Stop the Suffering of Traveling Circus Animals Nationwide

Target: K. Michael Conaway, Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Protect wild animals from lives of suffering in traveling circuses across America by sponsoring and ensuring the passage of the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act.

As many as 300 wild and exotic animals are being exploited in traveling circuses in the United States, according to estimates by Animal Defenders International. These innocent animals suffer lives of constraint and instability—they spend vast amounts of time on the road or being forced to perform at the whim of humans, unable to roam free and often kept in small, barren enclosures. Almost 30 other countries have legislation in progress or already in place protecting animals from being used this way. It is time that the U.S. joined their ranks by passing the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, which would ban the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses nationwide.

Research has proven that even circuses with the best intentions cannot possibly meet the physical and psychological needs of these wild animals. More than that, many circuses actively mistreat animals, as has been exposed by research and undercover investigations. Methods like withholding food or beating animals are often used as ‘training’ techniques. The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act is an historic and long-overdue piece of legislation that would save these innocent animals, but it needs congressional support. Sign below to demand that this bill be pushed forward and passed into law in order to protect the well-being of hundreds of animals in America.


Dear Chairman Conaway,

Many other countries across the world have passed or are working toward legislation protecting wild animals from the horrors of life in traveling circuses, and it is high time the United States joined their ranks. There is still no federal law protecting wild and exotic animals from this sort of life of suffering, and as many as 300 animals are currently being exploited this way in America.

These animals are forced to constantly travel, to perform for profit, and to spend their lives in small and barren enclosures. Research has shown that these conditions cannot possibly meet the animals’ physical or psychological needs, even when the animals are not actively mistreated. Sadly, though, traveling circuses do often abuse these animals on top of all of this, beating them or depriving them of food as a ‘training’ method. This must not be allowed to continue. I urge you to protect these animals, and to sponsor and ensure the passage of the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act.


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Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar

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  1. lynn woods says:

    animals shouldn’t even be in circuses. circuses should be banned from having any animals there’s lots of other things to entertain people without torturing and abusing animals

  2. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    All wild animals that are not native to North America should not even be allowed into the country let alone kept captive for the entertainment of humans.

  3. Animals do not belong in any type of circus & to be held captive & tortured is beyond cruelty. There are other types of entertainment rather than wild animals. They belong in the wild not captivity. Free them.


  5. Barton Dixon says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

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