Restore the Most Fundamental Human Right: End Capital Punishment

Target: Chris Sununu, Governor of New Hampshire

Goal: Drop the death penalty from New Hampshire’s legal systems.

Three months and hundreds of miles apart, an eerily similar scene played out in US execution chambers. In both cases, elderly men afflicted with terminal illnesses writhed in pain for hours as their executioners poked and prodded them in unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable vein for lethal injection. One of these men recently passed away in his prison cell. The other awaits another date with death. These men are just the most recent victims of an archaic act that faces ever-increasing public scrutiny.

The stories of these men cast serious doubt on the contention that capital punishment (the death penalty) is not cruel and unusual punishment. Many other literally life-and-death problems with this practice also exist. For one, unfair and potentially prejudiced implementation of this sentence still exists in great numbers. Up to three-quarters of victims in cases that result in a death sentence are white, while a largely disproportionate number of executions actually carried out are implemented against black or Hispanic prisoners. Questions about mental fitness of the prisoners  linger as well. In fact, the Supreme Court will soon hear the case of a death row inmate who has dementia. These potential abuses do not even take into account the harsh reality that many innocent prisoners have very likely faced execution. This is a major concern for the nearly one-half of American citizens who currently oppose the death penalty.

These citizens reflect an increasingly worldwide trend that sees America—world leader in human rights—as one of few developed democracies that endorses legal murder of its citizens. Sign this petition and urge leadership of New Hampshire to sign a state Senate-approved bill into law that would say no to barbaric retribution and yes to the restoration of life.



Dear Governor Sununu,

Racial minorities dying in disproportionate numbers. Terminally ill and mentally ill men and women suffering at the hands of authorized professionals. Individuals enduring the same fate as prisoners in every terrorist haven the world has ever known. Murder, the most vicious human rights violation, signed off and sanctioned by a government that should stand for every human’s basic, fundamental rights.

This is the reality of our current legal system. With its tacit endorsement of capital punishment, the United States once again finds itself not only moving away from the rest of the world but from the beliefs of its own people. While roughly half of this country’s citizenry opposes the death penalty outright, even those who still stand in support harbor serious reservations about the system’s potential biases against minorities, the overall effectiveness of this punishment in deterring crime, and the potential of condemning the innocent.

Investigations have consistently shown that these doubts are more than mere concerns but disheartening realities. Despite its permissive nature to capital punishment, America still holds one of the world’s highest murder rates. And within this country, a handful of states are responsible for most of the country’s executions, often to horrifying ends such as the two recent cases involving terminally ill men facing hours of botched executions. Most alarmingly, DNA testing has cleared 100 falsely accused death row inmates in Arizona alone.

Financial burdens, deterrence, and prejudices aside, one fundamental question will always remain: If we counter brutal acts with more brutality, then where does the brutality end? When does the killing stop? Take the brave steps needed to end this lingering symbol of the most cruel and unusual punishment.


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Phot Credit: Ken Piorkowski

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  1. gen lovyet says:

    stop executions cause its not the answer.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    I can’t in good conscious sign this petition. People who torture and kill others can’t expect to be treated any differently. I don’t believe in the death penalty on circumstantial evidence or even eye witness they have known to be wrong. But when there is no doubt (example Charles Ing)they deserve to die in the same manner their victims did. An injection is really to good for them.

  3. Capital Punishment is a sign of a society’s failure to counteract against the crime while completely abandoning human rights.

    The paradox in this is that many of those that take part in the execution go to the church and by that believe in God, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Bible says in the six commandment, “you shall not kill”, and still people and government do it as well as are church going people.

    Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right!

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