as they should be. Most recently, beloved senior wolf Kali was put down despite appearing to be lively, happy, and perfectly healthy. This was allegedly done simply to make room for younger wolf pups who were deemed “cuter” and therefore more profitable.

This treatment of animals as disposable property is exactly the opposite of the way a zoo should be run and how the animals there should be cared for. It is cruel to prioritize young animals for this reason, and utterly unnecessary and unacceptable to put down perfectly healthy animals simply because they’ve gotten older. At the very least, Kali could have been given to a sanctuary to continue leading a safe and happy life. The fact that she was killed instead implies that profit was more important than the life of an innocent creature. I urge you not to stand by and allow this to continue. Please ensure the closure of the Calgary Zoo before another needless death can occur.


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Photo Credit: Eric Kilby

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  1. This is not only wrong but wolves do not belong in a zoo. They belong in the wild where they were meant to live. I refuse to go to a zoo as no animal should be confined to this type of treatment. Killing this adult wolf should be a felony. May you reap what you have dished out.

    • lynn woods says:

      leave it Alberta Canada to do this. this is the province that has Edmonton airlines ship beautiful horses to asian countries for slaughter and you don’t want to know the torture these horses go through before they die. plus the cruelty of the Calgary stampede this is one of Canada’s worse for cruelty to animals


  3. Oh well let’s kill the old people, also because the world even has too many humans and that’s us who are the problem on Earth not wolves. Also zoos shoudl all end up as soon as last animals die naturally. They should not get anymore animals, care till the last one die and than close. Big parks are ok as long as certain animals like lions, tigers, elephants etc… are not there. We have documentaries and all we want to get informed about animals, and we can see them in their natural way. The ones mistreating animals on purpose should get the same, be torture, be killed.

  4. Shame on you Canada. If you don’t want to keep an animal then find a new home for him or her.

  5. Sometime euthanization can be the answer, sometimes its not.

  6. Agree all comments euthanize people who are cruel

  7. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared❗️😠

  8. This is not the only zoo. Most, or all do that! If no young are wanted then spay/neuter them.

    Killing is the escape action of morons!

    The Calgary zoo has a reputation of neglect to begin with!
    That zoo should be dissolved, administrators seem to be incapable to make intelligent choices that benefit animal!

  9. Julie Bates says:

    As a Canadian I am sooooo fucking ashamed….what the fuck were these assholes thinking…..shame shame shame on this practice in CANADA.

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