Require American Kennel Club Breeders to Take Responsibility for All Their Puppies

Target: The American Kennel Club

Goal: To require all breeders to rescue and rehome their puppies if they end up in an animal shelter

The number of animals finding themselves in animal shelters is increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, no type of animal is “safe” or spared from potentially being placed in an animal shelter. All types of dogs end up at the animal shelter, including purebred dogs that have been registered to kennel clubs. Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) encourages the breeding of purebred dogs, measures can be taken by this organization to reduce the number of dogs sent to and killed in animal shelters.

Breeders who register their litters with the AKC should take lifelong responsibility for the dogs they breed. If a breeder were to take on this kind of responsibility, no kennel club registered dog would die in a shelter. AKC registered breeders would be required to immediately pull out their dogs from the shelter and re-home them; these dogs will also be spayed or neutered by the shelter to help combat pet overpopulation. If a breeder is notified but takes no action to pull the dog out of the shelter, the AKC should ban that breeder from registering additional dogs and from participating in shows.

By doing this, the AKC would discourage irresponsible breeders from breeding too many litters. Assuming a lifelong responsibility for all puppies bred would not only decrease the number of puppies produced, but would also encourage breeders to find only the best homes for their puppies. No responsible breeder would want to see their puppies carelessly surrendered to an animal shelter by irresponsible owners.

It is an inevitable reality that the breeders of the AKC want to continue their fight against spay and neuter legislations. Breeders need to take responsibility for all of the dogs they breed; this may seem like a small step but it will save thousands of dogs from dying in shelters. Kennel registries need to require every breeder to give each puppy a permanent type of identification so they can pull them from a shelter if necessary. Sign the petition below to encourage the AKC to require all their breeders to have a lifelong commitment to all of the dogs they breed.


Dear American Kennel Club,

As an organization that encourages the breeding of purebred dogs, you must take action to separate responsible breeders from irresponsible breeders. The number of dogs being euthanized in animal shelters continues to grow. A good portion of the dogs being euthanized in the shelters are AKC registered dogs. Breeders should place permanent types of identification on all of their puppies so they can pull them from shelters if the need arises.

If breeders are forced to take on lifelong responsibility for the litters they produce, fewer dogs will be born and fewer dogs will die in shelters. While this is a small step in solving the problem of pet overpopulation, it will help save the lives of thousands of dogs. Please take the action to ensure that breeders will accept full responsibility for all the dogs they breed.


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  1. Cats and other species too. There is such an overabundant overpopulation of unwanted pets.

  2. As a foster for a breed rescue. I would love nothing more to see breeding stopped. Until all shelters are empty. I support this petition but scares me. In the past few years I have taken in pedigrees and have tracked down the breeder to take them back or help re home. No way would they take these abandoned ones back. And one of the dogs had such bad dental. The breeder told us she would just put him down

  3. I haven’t signed this petition, because I know that some people oppose the breeding of any animals, because they have told me so. I think they are extremist vegetarians. PETA might be like this, for example. I think a better solution would be an annual fee to be paid to the AKC, which a head shelter could collect from them and then pay out to other shelters as appropriate. Maybe $50 or so, I don’t know.

  4. Against puppy mills.

  5. Kind of funny that this petition is being written, because so many of these AKC breeders keep trying to reassure everyone their dogs “never” get dumped in shelters because they will always accept them back from their owners. I am sure if the dogs are spayed or neutered they will noy want them back.

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