Praise Airline for Yanking NRA Member Benefits

Target: Edward H. Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines

Goal: Praise Delta Airlines for ending benefits program for NRA members.

Delta Airlines is one of many companies pulling their support of the NRA, requesting that their information be removed from the association’s website in addition to ending their benefits program for NRA members. They are the latest company to make this move in the wake of the Florida school shooting and the right’s refusal to allow for more gun control.

This is a tremendous step in the right direction, not only for the safety of consumers via refusing to aid the NRA, but for the airline itself. Delta has been accused of various injustices in the past two years, including but not limited to racism and animal cruelty. It is a relief to know that in the wake of a horrific tragedy they are willing to stand up and do the right thing by pulling their support of a right-wing organization that prioritizes pride over safety.

In a sense, this can be counted as two good moves in one, atoning for past alleged misdeeds and no longer rewarding members of a dangerous organization. Sign this petition to thank Delta Airlines for aiding in the fight for stronger gun control laws.


Dear Mr. Bastian,

Your decision to revoke your benefits program for NRA members is a commendable one. In light of the recent Florida massacre, the NRA and the right have been mocking and pushing back against all of those demanding stronger gun control laws, prioritizing the selfish pride of gun enthusiasts over the safety of the population. Yet those fighting continue to stand strong, and your company has joined in the fight.

Additionally, your company has been accused of several misdeeds in the past. Your decision may not erase those incidents, but it can be considered atonement for them, as well as a sign that you truly do care for consumer rights and safeties.

Thank you for refusing to aid or reward NRA members from here on out. A large company such as yours making this decision carries a strong message that will hopefully spread to other companies and force the right to give in to the demand for stronger gun control laws.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Andrei Dimofte

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  1. Bravo! Good for you! What do people need guns for anyway? They only hurt, harm and kill!

    • Robert Ortiz says:


    • Maurice Robison says:

      Donna Leavitt: When the enemy comes, we NEED to be able to “hurt, harm and kill,” because they won’t be carrying lipstick and spatulas!

      I was a Boy Scout and our motto was “BE PREPARED!” There are many in this world who would gladly harm or even kill us. I suspect that several of them are even in our own government. We need to be able to withstand and repel their attacks, no matter where they come from. The oath that I swore when I entered the military said that I would support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all foes, foreign AND DOMESTIC. So don’t think it can’t happen.

      One of the many mottoes of the military was “Ever vigilant!” That means we are aware of our surroundings and watch specifically for signs of danger. Another saying of the military is “Forewarned is forearmed!” That means that if we pay attention, we can see dangers lurking in our paths, that can kill us, but because of our vigilance, we knew to take special precautions as we proceed down the path. Democrats obviously don’t believe in those words, since the Second Amendment to our Constitution clearly states the reason for its existence, but no Democrats ever seem to understand it.

      How many of you are for the New World Order? Those who support it are afraid of our guns and they want you to stay ignorant so you will help them take our guns from us. Read the Second Amendment and understand what it’s saying. It’s for OUR protection,… against tyranny from our own government.

      • Tess Husbands says:

        Regardless of all else, America’s children, are the most helpless, defenseless and armed-less people on Earth. And, they deserve protection, health and life when they seek to be educated. Countless families are experiencing agony and hell because they have lost their helpless, defenseless children as young as five to slaughters at schools. Since January 1 of this year, we have only experienced eighteen [18] children slaughters in America’s schools. I would think, America’s children should have the basic, inherent right to attend school without being slaughtered. Of course, I qualify for Mensa, and possess more brainpower than the majority of Americans. America’s schools should not be slaughter houses.

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    Nice to hear some good news for a change from an airline. Very good to hear. One positive step leads to others. We need stricter gun control, a ban on assault rifles and less influence and interference from the NRA!

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Robert Ortiz: You have no idea how clueless you are!

      Chicago has among the strictest gun laws in this country, but their rate of gun violence is much higher than other cities that have far LESS gun control. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself!

      You say you want “… less influence and interference from the NRA!” That’s similar to saying that you love to watch basketball on television, but that you wished the NCAA, the NBA, CBA, the Olympic Committee and others would just go away. But without those organizations, the players would just get together and fight. There would be no need to keep score. The NRA sponsors MANY gun safety programs to the public. They are the main defenders of the Second Amendment to our constitution. The purpose stated in the Second Amendment, for its existence, is as a last resort for
      American citizens to fight off a tyrannical government. At all costs, we CANNOT allow them to ban our guns! There is a lot of corruption in our government now, but if they succeed in taking our guns away, there will be a blood bath that will
      make these “mass shootings” as you call them, look like Sunday School picnics.

      If it comes to another Civil War, with the government trying to take our guns away from us, you will be on the government‘s side, to begin with. But once you realize what the government is trying to do, then you’ll be on our side and you’ll want us to defend you from the government, with our guns. After all these years of your “chosen ignorance” of the Second Amendment,” I’m not sure I could help you.

      We NRA members and gun owners hate these shootings just as much as you do, but it’s a much bigger trade off than you will ever allow yourselves to see. The massive trade off isn’t worth it!
      And now, I’ll comment on your request for a ban on “assault weapons!” If there is another Civil War, the government will send troops after us who will have actual “assault weapons.” Those would be high caliber, fully automatic weapons with high capacity magazines. Civilians may be able to buy high capacity magazines, but we can NOT purchase weapons that are fully automatic. We will already be at a gigantic disadvantage, arms wise and in many other ways, but a fighting chance is better than no chance at all.

      David proved that one RIGHTEOUS shot can bring down a Goliath, who had a far superior arsenal! David needs to be our example!

  3. Thank you Delta for stepping up and doing the right thing. More companies should do the same. We need much more gun control. All NRA does is line their pockets with the gun manufacturers. BRAVO to your company for standing up and doing the right thing.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      sanFati: Please read some of the other comments here and educate yourself! You’re begging to become a slave and you want to take the rest of us down with you.

  4. I will not sign this and I will never fly with Delta again. When did an NRA member threaten anyone on a flight? The 911 hijackers used box cutters to take over the planes. This move unduly discriminates and punishes millions of law-abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a few.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Czerny A.: Thank you for being one, intelligent, INFORMED person on this site. Whenever any shootings happen, the only thing people want is to ban guns. But what do those who go in and root out the murderers use? Guns!

      Have we not understood the fact yet that mass shooters are ATTRACTED to “gun free zones?” If people were serious, they would consider means other than confiscation. I have never been convicted of a crime of any kind and I am a law-abiding citizen. I would put myself in harm’s way and would use my firearms to protect innocent people who were being attacked by criminals. Why would you want to take my guns away from me?

      I love helping animals, as I believe everyone on this site does, but you’re also among the least informed about our Constitution; especially the Second Amendment and the specific reason for it. There is no need for you to infringe on MY rights. There are ways to curtail gun violence, other than confiscation. We need to explore them!

      • Maurice how about you help us out and repeat the Second Amendment for our bad memories. Oh – I’ll do it for you; “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”
        Hope that helps.

    • Peggy Schuetz says:

      Amen, I totally agree, Delta will never get my business, and they have a bad reputation for handling people’s pets, now they punish law abiding citizens. Shame on you Delta,hope there are repercussions to your profits. Again main stream media not listening to Americans.

  5. gen agustsson says:

    lets protest to shutdown nra now or later

    • Funny how you can say that with such conviction…as if you actually knew what you were talking about. The NRA is the largest organization on earth that teaches firearms safety. They support our gun rights, not privileges. They train law enforcement, they train the Boy Scouts…one thing they DON’T do is kill people. Can you name one mass shooter that was an NRA member? Can you name one mass shooter that wasn’t a democrap?? Because you pee yourself at the mere mention of guns is not a reason for me to not own them. The CDC has said that somewhere between 50,000 and 3 million defensive gun uses happen each year…you want to argue the point with them? I didn’t think so!

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