Dozens of Horses Apparently Gruesomely Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Target: Jamie L. Dykes, Ad Interim State’s Attorney for Wicomico County, Maryland

Goal: Demand that a farm owner who allegedly allowed dozens of horses to starve to death receive the maximum penalty under law.

The bodies of at least 25 horses were removed from a rundown farm in Quantico, Maryland in what appears to be a horrendous case of animal cruelty. The horses, including a young foal found just feet away from the farm house’s front door, were reportedly found in various stages of decay. They appear to have been starved to death. We must demand justice for these helpless creatures.

While some horses were still living when local officials arrived on the scene, many appeared to be severely malnourished. One horse was reportedly so ill and so emaciated that he was euthanized shortly after his rescue. The rest are now recovering in area shelters and may have the opportunity to find loving homes in the future.

The farm property’s owner, Barbara Pilchard, was previously charged with over 100 charges of animal cruelty and neglect when 200 cats were removed from her home over 20 years ago. Shockingly, she was allowed to continue owning animals, which may have led to this tragedy.

History must not be allowed to repeat itself again. Sign this petition and demand that Ms. Pilchard be severely punished and prevented from owning animals if she is found guilty of having starved these innocent horses.


Dear Attorney Dykes,

Over two dozen horses were reportedly found dead on a Quantico farm, with many others near death from starvation. It appears that the farm property’s owner, Barbara Pilchard, had allowed these animals to waste away without providing them with adequate food, including a small foal who died just feet away from her front door.

Ms. Pilchard was charged with over 100 counts of animal cruelty over two decades ago when hundreds of cats were removed from her home. Animal hoarding such as this is often a sign of untreated mental illness and it will often repeat itself if not corrected, as may have occurred in this most recent tragedy. That is why we, the undersigned, demand that Ms. Pilchard receive the maximum penalty under law if she is found guilty, along with necessary mental health evaluations and treatment. She must also not be allowed to own animals in the future to prevent further needless suffering and death.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt

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  1. Why do people wait so long to do something about abuse and cruelty? Two decades? 100 counts? Horrific!

  2. I keep harping on about the law and how idiotic and uncaring and futile it is and untill people who care about the way all animals are treated,we will continue to allow murderers like Pikchard to continue animals will suffer.

  3. Why was this twisted bitch not kept on ‘the books’ as a hoarder? It’s happened again! And what horrendous agony she has caused? Did no one notice that something was going on? By the smell if nothing else? Do people just not care in Maryland? We have heard of cruelty cases there before and it is outrageous! Any cruelty must be reported and acted on.Is this because there is no real penalty for abusing and starving animals? Maryland and most of the USA have to catch up with developed countries. Do you ignore the needs of each other as well? Or just those who cannot answer back?

  4. Beth Marie says:

    Maryland be ashamed! You judges and prosecutors just let animal abusers walk.
    What’s wrong with you people!!

  5. This just points out all of the problems in the legal system, wit needs to be fixed here and everywhere. Protecting the innocent and just.

  6. lynn woods says:

    if this bitch was previously charged why weren’t the animals taken away from her and she not be allowed to have them back or anymore. this is wrong the bitch needs to be fried what kind of so called human does this to animals starve the bitch let her see and feel what’s it’s like it’s about the law did it’s job and does something about justice for these poor horses. Maryland judges or whoever should be ashamed they don’t even deserve to be called law enforcers

  7. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Time this woman was held accountable for her neglect, cruelty and ignorance. She should not only face fines for each horse she owned but never be allowed to own any animal again!

    • lynn woods says:

      oh she’ll get away with it and the next you’ll here she’ll do it again she should be thrown in a cell and starved let her know what it feels like

  8. lynn woods says:

    why was this bitch allowed to have animals was she not checked on she was charged with all that animal cruelty and then allowed to have more animals what the hell is wrong with the laws down there these poor animals were kept in this condition and no one did anything I hope she dies a slow and painful death the evil bitch

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