Demand Lawmaker Apologize for Lies About Florida Shooting Victims

Target: Daryl Metcalfe, Pennsylvania Representative

Goal: Demand lawmaker apologize for mocking Florida school shooting survivors.

Pennsylvania lawmaker Daryl Metcalfe has accused survivors and victims of the Florida school shooting of being ‘crisis actors’ being bused in to the Capitol to push their anti-gun agenda. He went on to mock the students advocating for gun control, while accusing the left of ‘hypocrisy’ for expecting the students to be listened to while still insisting 18 is too young to buy a firearm.

This man’s comments were out of line, completely insensitive and ignorant. He has attacked victims and survivors alike in the wake of a horrific tragedy, essentially accusing the traumatized survivors of faking it in order to push an agenda that quite frankly needs to be pushed. The right’s refusal to accept stronger gun control laws has been a major point of controversy lately, and Metcalfe’s inflammatory comments are a perfect example as to why we must keep fighting for these laws.

Metcalfe has been slammed all over social media for his disgusting comments, but has yet to make a single follow-up post even attempting to explain himself or apologize. Such commentary is unforgivable, and we must not allow it to stand. Sign this petition to demand Metcalfe apologize and retract his cruel words immediately.


Dear Representative Metcalfe,

Your recent comments accusing Florida school shooting survivors of being ‘crisis actors’ were out of line. The shooting was a horrific event that took many lives and shattered many others, and your comments were essentially a mockery of the survivors suffering the trauma of lost loved ones and bearing witness to such an act of violence.

Furthermore, your accusation of hypocrisy from the left for demanding students advocating gun control be listened to was uncalled for. It is well known that the right does not want their gun privileges revoked, that they care more for their pride than for the lives of others, and your words and accusations only further highlight this attitude.

You must apologize for your inflammatory, depraved comments immediately. You have mocked those traumatized by a tragedy for the sake of protecting the right’s obsession with guns, and that is unacceptable. Apologize, and retract your comments now.


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Photo Credit: Brett_Hondow

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  1. Thank you for showing your true colors! You will be remembered with a black mark!

  2. How DARE you insult and denigrate these brave, suffering bereaved survivors. SHAME ON YOU MR. METCALF AND PREPARE TO PAY A VERY HEAVY PRICE AT THE POLLS. YOU DISGUST ME AND ALL DECENT AMERICANS.

  3. FIRE that freak — he should be arrested! Can you do that for sheer stupidity, ignorance, extremely out of line.

    Fire him!!!!!!!

  4. And we have trumptards on here who think this is ok and defending NRA. Where are you Frank Staples?

  5. This man should have NEVER spoken in such an ignorant and uncaring way about people who have gone through so much trauma! But forcing him to “take it back” is just futile. He can apologize if he means it, but to force him may just be sending those students a lie. Who needs a false apology?

  6. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Shameful behaviour!

  7. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    The chap can only be saying such stupidities like he did because of he has not seen its own children’s heads with came out brains yet… So then he could have sung other songs!

  8. Gen Agustsson says:

    raise gun violence awareness.

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