Stop Mass Rattlesnake Slaughter

Target: Carter Smith, Executive Director of Texas Parks & Wildlife

Goal: End cruel festival that tortures and kills snakes.

There is an annual festival in Sweetwater, Texas that rounds up, abuses, and then kills countless rattlesnakes. The town claims it is necessary for population control, however, rattlesnakes do not see livestock or humans as prey and are not a threat.

Leading up to and during the festival, the snakes are rounded up by pouring gasoline into their burrows to force them out. This method, known as gassing, can cause severe burns, fatal injuries, and even harm non-targeted wildlife. Once collected, the snakes are supposedly kept in barrels without food or water for the weeks leading up to the main festival. At the festival, reports claim the snakes are skinned alive, have their heads chopped off, have their mouths sewn shut, and have their fangs ripped out. After experiencing all of these horrors, the snakes are eaten or made into trinkets.

Sign this petition and demand Texas Parks & Wildlife put a stop to this barbaric festival.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Every year in Sweetwater, Texas, rattlesnakes are rounded up, tortured, and killed for a festival. Rattlesnakes do not see humans or livestock as prey and there is no need to make a spectacle out of this cruel mass killing. I’m urging you to put an end to this.

The snakes are rounded up by a method known as gassing. This is done by pouring gasoline into the snakes’ burrows, which forces them out. Gassing can cause serious burns, fatal injuries, and harm non-targeted wildlife, including protected species. Once the snakes are collected, they are apparently kept in barrels, without food or water, for the weeks leading up to the festival. At the festival, snakes are reportedly skinned alive, have their fangs ripped out, have their heads cut off, and have their mouths sewn shut so they can be handled by festival-goers. After a day of horrid abuse, the snakes are killed to be eaten or made into trinkets.

Please consider putting an end to this barbaric festival. It is sad that abusing animals is still a form of entertainment.


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Photo credit: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

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  1. What a bunch of thick rednecks to believe that this is an acceptable thing to do to a living animal. What century do these thick imbeciles live in. Mankind has moved on but animal cruelty is alive and well in Sweetwater Texas.

    • Texan people are the pits – evil, barbaric Retards they need wiping out with some disaster perhaps those left would learn some respect for animals. How can they be so uncivilised? This is horrific – castrate the men so they cannot breed more like them. JUSTICE FOR ALL ANIMALS – wipe out rednecks

  2. kay allan says:


  3. Amazing what kind of sick and twisted things a town will call entertainment. This is animal torture for pleasure and has nothing to do with ‘control’ of a perceived pest. If you leave them alone, they leave you alone and that isn’t a pest, its an important part of the wildlife landscape. I can see losers may have another point, but that doesn’t make it a valid point, just a sick one. Come out of the 16th century and respect wildlife and stop this sideshow.

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