Ban U.S. Shark Fishing Tournaments

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Ban inherently cruel shark fishing competitions in the U.S.

Despite public protest, shark fishing tournaments continue to be held every year in the U.S. Substantial cash prizes are awarded to those who catch the ‘biggest fish.’ This poses a real threat to all sharks, considering the larger and more mature sharks are likely in their reproductive years. This disgraceful trophy hunting is wasteful and dangerous to our environment, and the needless slaughter of countless sharks for mere sport must be admonished and prohibited.

Sharks are alpha predators, and these creatures play an essential role in the health of oceans. Annihilating shark populations wreaks havoc on the precarious balance of oceanic environments. Overfishing causes precipitous harm as sharks are slow to mature and reproduce, putting population regeneration at a severe disadvantage.

Many shark species are experiencing decline, and numerous types face the threat of extinction. Although it is legal to sell shark meat in the U.S., it is generally considered unacceptable to consume it due to species endangerment. Furthermore, shark meat has been shown to contain high levels of mercury that is verifiably toxic if consumed.

Intrinsically cruel, shark fishing tournaments are barbaric displays in which glorious creatures are dragged onto docks, often still alive, and hung onto meat hooks for exhibition. After extensive boasting of the catch and photos beside the bloody shark carcass, the creatures are wrenched down and dismembered before a cheering audience of all ages.

There is no place in our society for wasteful and egotistical trophy hunting. Shark meat is considered unhealthy and not recommended as a meat source, therefore, these animals should not be hunted down for hobby. Stop the ruthless and needless murder of these vitally important oceanic creatures by signing the petition to demand that shark fishing tournaments be banned in the U.S.


Dear Director Sheehan,

The annual shark fishing tournaments held in our country are a shameful exhibition of wastefulness and unnecessary destruction. These competitions are no more than public displays of execution for the sake of sport and bravado. Community activities should not promote harm and unmitigated disrespect to our environment and the lives of our fellow beings.

Sharks are top predators and play a vital role in our oceans. Threatening their population disrupts the delicate balance needed to maintain and protect our environment. It is imperative that people be respectful and prudent in consideration of our planet and its many glorious inhabitants. Depopulating sharks will harm oceanic ecosystems and reduce overall fish populations, ultimately resulting in detrimental and irreversible damage.

Both the EPA and FDA have issued warnings regarding the consumption of shark meat due to mercury contamination. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose from this brutal killing contest that provides neither a healthful food source nor an environmental benefit. I fervently urge the ban of shark fishing tournaments in the U.S. to denounce the wanton disrespect of life and protect our oceanic ecosystems.


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Photo Credit: Pieter Visser

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  1. “Disgraceful trophy hunting is wasteful and dangerous to our environment.” Entirely agree, these hunters are nothing but cowards. Anybody can cause suffering, the high moral ground is not to.

  2. Trophy hunting is unethical and cruel whatever species the hunted belongs to.

  3. Gen Agustsson says:

    ban it now!

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