Encourage Veganism to End Hunger Crisis

Target: Sonny Perdue, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Promote vegan diets and farming as a potential solution for America’s growing hunger crisis.

Each year, over 40 million Americans go hungry in a land that is otherwise replete with wealth and abundance. Many of those affected by food insecurity are children. Yet new research has shown that there would be no problem feeding everyone—and as many as 390 million additional Americans—if we all shifted to a vegan diet and eliminated animal products.

Raising animals for food is a resource-intensive process that requires far more land, water and grain to produce the same amount of calories than would be needed to grow plants. This means that we could feed more people using less space with fruits, vegetables and grains, which is important considering future projections for population growth and consumption needs. Not only would a mass shift to veganism mean more food for those most at risk of going hungry, it would also mean an end to cruel factory farming practices that subject livestock to lives of misery and abuse.

Veganism is the way toward a future that is both more compassionate and better able to sustain a growing human population. Please sign the petition below to urge the United States Department of Agriculture to acknowledge this reality by promoting veganism as a viable agricultural and dietary alternative.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

Each year, more and more Americans are adopting a vegan diet for a variety of ethical and health-based reasons. Now we have scientific evidence to back up claims that veganism is necessary to help support the world’s growing population, including here in America, where over 40 million people face hunger to some degree each year. We could greatly reduce this number, and provide food for almost 400 million more Americans, simply through eliminating animal products in our diets.

Vegan diets and farming practices are a healthy and more compassionate alternative to the waste and cruelty that is often associated with raising animals for food. That is why we, the undersigned, urge you to promote vegan dietary guidelines for Americans and give meaningful incentives to farmers to transition away from raising animals for food.


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  1. Raouchaia Reda says:

    Eating animals is heinous, indeed. But veggies are not nutritionally adequate. Baked goods and breads are the best foodies.

  2. Veganism is the answer to both the cruelty and suffering of both humans and animals!

    • Kamari that’s the best super heavy one liner summing it up period. ConAgra and pharma gag the truth from all angles. Intent on ignoring obesity diabetes bloat chronic cancer hormone uptake exaggerated puberty. Every stays sick on pills while I live on the post road 30 F fast food restaurants bumping with McRibs and nuggets. It’s not about food as fuel it’s addiction. A F nightmare the mass animal automated slaughter

      I rather be among zombies

    • Future generations, if the people survive long enough, I think will look back on us with horror asking if we really did kill and then eat animals.
      Animals that had blood flowing through their veins. A beating heart. And we kill them to eat their flesh.
      Just sounds totally yuck to me.
      There does appear to be a lot of research showing how much less of our natural resources producing vegetables use, than raising animals.

  3. You do not need to kill to eat! Let’s end all animal suffering!

  4. Although I personally believe veganism is very unhealthy, to each their own. What is DEFINITELY not true, however, is that veganism will end any hunger crisis. There will be a hunger crisis as long as politics, and Monsanto, are involved in food production and distribution. Sustainable, organic farming and animal raising is what will end hunger, and getting governments out of food. The chance of that happening is pretty small, sadly.

    • I think i would have to agree with you. I am vegetarian. But i am not going to dictate what people eat. If people want to eat an animal that has been abused and totured that is on them.

    • You are so very wrong that it’s not even funny! Do you see vegans dying off the plant because of their plant based diet? Uh, no. When an animal is slaughtered for food do you have any idea the amount of fear that is in their body? When you consume that animal you eat all that fear! Now that is very unhealthy if you ask me!!! Please if you are going to comment, think first!

    • LM Your proof that it is ‘very unhealthy’ ? veganism, unlike meat, does not cause 14 of the 15 major diseases( as Michael Gregor has shown) As you know, there is no such thing as ‘sustainable animal raising’.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      It is not unhealthy. What is unhealthy is consuming meat which causes cancer, heart disease, etc.

    • That’s a very huge misconception based on ignorance and lifelong conditioning by the meat and dairy industry, junk food corporations and medical field. Veganism is very healthy, just do it right! People should not be allowed to eat whatever they want when it involves taking the lives of being that want to live.

  5. It will help relieve the hunger crisis WORLDWIDE. The US is not the be all and end all of everything.

  6. Beth Marie says:

    Plant based diets are obviously the answer to world hunger. Sadly government doesn’t realize this. Government more interested in factory farms and greed.

  7. While the wording, of this petition, makes me a little uneasy – I certainly believe that the playing field (between the promotion of veganism and the promotion of the meat and dairy industries) should be more level. At the minute – meat and dairy is a huge and dirty business – just like sugar and tobacco. Certain businesses make profits for all the wrong people and they are, therefore, unfairly reinforced. Give the same assistance to horticultural and agricultural production, promote it in the same way, and I’ll be much happier. So will the developed world’s health services.


  9. Christopher Porter says:

    I have been a vegan for years, although I do take vitamin and mineral supplements, and I fell perfectly healthy. On my last health check-up everything was pretty much spot on. I had excellent colesterol levels, and was at low risk of developing a serious condition in the future, and presumably that includes getting cancer by eating processed foods. I must admit that I do eat free range eggs, but other than that I do not deliberately consume any animal products. I say this not to boast, but to prove that it is not necessary to eat meat. I have not eaten a speck of meat in years, and I feel fine. Why not try it before you criticise LM?

  10. That would have to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard wtf

  11. We aren’t fanatics, but we cook most meals at home and they’re vegan. We’ve come to enjoy so many new flavors.

  12. Slaughter your own animals, then tell me you have no problem eating meat. Most carnivores have never seen an abattoir in action. Go and experience one of the really inhumane ones, ie halal and kosher slaughter, then tell me you’ve not been affected. And that’s only the half of it. The trip by truck to the abattoir can be torture in itself. Legally, the transporter is not obliged to feed or provide water for the animals, regardless of whether it’s a 3 hr or 30 hr trip. Many die in transit due to heat stress/overcrowding. I find it hard to believe that compassionate people can still find ethical reasons to slaughter for food – it’s really caveman stuff, as is modern day hunting, which in many cases is simply “trophy” hunting.

    • Agree with you Rachel- abattoirs should all have glass walls and be in town centre, that would stop this barbaric practice

  13. Absolutely, Rachel. Or is it the dumbest thing you have ever heard of ANITA WHITTINGTON WTF? Your tiny vocabulary seems to match your intelligence-there is footage of slaughterhouses- have a look- ENJOY!

  14. Please watch this video Animal Should be Off the Menu by Phillip Wollen
    Also read Dr. Fuhrman’s ” Eat to Live” to learn the truth about how healthy vegetables are.
    Most people end up in the hospitals with serious diseases like heart diseases, cancers,..are meat eaters, not vegetarians. When cancer patients switch their diet to vegetables, their condition is improved. Why? Meat supplies nutrition for cancer cells while dark green vegetables starve them. Become vegetarian actually save yourself from suffering later. Stop bullying helpless animals or you will be bullied back by sickness. bandits and war.The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is so obvious here: you make animals suffering for your good appetite, you will suffer back. Make your smart choice!

  15. Gen Agustsson says:

    please go vegan for the whole world. the foods are difficult enough to digest.

  16. I am a meat lover but are vegetarian because I can’t stand the suffering animals go through before they land on my dinner plate.

    I only can hope that more and more people allow their compassion to rule.
    The latest in advertising is that beef without hormones – it may be so but be aware that animals while alive are injected with a new chemical to prevent that when slaughtered, e-coli will occur.
    Don’t be fooled by “clean” beef.
    As to vegetarianism alleviating world hunger – I do’t buy it, we have to dare to speak about the Pink Elephant in the room: Over-population!

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