Bass Pro Shops: Stop Selling Assault Weapons

Target: John Morris, Founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops

Goal: Demand sporting goods company stop their sales of assault weapons.

Bass Pro Shops and its child company Cabela’s are the only major retailer still selling deadly assault weapons after public pressure has convinced others to stop. Among these weapons is the AR-15, used by the Parkland shooter; such rifles are designed to kill large amounts of people very quickly, not for something as simple as hunting deer or other game.

There is little to no reason for any human being to own such firearms. They are far more dangerous than they are useful; even the police and the military have little to no use for them. They are designed to hurt, not to protect, and it is completely unacceptable that a popular retail business would legally sell them to potential mass murderers. Guns such as the AR-15 should be considered ‘last resort’ weapons, not a casual purchase, and hunters especially do not need them.

The push for stronger gun control is a long and arduous fight, and one of the biggest steps is to ensure that no retailer will sell such dangerous weapons, especially to those who do not need them. Sign this petition to demand Bass Pro Shops remove assault rifles from their shelves and their website immediately.


Dear Mr. Morris,

Yours is the only business that continues to sell assault weapons following the push for stronger gun control laws and regulations in the wake of the Florida massacre. You sell these to game hunters, yet hunters do not need weapons designed to kill multiple targets quickly. Guns such as the AR-15 should be considered ‘last resort,’ as they are incredibly dangerous and frequently used by mass murderers rather than for any useful purpose.

These is no reason any everyday person should own such weapons, much less be able to legally purchase them so easily. They are designed solely to hurt, and you must stop selling them in your stores. The fight to end gun violence is a struggle that requires as much cooperation as possible. You must follow the examples of other sports shops and retailers by pulling assault weapons from your shelves. Help us put an end to gun violence as soon as possible.


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  1. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    I will let all my friends and relatives know that Bass Pro/Cabela’s is still selling assault weapons. There has to be accountability. The mass shootings such as recent in Florida and Vegas seem to fall out of the limelight quickly. These retailers love it when it blows over and they continue to sell these dangerous weapons. The NRA and ARA back these retailers. They are disgusting bunch. Keep shouting loud and don’t give up, hit them where it hurts and that is their bottom line. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE ESTABLISHMENTS.

  2. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    Isn’t it amazing when children have the strength to take on the establishment, what does that say for the number of adults who stick their heads in the sand.

  3. It is time to stop selling these weapons. What if one of your weapons killed one of your children. The eyes of the world are watching

  4. Bass Pro and Cabell’s do not sell assault weapons. Assault weapons are already illegal. I do believe that accessories that convert guns to automatic weapons should be illegal. People really need to know the difference between automatic and semiautomatic. The AR does NOT stand for automatic rifle. Be informed!

    • Absolutely! The AR is not the problem.

    • Automatic guns are illegal in the USA! Handguns are used in most murders including mass shootings! They use extended magazines! The percentage of AR15s used in shootings in the past years is something like 6 times! Shotguns, bolt action rifles and handguns have been used for almost all shootings! Handguns are at the very top of the list! Leftists are mentally ill & deranged! They should blame cars for wrecks & bombs instead of terrorists! That’s the same exact formula to compare! That’s how ignorant they are! Facts over Feelings!!

  5. Once again the absolute ignorance of the liberal left rears it’s ugly head. There are NO assault rifles available for sale to any citizens at Bass ProShops…None. They have been banned for civilian sales since 1934…that’s apparently not long enough for y’all to be informed about it. I’ll remind you again since your memory seems to be lacking…the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and has never been. These rifles are not designed to kill a bunch of people quickly, as you seem to think. They are a semi-automatic rifle of medium power and as such are not suitable for large game but are fine for small game. The military uses a similar firearm that is fully automatic and about the only correct statement in this foolishness is that no army uses them…although some police departments rely on them for protection of their officers. They are very suitable for home protection and have been used many times for that purpose. The AR15 is the most popular rifle in America with some 10-20 million in citizen’s hands. And Betsey, there are NO accessories that convert firearms from semi-automatic to full automatic. The liberal media has put out this propaganda for years while trying to influence the public rather than reporting the news.

    • Once again a trumptard. And by the way i am a PROUD liberal who has a gun.

      • I guess you didn’t have an answer to my comment…I really didn’t expect you to. And do you really expect me to believe that you own a real GUN yet you don’t know what an assault rifle is and that civilians can’t buy them? You’re pitiful.

      • Another American idiot. You just don’t seem to get it, do you ?
        The rest of the world is laughing our heads off at people like you and Trump. It is the best comedy show ever.
        Well – keep your gun laws and see more children die.
        But at least there is a bit of hope with many school children out there protesting.
        How shameful though that they have to demand their own protection from guns. Where are the adults and parents ? is their “right” to have guns more important than their children’s welfare. Obviously to too many it still is.
        Mayne it is just that there are just too many dumb Americans. Every other country that has gun laws do not have the equivalent number of deaths by shooting. It really is just so obvious…to everyone else but those Americans still bleating on about their own rights….Boring !!
        America the great . Not any more.

    • Lol!! That’ s strange. Because i know for a FACT that undercover cops say they do. Nice try. Now be a good little boy and go back to Faux News.

    • Thank you for speaking up. You are 100% 🙂

    • That law expired. Who’s absolutely ignorant now?

    • Leftists are the Lowest Form Of Subhumans! They support Communism & Socialism! Democrat is Code Word for Communist! These people are ignorant fools! How does any Communist or Socialist Regime come into power! They start by taking Citizens Guns! Look at Europe where Guns are Banned in most countries! Multiple Daily Knife Attacks, Grenade Attacks, Bombings, Terrorists using cars/Trucks/vans to kill people! Acid Attacks! Rape Epidemics! Democrats Hate America & are Baby Killers!
      Nikolas Cruz was a Registered DemoRat! If Democrats stop shooting people, 90% of all gun violence would disappear!

      • You are such a dick head !!

        Can’t you see that what trump is doing is moving the USA more and more towards a dictatorship. The very thing you accuse Democrats of.

        The rest of the world sits and watches you and we are so glad we are not you.

        Your country is a mess and there is no hope why you have such a moron in power.

  6. Patricia Jarozynski says:

    The conservative argument is “you dont know gun terminology”.

    How pathetic is that.

    It does NOT MATTER what you call these weapons. Everyone knows what we are talking about. There is NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO OWN MILITARY STYLE, RAPID FIRE, WEAPONS.

    Since the government wont do a dam thing about our children being targeted and dying, we have every CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to petition these stores to STOP selling these weapons.

    • So Patricia…what in the world makes you think that these are “rapid fire weapons”?? I’ll give you the answer…they shoot no faster than any semi-automatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun in America. You’ve been propagandized by the liberal media.

      • How many shots per minute do you need to kill a deer? These guns aren’t designed to hunt with…..they’re designed for war!

        • A shotgun with a buckshot load does more damage! Do know what most people use for deer hunting where it’s illegal to hunt with an AR15!! A 306! do you have a clue how big the round is!???? Retarded Liberals! Why be so concerned about deaths? Democrats are BabyKillers! Hypocrite!

          • I can’t believe there are still people on this earth that are as dumb as you are.
            What a shame. Maybe if you all got out there and killed each other off with the guns that you so strongly believe you have the right to, then maybe, just maybe, you would no longer have all the school killings going on. Quite simple really. Well, that is, to the rest of the thinking educated world that is.

    • Almost all Gun Violence is committed by Gangbangers & Thugs using handguns! Democrats are UnAmerican Vile Creatures with no lessons from History learned! Oh, wait, they probably weren’t taught Facts in their Indoctrination Centers, aka Public Schools & Leftist Colleges! Our 2nd Amendment is not up for Debate, not one iota will be touched or we go to Civil War! Guess who’ll win!

  7. And by the way, trumptards are going after kids in this situation saying they are paid actors by the left. Not only is that bullshit from NRA, Faux News Infowars, MOST of these kida families have guns so they do NOT want to take away peoples guns. GO KIDS!!! I will be marching right alongside of you.

    • David Hogg & a circle of his friends belong to Stoneman Douglas Drama Club! So ya, they literally are ACTORS! That little welp is CNNs little bitch! You people go after NRA & Guns, so can we blame bombs instead of bombers & knives instead of the stabber? How bout blaming alcohol & cars for a Creep who plows into a family, killing them, but not the driver! Now you see how ignorant you are!

  8. Bass/ Cabela’s DO NOT DESERVE ANYBODY’S BUSINESS IF THEY INSIST ON CONTINUING TO SELL THESE WEAPONS OF WAR. Nobody should have a weapon of war. Surely you cannot seriously claim that these weapons of war are of use in hunting and fishing. The right of firearms “enthusiasts” to play with such dangerous weapons does not trump the right of innocent people to life itself.

    • Yeah, you are right – they aren’t used for fishing.

    • Good, don’t go there! It’s mostly Conservatives who shop there! We don’t want your AntiAmerican Traitor Commie butts there in the first place!
      Our government has these weapons & so do the police! If our government becomes tyrranical, doesn’t it make sense to preserve our Rights & Our Lives & Free Country that we have something close to equal to able to fight them! A well regulated militia! Stupid!! Our 1A is preserved by 2A!

  9. Andrea Polden says:

    I have never understood why so many Americans cannot live without guns or other assault weapons. Insanity!

  10. Why are rapid fire assault rifles even manufactured, much less sold as just another thing to sell? There are far too many wackos in USA; they occasionally act out. Absolutely assault rifles need to be banned. Anyone who thinks he NEEDS one is the person who doesn’t – their fantasies are delusional.

    • Do you liberals come on here, believe everything that is stated and then never read the comments? Assault rifles cannot be sold to civilians. Full auto weapons have been banned since 1934. And the semi-auto AR 15 is no faster or lethal than any other semi-auto shotgun, rifle, or pistol on earth. Get a grip people!!

  11. I and many many of my associates have stopped buying anything from Cabela’s and now will also not patronize Bass Pro Shops. The greedy must be met with where it hurts the most their greedy pockets. Any company that can continue to sell assault weapons after the many slaughters of innocent children in our schools should be ashamed. The public will win out by protest after protest, and boycott after boycott. Big Ass greedy businesses will lose on this eventually one customer leaving at a time.

  12. I don’t know how someone can tell ANYONE what they can and Cannot sell.

  13. C.A. Rose says:

    As long as Bass/Cabela sell assault weapons I will continue to boycott both. I live four miles from a Bass but have never been there. (I despise all weapons used for hunting, those who sell them and those who use them. If you want to be a macho man and show your marksmanship, go skeet or trap shooting. The clay pieces don’t help the environment but at least an innocent animal isn’t slaughtered so some jerk can feel like a he-man). If the macho wannabes get off on assault weapons,let gun clubs legally own them and let the killing machines be rented and used exclusively on those premises. No more private ownership.

  14. GEN AGUSTSSON says:


    • So Gen, you only want guns in the hands of the thugs and the government? Are you freaking serious? Do you know how many millions of people have been killed by thugs and governments throughout history?

      • Gen Agustsson says:

        first of all, criminals should not own guns except only military own guns. of course too many people are killed by gunshots.

      • Well it has worked in Australia and England and New Zealand. None of these countries have the number of mass shootings like you do in America. I wonder why ????
        America has become such a dangerous country. I do not understand why our foreign ministers do not put a warning out about travelling to America.
        Corrupt police and mass shootings and then to end all miseries, you have Trump. What a buffoon. Every night we are in hysterics watching his latest antics. Best comedy on TV ever. I guess any country that can vote in such a self-absorbed idiot, kind of deserves what they get as a result. Sorry to all those who didn’t vote for him but then we the rest of the world would have nearly the same entertainment without him.

  15. no do not stop – otherwise the lobbyists will not earn enough money. these good friends from your oh so wonderful President of the USA.
    there must be many more deaths because there are enough psychopaths in the world but not enough deaths.
    all this scares, right, because fear makes you willing.
    I’m not afraid at home. my home in switzerland
    I am horrified – when I read what you write. none or almost none of you understands what it’s all about !!!!! damn it all !!!!!
    it is not about fully automatic, semi-automatic, shotgun, pistols, bomb grenade launcher, knife and those damn killer shit – no, it’s about your armament in general. that is something of sick.
    this whole system is sick. the more weapons the more dead and injured.
    but if you need that, then please.
    everything has to be shot. animals, plants and people. everything has to be destroyed.
    Someone once said many many years ago: america is like a rotten apple.
    the whole inside is lazy.

    • I agree with you Yolanda.
      I suppose America is such a big country they have lost touch with how other countries view them and their laws and opinions.
      I, too, am horrified that there are still so many Americans that demand their right to own a gun. We don’t in New Zealand so we don’t have the gun shootings they do.
      I don’t think they want to address the issue nor do they want to acknowledge the difference between countries like theirs and other countries where gun ownership is restricted. I feel so safe in my country. I never ever consider that someone might have a gun. No wonder so many rich Americans are trying to buy land here. They can see the problems in their own country and want to have a bolt hole to run to.
      But please do not come here and try to make our beautiful country like yours. We do not want to follow America anymore.

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