Demand Justice For Dog Nearly Starved to Death


Target: Judges of Carlisle, Kentucky

Goal: Ensure that the owner of starved dog is charged with the maximum punishment legally allowed for animal cruelty

Recently, a dog was found in an extremely neglected and emaciated state in Carlisle, Kentucky. Local police found the dog while serving a warrant; they initially thought the dog was dead given the condition they found him in. The dog, now named “Snow Chief,” was found chained outside, weighing about half of what he was supposed to weigh. Surprisingly, the owner of the dog claimed she was not at fault and did nothing wrong to this poor animal. This woman must be made aware of her crimes and be charged with animal cruelty.

While it is evident that Snow Chief has suffered a miserable life at the hands of his previous owner, he will no longer have to suffer thanks to the police officers that rescued him and the animal welfare society that took him in. Snow Chief is currently being cared for and treated at the Nicholas County Animal Welfare Society. Upon arriving there, veterinarians were stunned and claimed that he was the thinnest dog they had ever seen; they believed that Snow Chief would have died within 48 hours if he were not rescued. Despite everything he has been through, Snow Chief is demonstrating his remarkable will to live and is making a recovery.

Justice has yet to be attained for Snow Chief. Reports say that his previous owner will “likely” face charges for animal cruelty. This is completely unacceptable; his previous owner must be convicted of animal abuse and be punished to the fullest extent for the crimes she has committed against Snow Chief. Sign the petition below to demand that this woman’s crime will not be taken lightly in court and that she will receive the maximum punishment allowed for animal cruelty.


Dear Judges of Carlisle,

A dog named Snow Chief is fighting for his life after being a victim of abuse and neglect. Snow Chief has suffered at the hands of his owner, a woman who believes she has done nothing wrong to this poor dog. This dog was found chained outside of her home in an emaciated state teetering between life and death; there is no way she can claim that she did nothing wrong to this animal when his suffering was a direct result of her neglect.

Reports say that this woman will “likely” face charges of animal abuse. This is unacceptable; she must be punished for the crimes she has committed against Snow Chief. Please take the action to ensure this woman is made aware of her crimes and that she will be given the maximum punishment allowed for animal cruelty.


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Photo credit: “NicholasCounty AnimalWelfare” Facebook page

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  1. Julie Henretty says:

    There seems to be an increase in the cases of cruelty to companion animals. It is vital that the law recognizes these acts as criminal and metes out the maximum sentence to the perpetrators. It is an accepted fact that, in many cases, people who abuse animals go on to abuse people, often children. Please give this woman who starved her dog (almost to death, had he not been rescued just in time) the maximum penalty.

  2. Myrna Burdick says:

    This woman should be followed with home visits for the next 10 years by the police who should be given access to check her home for any pets she may have taken in .

    If she has children living in the home, CPS should also be doing checks to make sure she does not abuse
    her children also.

    If the person could not see anything wrong with the
    condition of the dog, she is out of contact with reality and needs to be cared for in a facility.

  3. I helped author the Animal Abuser Registry for Westchester County, New York. Kentucky should follow suit and keep animals out of the hands of negligent owners like this one.

  4. I am so sick of seeing case after case of animal cruelty in this country. When is someone going to get with it a pass laws that will have a meaningful effect on the perpetrators of these heinous acts. I believe any one who can abuse animals are fully capable of doing the same to their fellow humans. Lock them up and throw away the key!!

  5. valda purvis says:

    Disgusting poor excuse for a human being this woman should be -jailed ,never allowed to owne an animal again and her name kept in a register for -animal abusers,these animal abusers have list their humanity -poor dog-I hope he gets a loving home.

  6. I would love to beat the piss out of people like this. It sickens me that so many scumbags get away with these crimes.

  7. she deserves a more harsh sentence never to have or in nay way be allowed to have another animal and not twist the rules either. What kind of person does this to a poor innocent what did this dog ever do to deserve this? I swear if i had my way she would be treated like a harden criminal animals do not deserve what abuse they get from sick mankind

  8. When are we going to have real animal protection LAWS that say “whatever bad things you do to an animal, will be done to you but even worse”.
    If you starve an animal for a month, you will be starved for two months. You beat an animal each day, you will be beaten worse each day. You didn’t give the animal fresh water for one week, you don’t get any water for two weeks. You make dogs fight, you will be put naked in a cage with five vicious dogs.

  9. Patricia Wicker says:

    This is absolutly horrendous. This poor dog had to endure such Cruelty. Hope this demented woman gets what she deserves, How a human being could do this to any animal is just horrible. Hope she suffers for this !!!!!!!

  10. Eileen goodman says:

    Everyone who shops on QVC should know that Dennis Basso, who peddles faux fur and other stuff on that network, is otherwise a big seller of real fur in his designer business. I’ve complained many times to them, but nothing changes …. It’s obviously about the money. perhaps someone else could start a petition demanding that QVC get rid of this greedy, inhumane vendor, or have a permanent news crawl when he’s on letting buyers know what he’s really about.

  11. Patricia Stanley says:

    THIS SICK BITCH SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR A VERY LONG TIME AND NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OWN ANY ANIMAL EVER AGAIN.I am so sick of all the animal abuse that is going on in this world. what is happening. we need stricter laws to put a stop to this. these poor helpless animals need love and a forever loving home. any animal abuser should be punished and sent to jail for a very long time. never allowed to own an animal again or even be around one.

  12. i have no words for it,i come from the netherlands,
    never seen such a poor starving animal.
    you shouldnt try to so.
    people here could lynch yoou.
    we all love our animal.
    the woman deserves tooth for tooth/eye for an eye,
    we say in dutch,een oog voor een oog,een tand voor een tand.she deserves the highest punishment,how can she
    say,she didnt do nothing wrong.was she blind,what kind
    of a judge was there.
    didnt he saw the poor dog.
    i know,that,we must be not to heartless.
    but the woman,hoped the dog should died.

  13. Cassandra Koromos says:

    We demand justice!!!!

  14. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Throw her to the lions

  15. Pls stop animal cruelty

  16. Cathy Almeida says:

    Our society needs to stand up to stop animal abuse. If a person cannot care about an innocent animal, how are they going to care for human.

  17. een strengere wet op dierenverwaarlozing

  18. the person that did this abuse and starvation to this animal needs PRISON time without parole !

  19. Tesha Jimerson says:

    The punishment should fit the crime. I would think this woman is well fed. Put her on a chain with no food or water for awhile and see how long before she starts crying about how sorry she is and how much she didn’t understand. She must have skipped a step in her fetal development if she has no compassion for living beings. Hopefully she has no children. Anyone who abuses animals, children or Elders should be severly punished by removing them from society, they are in the same league as child molesters.

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