Stop City’s Potential Coyote Slaughter

Target: Ashley Curry, Mayor of Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Goal: Stop Vestavia Hills from trapping and potentially killing coyotes.

The city of Vestavia Hills, Alabama has hired a contractor to trap coyotes as a means of population control. These traps are meant to relocate the coyotes, though they could potentially harm and even kill the animals. This is not only a cruel, but an inefficient way to control the population.

Vestavia Hills plans on setting steel-jaw traps throughout the city to trap the coyotes. These barbaric devices cause animals to panic and go to extreme lengths to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. In addition, these traps can catch non-targeted wildlife including endangered species.

Trapping and potentially killing off a large number of coyotes will not lower the population, but may increase it. In response to a mass loss, coyotes will overbreed to replenish the population. Sign this petition to demand Vestavia Hills reverse its decision to trap coyotes. Not only is trapping incredibly inhumane, but it is also ineffective.


Dear Mayor Curry,

Vestavia Hills has hired a contractor to set steel-jaw traps around the city to catch coyotes to lower the population. This is not an effective way to fix your city’s issue.

When there is a drastic drop in the population, coyotes will overbreed to make up for the loss, which may even lead to an increase in the population. Also, steel-jaw traps are incredibly cruel and cause animals to panic. These animals will resort to desperate measures to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. These traps can also catch non-targeted wildlife, including protected species. These traps will do much more harm than good.

Please consider looking into alternative, more humane ways to lower the population. Not only would an alternative plan spare countless sentient beings from unnecessary pain and death, but it would also be more effective than your current plan.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

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  1. Population control is easy…neuter

  2. Here in Fl, it’s been tired but doesn’t work, well duh. We should also understand that its not the coyotes that are the intruders but we are. Use better, humane methods if you must!

  3. Mayor Curry, Please consider another way to remove the coyotes from urban areas to more rural areas. There they’ll be able to live in peace, and so will your city! There are alternative methods, instead of cold-blooded murder! Stop and think before you take action!

  4. Barton Dixon says:

    This is a confusing petition. First it says the traps are meant to relocate the coyotes, which implies “live” traps. It then says steel jaw traps will be used. If the city is trying to sincerely “live” trap coyotes and relocate them, I commend them for their humaneness. If they are using steel jaw traps, their solution is horrid and inhumane.
    I’d like to add that even “live trapping” can be inhumane, which might be what the petitioner is pointing out. If live traps are tripped by an adult animal the heavy entrance can crash down onto the heads, spines and appendages of young that may be following the adult into the cage. Many humane people throughout the United States don’t realize that reality when they are setting their garden live traps etc.… Even if the young are not injured at the time the parent is caught, they are separated from the adult and have less likelihood of survival.
    Treating other life as you would wish to be treated is always the best choice. The Lord above is watching how the people of Vestavia Hills, Alabama treat the life he created.

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