Justice for 10-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Beaten to Death

Target: Janet T. Mills, Maine Attorney General

Goal: Demand justice for 10-year-old girl allegedly fatally beaten by her mother and stepfather.

A couple in Maine have been accused of beating a 10-year-old to death after weeks of torture. The deceased child’s mother and stepfather were arrested and charged with the murder of the young girl, Marissa Kennedy, in their home. They allegedly confessed to the crime after initially staging a scene to make their daughter’s death appear accidental to authorities.

An autopsy was performed by the medical examiner, ruling the girl’s death to be the result of battered child syndrome. Injuries reported included a lacerated liver and a bleeding brain. Once the young girl’s death was determined to be a homicide, the suspects, Sharon and Julio Carrillo, were arrested and charged by Maine State Police.

Reportedly, the child abuse had been going on for a long time. Neighbors had alerted authorities about what they believed to be violence in the home, and supposedly the suspect’s residence had been visited by police in the past. The last call law enforcement received had a devastating ending, as the child was apparently already dead when they arrived.

It is heart-wrenching to think about what this poor young girl may have endured during her time on this earth. It is sickening and morbidly unnatural that a mother would have absolutely no respect for the life that she gave. Please sign the petition to ensure that justice be served for Marissa Kennedy, and ardently demand maximum sentences for those found guilty.


Dear Attorney General Mills,

A wicked and sadistic crime has taken place in the State of Maine. An innocent 10-year-old girl was fatally beaten, allegedly at the hands of her mother and stepfather. The medical examiner determined the child’s death to be a homicide, and the suspected couple were arrested and charged with murder.

Apparently, police had visited the home of Sharon and Julio Carrillo in the past. It is devastating to think that our system of protecting innocent children was deficient in this case, resulting in the death of a blameless child who had her whole life ahead of her. Individuals who enjoy exerting power over those at a disadvantage are a true threat to people and all other living things.

Any person who would harm, abuse, and kill a child should be incarcerated to prevent the needless death of innocent young people. Marissa Kennedy deserves justice. I fervently demand that, should the suspects be found guilty after due process, they be punished to the fullest extent of the law and removed from society for protection purposes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Waldo County Jail

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  1. GEN AGUSTSSON says:


  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    Hateful monsters! May they get what they receive which should be punishment to the fullest extent which is no less than they deserve considering their heinous crime!

  3. Beth Weissman says:

    I hope they rot in hell

  4. May they rot in jail! They won’t have a very nice time in jail, as people who’ve abused or killed children,get badly treated by the other inmates. It boggles the mind that a mother could do that to her child!

  5. Let them die in jail, these are some sickos!

  6. Margaret Melnick says:

    So police were called by neighbors before the child was killed. If these evil people finally killed the child there must have been evidence before. WHAT THE HELL WERE THE POLICE THINKING. WAS CHILD WELFARE CALLED? IT SEEMS SOME AGENCY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE as well as these sick sob that inflicted this cruelty on the child.

  7. Another heartbreaking story of child abuse and murder , hope they get a good beating in prison and are thoroughly miserable for the rest of there lives . How a mother can do this is unbelievable . Scum like this should have the death penalty , so sad


  9. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Sickened to the pit of my stomach of how two people can and do this type of thing to their child…especially one who carries that soul for 9 months. God rest that little girls soul.
    Please make sure they never get out of jail ever, please.
    As for the police visits due to neighbour alerts?
    Why was Melissa still in their custody?
    Where was Child Services in all of this, as it is blatantly obvious that these beating and abuses were of common place?
    What of her school teachers or friends, surely they had some idea or suspicion something was terribly wrong!
    The entire adult world fail this little girl…How shameful.

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