Support Students Taking Stand Against Gun Violence

Target: Cameron Kasky, Creator and Organizer of March for Our Lives

Goal: Join young people in calling for an end to school shootings and gun violence.

‘The right to life’ is the most fundamental human right. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently affirmed this belief during a speech at Stanford University. On March 24, students in Washington, DC and from across the country will unite to march for their lives. In the wake of the Parkland, Florida high school shooting that took the lives of fourteen teens and three adults, shooting survivors along with other young advocates organized the March for Our Lives movement. An ambitious roster of student walk-outs, rallies, and meetings with lawmakers, this movement takes a stand against gun violence and—more crucially—government inaction on gun control.

When the forefathers of the U.S. Constitution gave citizen militias the right to bear arms against tyranny, they likely could have never imagined the future. They could have never envisioned the day when centers for learning would become one-way war zones. They would likely be equally awed and horrified at the modern-day weapons capable of inflicting maximum carnage. We as a society have long recognized limits, which is why the words ‘well-regulated’ lead the 2nd Amendment and why few if any would ask for the right to keep a nuclear weapon in one’s basement. Assault weapons such as the AR-15 rifle allegedly utilized by the Parkland shooter are arguably our nation’s most lethal weapons of mass destruction.

Twelve movie-goers enjoying a simple outing lost their lives. Congress did nothing. Two churches full of worshippers took their last breaths during services. Congress did nothing. Nearly 60 fans with a passion for country music died while dancing away to a concert. Congress did nothing. And in too many instances to name, schoolchildren as young as six had their lives taken away. And Congress does nothing but offer ‘thoughts and prayers.’ While they lay blame at the feet of mental health reform, their sole initiative relating to guns – their one legacy – is the repeal of an order that raised the bar for individuals diagnosed with mental illness purchasing guns.

These students are saying no more to being victims and no more to reckless dismissal. Regardless of one’s personal feelings about gun control, the empowerment of these young people is motivating and should be lauded. They can remind every elected leader that he or she is beholden not to special interests but to the people. The youth can and hopefully will force change in the broadest sense.


Dear Mr. Kasky,

“Be the change you want to see in the world”: wise words attributed to a man who lived this message each day, Mahatma Gandhi. With the March for Our Lives movement, you are following Gandhi’s example and the example set forth by parents, grandparents, and every ancestor who ever took a stand for what they believed. Please know that through your words and your actions you are not being un-American or “too political.” You are embodying the very ideals that have sustained this country since its inception.

When you march on the 24th, you will be walking alongside all your peers who were changed forever, in ways large and small. You will be marching for the young people who will never have a chance to mark all of life’s milestones. But they will be with you, just as every person in this country who believes we must fight for our future will be present in every word you speak and every step you take.

We as a country have failed you. Now we can and must stand with you, one united voice.


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Photo Credit: Peter Stevens

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  1. Tarran Fedders says:

    ………..and please leave any god out of it.

  2. Gen Agustsson says:

    raise gun violence awareness.

    Alright students! It is time for a grass roots effort to relinquish the control of the NRA in our political campaigns!
    It is time to support our politicians who are not receiving money from the NRA. Here is my proposal: If you are a high school student and want to see change, think about contributing as little as $10.00 to politicians running on a platform with no ties to the NRA. If enough students around the country are willing to contribute, we could really make a difference

  4. Whats happening at our schools is so horrifing i have no words.I understand nothing has changed it,it has only gotten worse.I appluad any action to bring a change yet this seems rather vague .I read the goal but shouldn’t there be more specific on how to accomplish the goal.?

  5. Patricia Dumais says:

    The rest of the world is appalled by the gun-crazy USA. When will Americans wake up to the fact that the more weapons in circulation, the more violence? It’s something that the rest of the world has figured out!

  6. Frances Talbott says:

    Why don’t you accept my email address. It is correct!!!!

  7. Will someone explain where this “tyranny” is that the militia is supposed to combat ? A militia is(was) the equivalent of the Home Guard, or the territorial army, ready to answer the call to arms WHEN REQUIRED. With the current state of the full time troops in the US and its vast budget, this is highly unlikely to ever happen. This amendment is not carte blanche for everyone to own guns for purposes other than turning out to help protect their country

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