Ensure Fair Treatment for Asian Ivy League Applicants

Target: Ivy League University Presidents

Goal: Investigate admissions policies to ensure there is no discrimination against Asian and Asian-American applicants

Recently, a study of applicants and students at Ivy League universities showed that although the number of Asian and Asian-American applicants has increased, fewer are being accepted to the elite schools. This study has prompted comments from admissions officers that suggest there may be some discrimination in deciding who may study at these universities. Prejudices against these minority students, though subtle and unrecognized by the officers, may be influencing their decisions. The Ivy League universities do not practice race-blind admissions policies, and evidence shows that this is negatively affecting the Asian and Asian-American applicants who seek entrance to these schools.

Asian students make up 16% of the Ivy League student population. This has been the same percentage for the past decade, despite other well-respected schools raising their Asian student population to up to 40% of the students. The reason given for Asian students being denied from the Ivy League schools is that they are not as well-rounded as other applicants. However, this conclusion is not drawn from the admissions officers’ personal experience, but instead from cultural prejudices against Asian people. They assume the Asian students are not social people because they focus on studies. According to Rod M. Bugarin Jr., a former Ivy League admissions officer, “I rarely found the skills that are validated by standardized tests to be those that enhance classroom discussions or the interpersonal dynamic when doing research with peers and professors.” This prejudice suggests that those who excel at standardized tests, who are primarily Asian, will not “enhance” the classroom experience for their fellow students.

The image of the hard working Asian student is a prominent stereotype in culture. However, stereotypes should have no influence on college admissions. Negative prejudices against Asian and Asian-American students are preventing them from enrolling in the most elite universities. These students should be judged based on their work and activities, instead of how the admissions officers perceive they will perform these activities. Demand that the presidents of Ivy League universities investigate their admissions processes to ensure Asian and Asian-American students are given a fair chance.


Dear Presidents,

Recently, a study has shown that the population of Asian and Asian-American students at your schools has not increased in over a decade, despite the increase in applications from these students. Comments from admissions officers suggest that there may be some prejudice against these students which prevents them from entering the universities. Negative stereotypes about Asian students are leading the admissions officers to believe the students will not be as well-rounded as the ideal student.

I ask you to investigate the admissions policies of your universities. The fairness to Asian and Asian-American students must be ensured. Cultural stereotypes should not have any weight on whether or not a student may enter college. These students should be judged based on their work and activities, instead of how the admissions officers perceive they will perform these activities. Investigate the admissions policies to ensure this fairness.


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  1. I didn’t sign this, because I think it is antiwhite and progenocide. The ‘education’ these asian students seek is Western CULTURE! In a Western COUNTRY! It is the birthright of Westerners, whose forebearers MADE IT FOR THEM! It is NOT the cultural birthright of nonwhites, nor is it being provided in a nonwhite country. Westerners would not think of demanding places at Tibetan monasteries, or of being chieves of Amerindian tribes, and so on. Nonwhites shouldn’t demand access to the provisions Westerners have made for themselves, especially in white, Western countries. To do so is to DISPLACE US IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES! Tibet for the Tibetans, and America for EUROPEANS, and for Amerindians. If foreigners want to copy European ways, let them do so in their own countries! WHITE COUNTRIES ARE FOR EUROPEANS, ONLY!

  2. This ‘petitin’ is Evil!!! It proposes THE DISPLACEMENT IF A PEOPLE FROM THEIR CULTURE AS A ‘RIGHT’!!! IT IS EVIL!!! IT IS HORRIFIC!!! Westerners don’t ‘demand’ access to other cultures’ facilities, so why do nonwhites demand access to OURS?!!! This ‘petition’ is GENOCIDAL, and it has NO PLACE on a respectable petition site! It should be removed, IMMEDIATELY!!!

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