Stop University’s Cruel Monkey Experiment

Target: Vincent Price, President of Duke University

Goal: Stop denying monkeys water and using them in a ridiculous advertisement experiment.

Duke University has reportedly been using U.S. tax dollars to fund research that denies monkeys water in order to coerce them into cooperating in an advertisement experiment. Ten macaque monkeys were most likely denied water for days to study the effects of sex and power status in advertisements.

During this experiment, monkeys would touch computer screens where common logos, such as those of Pizza Hut and Nike, were paired with pictures of dominant male monkeys, subordinate male monkeys, or the back of a sexually receptive female, to see what the monkeys would choose. In order to make the monkeys cooperate, they were reportedly denied water and given a bit of juice each time they selected a logo. All this experiment was testing was the effect of sex and power in advertisement, something researchers have known about for years.

Sign this petition and demand Duke University shut down this cruel and useless experiment.


Dear Mr. Price,

It recently came to my attention that Duke University is reportedly using U.S. tax dollars to fund a useless advertisement experiment that denies monkeys water. Reportedly, ten macaque monkeys were denied water for days in order to make them cooperate in this ridiculous experiment.

The experiment studied the effects of sex and power status in advertisements by pairing common logos, such as those of Pizza Hut and Nike, with photos of dominant male monkeys, subordinate male monkeys, or sexually receptive females. Reportedly, in order to coerce the monkeys into choosing a logo, they were denied water and given a bit of juice each time they made a selection. For years, researchers have known the effects of power and sex in advertising, and this is an experiment that could have easily been done with consenting adults.

Please put an end to this unnecessary experiment. There is no need to harm animals for such information.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rien Ramerman

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  1. Mr. Price, You should know better! There are many other methods to use beside an animal! These are not necessary experiments and they should be stop now!


  3. Sack Price immediately. No compassion, no ethics. This is an outrage and people should be literally up in arms at this barbaric treatment of animals! What’s happening with this University’s Board? Are they aware of what animal “experiments” are taking place? Sack the lot and replace with those who understand animal experiments are not acceptable. There needs to be jail time for those who are involved in such horrific and medieval treatment of our animals …….

  4. Teresa Wright says:

    They should be behind bars with a criminal record this is clearly animal abuse and neglect. Stop torturing monkeys and do more to protect them from cruel experiments.

  5. Linda Cummings says:

    All these cruel experiments prove is that anyone you can do them, or stand by, is a sick soulless son of a mean bitch. That is all they prove.

  6. They are now breeding animals just for their internal organs, and other body parts, in order to implant them into humans. Murder for parts, quite gruesome. Evil is as evil does. Armageddon is close at hand. Judgement Day is coming.

  7. Animal experimentation as stated once by the director of the National Institute of health, Dr. Elias Zerhoni is “useless.” Most of actual clinical practice and it’s guidelines is done with research studies that involved willing human subjects.Do we really need to discuss how animal experiments and the conclusions drawn from them ended up harming millions of patient with invalid guidelines for patients diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) or Sepsis.

    And importantly, ANY animal suffering is never right.
    “The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? . Let the suffering END!

  8. Anyone regardless of definition such as universities = intelligence supreme, still resulting to animal experiments shows truly the lack of intelligence and progress!

    By now, any scientist that does not does not know the effects on a human body, mind and emotions in the Age of Information and Awareness should be ousted immediately. That individual wastes grants and simply perpetuates the Goose that keeps on laying the Golden Egg until they retire!

    Sponsors should stop supporting useless scientists and their pointless experiments!

    Sponsors, wake up – you are played fools!

    Activists globally – UNITE! Expose all shams!

  9. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & shared❗️😠

  10. Jacqui Skill says:


  11. Agree all comments use animal abusers instead

  12. For the love of God, STOP abusing these magnificent animals for NEEDLESS, ABSURD experiments — SHAME on you for participating in this cruelty for the express purpose of filling your deep pockets — IMMEDIATELY transfer these sensitive, intelligent animals to a Sanctuary where they can live healthy, happy & comfy lives.

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