Commend Animal Shelter for Showing Compassion to Elderly Abandoned Dog

Target: Tri-County Humane Society in Boca Raton, Florida

Goal: To say thank you for taking in and caring for an elderly dog that was abandoned by her owner

Recently, an 18-year-old dog was heartlessly abandoned by her owner at an animal shelter in Florida. This dog, now called Friday, has been taken in by the Tri-County Humane Society in Boca Raton. Although Friday is now in the care of loving volunteers and staff members, Friday will never understand why she will no longer be able to go back to the place she has always called home. Commend the volunteers and staff members of Tri-County Humane Society for their continued efforts in making Friday as comfortable as she can possibly be.

Friday was originally brought into the shelter because she was suffering from kidney disease. Her owner had the intention of surrendering her simply because of this disease; it did not matter to her owner that she was a loyal member of the family for 18 years. The shelter even offered to supply the owner with special food for the kidney disease, but this did not entirely sway her decision. In an effort to change the owner’s mind, the executive director of the shelter came out to speak with the owner about the importance of owning a dog. The executive director kindly explained that a dog’s relationship with its owner is one that transcends any relationship; dogs are devoted family members and would have an extremely hard time adjusting to a shelter after being with a family for so long. The executive director expressed deep concern for Friday because she feared Friday would be overwhelmed by a sense of loss and confusion.

It appeared that Friday’s owner had understood the importance of Friday’s place in her family. The owner left the shelter with Friday after being told that she should provide Friday with as much love and care until the disease took Friday. Unfortunately, the owner did not reconsider at all. Instead she left Friday tied to a fence next to a busy roadway that was outside of the shelter. Employees who saw Friday immediately rushed outside and brought her to safety.

Friday is now in the care of the shelter. She will be given a special diet for her kidneys and an abundance of love and support from volunteers and staff members at the shelter. Sign the petition below to thank the volunteers and staff members of Tri-County Humane Society for being there for Friday in her greatest moment of need.


Dear volunteers and staff members of Tri-County Humane Society,

I would like to say thank you for taking in and caring for an elderly dog that was abandoned at your shelter. This dog, Friday, was heartlessly abandoned in her greatest moment of need by the one person she trusted and loved the most: her owner.

Despite her old age, the shelter has decided to care for her and provide her with a special diet. I am extremely grateful that euthanasia was not even an option. It is a sad reality that most older dogs, especially ones with diseases, are killed because it is considered to be the most “humane” thing to do. Your shelter has gone above and beyond what most shelters have done. You have shown that you are in fact doing something far more “humane” than killing a helpless dog. You are giving Friday as much love and care as she can possibly get before the disease takes her. Thank you for showing such compassion to Friday.


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  1. Tina Geronimi says:

    Blessings I have adopted many elder dogs that have been abandoned by their former owners. Those dogs are the most loving dogs. The Creator will remember your kindness.

    Blessings to all that care for the helpless.

  2. Irene S. Amador says:

    I thank the Tri-county Humane Society for having the compassion that many humane Society’s lack including mine. All animals are God’s creatures and should not be treated any less. Your compassion will be rewarded by God and acknowledged by the world. Kudos to the staff of Tri-county for being an outstanding example to others!

  3. joan sessions says:

    I am just hoping that you guys will allow Friday to go to a home that wants to love her for the time she has left. What I would give for my Bullet to have lived 18 years… evil humans are.

  4. loretta goclowski says:

    A huge thank you to the staff and volunteers and even the executive directer of the shelter :)))) Bless you for turning this into a heartwarming story instead of a heartbreaking one. Though this poor girl will go through a lot of issues because of this, at least she is in thehands of loving and caring people to make the rest of her life the best it can be. I truly hope the woman soon needs someone as badly as this dog did and her people just ‘dump’ her or leave her without help. She will get what is coming to her.
    Blessings to you Miss Friday, may you have many warm nights by a fire on a soft fluffy bed with kind people 🙂

  5. Brendan Burger says:

    Thanks for caring. God bless y’all. Keep up the terrific job.

  6. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    It is a crying shame that people will get pets, they are part of a family, and then when they get old, they abandon them, take them to shelters etc because they no longer want to care for them. I wonder if they would do their aged human family members like this. People that do this should never be allowed to have pets again!!!!
    A great big thank you to the Tri-County Humane Society for your love and concern. God will truly bless you for caring so much for his beloved creation. I pray someone with a generous heart will come and adopt Friday and give her the loving home she deserves for her final days, long or short they may be.

  7. Four years ago, my recue li’l feline companion Li’l Lema was diagnosed by her vet with CRF…Cronic Renal Failure…Till her passing, she received all the care possible by myself and the staff at the hospital…and only when her quality of life was no longer there was he put own…and I was assured by the Doctor that this wa the best and only option for her as this renal failure was fatal…I’ll never forget her and holding her at the hopital as she sliped away over the Rainbow Bridge, the last thing she heard was that I loved her…I just couln’t live with myself if I didn’t do absolutely everything I could for her in the end…she brought me so much love…truly a remarkable companion an I miss her to this day…

  8. I want to thank you all for taking care of this dear old girl when everything she knew in life fell out from under her.

    I am sure you will be in loving hands until the end of her days. Perhaps it is best this way. Who knows if she would have gotten decent treatment if the owner had taken her back home.

  9. Thank you, Tri-County Humane Society Shelter, for your compassion and love…you have raised the bar for shelter standards! Please give Friday a huge hug from her new pals in California…her story and all of you have touched our hearts!

  10. The scum who treated this poor dog so shamefully should be identified. The local newspaper should publish this woman’s picture, name and address. She should be charged with animal cruelty. She should NEVER be allowed to have any animal ever again. This woman is pure garbage.

  11. Scott Bachelder says:

    Thank you Tri-County. I am a regular contributor to Noah’s Ark and recently was approved for the adoption of one of their rescued pups. I believe that if their is a heaven, there is a special hell for those who abandon and mistreat animals.

  12. Thank you, Tri County, for displaying to the world how a true no-kill shelter functions. Nothing in this story surprises me, as I have had the opportunity to adopt from them before and I learned how carefully they vet potential owners and match them to a furbaby. Unadoptable babies are given that same level of care – and a home for life. They have a little house to give shelter to the kitties that live outdoors, adorably decorated by (I believe) a girl scout troupe. There are even a couple of roosters that call Tri County home.

    So, yes, I thank Tri County for being and for doing what it does every day. And if you’re planning a vacation to Florida’s southeast coast, why not give them a visit? They are located just west of the city of Boca Raton, in southern Palm Beach County.

  13. If I lived there, I would gladly take Friday into my arms and heart and have her live with me. I would give her endless love and attention.
    Now for this person that dropped off Friday in such a heartless manner. It is indeed to us, an un-exuseable situation..but I wonder what was going on at home…perhaps she was “saving” this dog from abuse from some one at home and couldn’t bear to have him see, hear or feel any more of it…we just don’t know the why. I ask that we not stand in judgement before we know the whole story. The situation needs to be investigated fully. I am so thankful that at least Friday will be forever loved and cared for by the kind people at the shelter…I wish this didn’t happen the way it did, but we just
    don’t know the full story yet.

  14. Grateful thanks to the kind folks at Tri County humane society for caring for Friday, and for all the good deeds you do for the animals in your care.
    To the heartless owner that abandoned Friday I say this- may U be tied to a tree and abandoned by your loved ones when U need them most.
    I adopted a senior dog with cataracts from an animal shelter, and she is now the apple of my eye, pardon the pun. Not once have I regretted adopting this adorable companion whom I cherish dearly.

  15. These things make me recover my faith in humanity. Thank you so much. Best wishes from Spain, a not-so-humane country when it comes to animals…

  16. Thank you for at least having a heart. I have seen things first hand in shelters as a volunteer. It’s refreshing to hear that they care. But, to shame the owner does not help the dog. People abandon dogs or kill them to avoid feeling ashamed, those are the people I would love to get my hands on. I feel bad this dog will not be around the family she “thought” loved her. I wish I could take her. My prayers, God will be bringing an angel home soon.

  17. Deepest thank you to all at Tri-County Humane Society — you are the epitome of what an animal shelter is all about — all of you genuinely place first the animals’ care, health and comfort — I am so proud of you for being true to your mission — let’s pray that Friday finds a home BUT if he doesn’t, he has a wonderful, permanent home with all of you — you are truly the best — may you all get many hugs and pay raises — I love you all.

  18. Thank you so much for caring for this poor, confused dog, when it would have been so easy to euthanize her to make room for other, more adoptable dogs. I hope someone decides to take her home, though. She shouldn’t have to spend her final years in a cage. And I hope you go public with this story! Whoever got rid of her, like she was of no more value than a broken toy that nobody wants, needs to be publicly shamed.

  19. Tbank God for organizations like Tri-County…it seems much more frequently we see incidence where ‘owners’ simply abandon their devoted companiions as they’ve become inconvenient…unfortunately, these ‘people’ don’t have the capacity to put themselves in the place of their devoted companion…it’s their loss, but their companions result is a result…if not for folks like Tri-County, many more animalas would suffer due to this selfishness…

  20. What POS that lady is for leaving her family dog, people are just pyles of crap. Just a REal pos. That lady needs to be publicly outed!!!

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