Stop Hotel From Using Exterminators to Eliminate Stray Cats

Target: John Rice, Hotel Shangri-La General Manager

Goal: Stop using a pest control company to get rid of local feral cats and urge them to use non-lethal means to manage the population instead.

Homeless cats are being brutally murdered by exterminators. For many years, Taguig Park in Manila was home to a large feral cat population that was much beloved by locals who fed and cared for the homeless animals. That was before the nearby upscale Hotel Shangri-la decided to hire exterminators to “literally dispose of the cats” under the cover of darkness so as not to attract attention. This despicable and illegal act must be condemned.

By hiring a pest control company to remove cats through any means deemed necessary, Hotel Shangri-la is likely in violation of the country’s Animal Welfare Act. Worryingly, hotel management has not provided any comment on the welfare or status of the felines, leading many to believe they have been either killed or abandoned elsewhere. If so, this is not only unthinkably cruel, but will most likely be an ineffective means of control long-term as new stray cats take residence in the park.

There are many non-lethal means of controlling cat populations, including so-called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs that prevent the formation of new feral colonies. Sign this petition to demand that the exterminators be called away and that this hotel publicly commits to the humane treatment of all stray cats.


Dear Mr. Rice,

The many generations of cats that have lived in Taguig Park next to your hotel are part of a beloved and well-tended cat colony. Local residents have fed, named, and interacted with these homeless felines for years, and are heartbroken at their recent disappearance. Given the fact that you have admitted to using a pest control company to “dispose” of these cats by any means necessary, they are right to be concerned that you are permitting these cats to be exterminated or dumped elsewhere.

Treating companion animals, such as cats, like vermin is in violation of the Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines. Not only that, it is an ineffective strategy long-term, as new stray cats will simply move in and take their place. We demand that you stop using exterminators to kill or abandon these innocent animals and instead commit publicly to using non-lethal and compassionate means of control.


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Photo Credit: Sophie Riches

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  1. john rice: i will tell this disgrace to everyone I know and spread this everywhere…may your hotel closes down.

  2. I hope you lose all business for what your doing to these cats you sick creep may you go bankrupt

  3. I will not be staying at your hotel during my visit to your city. I don’t want to spend my tourist dollars in a hotel whose manager is proposing a cruel method of killing innocent creatures. Shame on you. I will also spread the word to others about your heinous and ignorant practices so that they won’t spend their money there either.

  4. Fck these bastards❗️😠
    Signed & shared. 🤬

  5. Elaine Milbourn says:

    What sort of rotten people are you, obviously not compassionate human beings. Spaying and neutering is the answer and would cost less in the long term than hiring brutal thugs to cruelly kill the innocent cats. Join civilisation instead of a third world, medieval mentality.

  6. Rosalba Conti says:

    On this planet, ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO ALSO LIVE THE RANDAGIE CATS – what right do we “human” beings to exterminate every LITTLE AND INDIFY living being that annoys us? NONE – LEAVE THE ANIMALS – LET THEM LIVE. I AM STOVE TO FEEL, READ, SEE CRUDELY on ANIMALS.
    23 February 2018 at 5.39 pm in Italy

  7. John – While I can understand that the feral cat population near your Hotel may be a problem, slaughtering them is not the answer. We share this world with the Animal Kingdom and they have just as much a right as we do to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. No animal should be murdered for the crime of being ‘surplus’. There has got to be a better way to handle this issue and I am asking that you please find it! Please!

  8. Just be humane and try TNR. Actually, if they advertise they do that they would probably get a lot more guests whole love the humane approach.!

  9. Breanne Bennett says:

    Just awful 🙁

  10. Mr.Rice – the way you treat God’s creatures, the way your destiny will be, and it seems not a good one. May your No Mercy policy reflect upon your life!

  11. Ich hoffe er geht pleite und muss sein Hotel schließen was für ein herzloser Basdart. Einfach schrecklich solche Menschen. Bestraft ihn und keiner soll mehr in dieses Hotel gehen.

  12. Jorge Lescano says:

    Bastards, stop it!

  13. Decades ago, we had less options available — in this day & age, where all are educated & enlightened, with so many choices out there assisting people & their outdoor cats, only unconscionable idiot-monsters would put these cats on a path leading to horrific suffering and untimely death — this is downright IMMORAL — PLEASE, start thinking what’s best for the cats & the community — DO THE RIGHT THING for all — pay a visit to ALLEY CAT ALLIES : — for important information regarding TNR — there are many who would adopt cats, indoors AND outdoors — it’s not too expensive to care for cats — for cats who are NOT socialized (yet, if ever) living outdoors is an option which benefits not only the cats but also the humans — again, let’s be rational, let’s be compassionate, let’s be sane, let’s be moral.

  14. No way will I be staying in your hotel you murdering, heartless, money grabbing bastards. Hope you get exterminated yourselves.

  15. And we will avoid your hotel in broad daylight.

  16. Anyone who continues to stay at this murder hotel, is just as guilty as the management who made the decision to carry out such violent and unwanted act.
    Hurt them where it counts most. Their profit line.

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