Stop Police from Ordering Unwarranted Strip-Searches

Target: Steven McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety

Goal: Stop police officers from authorizing humiliating and violating unwarranted body cavity searches

Two women have become victims of a needless body cavity search after being routinely stopped for littering. Angel Dobbs and her niece Ashley Dobbs had been driving along the highway when the offense occurred. An officer noticed one of the women throwing a cigarette butt out of the window and proceeded to pull them over. This officer claims he smelled marijuana coming from the car, but upon further questioning and searching the car, did not find any evidence of drugs in their vehicle. The officer then claims the women were acting strange and ordered an invasive cavity search.

The entire incident was filmed on one of the trooper’s dash-mounted camera. In the video, a female trooper is seen aggressively searching the private parts of the two women. Numerous passing cars can be seen driving along the highway, able to fully view the cavity search. The women also claim that the trooper did not change gloves between searches. One of the women had been suffering from an anal cyst that was irritated by the search, causing her further pain and discomfort.

Eventually Angel, who had been driving, passed a road-side sobriety test and the two were able to leave with just a warning for the original littering complaint. The pain and humiliation caused by the unnecessary escalation that these women were subject to needs to be stopped. The officers were clearly out of line in ordering a body cavity search for a littering violation. Sign the petition to stop officers from ordering unnecessary body cavity searches.


Dear Mr. McCraw,

Two women found themselves living a nightmare when they were forced by police officers into a body cavity search. These women were pulled over for littering, but in a situation escalated by police officers, were humiliated and violated. The strip-search took place on the side of the highway, where cars passing by could view the whole thing. The women also claim that the officer did not change gloves in between searchers. An officer claimed that he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, and ordered the search. After finding no drugs in the vehicle and the victims passing a field sobriety test, the women left with a warning for littering.

The pain and humiliation of these two women could have been entirely avoided. Their actions did not warrant a body cavity search, especially one on the side of the road. Police officers need to use better justifications in ordering strip searches. Please stop these unwarranted body cavity searches.


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Photo credit: police vehicles via free foto

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  1. Cliff Josephson Cliff Josephson says:

    I think these assholes [no pun intended] should be given cavity searches by BIG BUBBA and his buddies. We are rapidly escalating to a police state as the police continue to violate the rights of citizens, violate the laws they were sworn to obey, deprive citizens of life, liberty and property. Shoot first and don’t even bother to ask questions later. Disabled man in wheelchair killed, over 200 hundred dogs shot, most without provocation. When will these outrageous abuses of the citizens of these United States END?

  2. Fucking sick! No duh, rape by police shouldn’t happen again. Put these pigs in prison now! No wonder we don’t like cops. Too many abuse authority. They’re not seriously going unpunished, right!?

  3. In Scotland we say that police who think they are big boys and girls are making the general public pay for them being bullied at school, all they are are cowards who suffer from the delusions of grandeur.

  4. Louise Browning says:

    As sure as God made lil green apples, those cops sexualy molested those women & should be fired & jailed!!If Joe Blow had done that, he’d be prosecuted 2 the fullest extent of the law. What makes these cops any different than anyone else who rapes a woman? Yes, what they did should be considered RAPE!! Makes no difference if 1 of them was a woman cop…women can & do rape women, u just don’t hear/read about it….

    • Absolutely!

    • Couldn’t agree more. It should be the first thing that happens after an evil unnecessary lewd assault by people who have nothing better to do. Obviously this police force is overmanned. Police protection? Ha ha. They are the assaulters. Get them behind bars NOW before they do more irreparable damage to harmless citizens. These police are the problem. They are sick sick sick.

  5. This is so scary…we ARE close to be a police state with BIG brother
    watching our every move…..This is just one example of heartless cowards in uniform, bullying our public. These officers should be removed from their jobs immediatly ! Please don’t call them Pigs.
    Pigs are kind, social, loving and intelligent beings.

  6. Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

    Stephanie, you have a degree yet have failed with your basic research, obviously you did not learn anything at college! The photo used is of a British police car, not a Texas one, and the British police would never do a strip search in public. It has lead to a false impression of your petition.

    • Might be a stock photo. Didn’t give Me a false impression of the petition; in fact, the aggressive and improper treatment of citizens by these cops sounds like it could happen right here in Louisiana. Something about the cops down here (and don’t even get me started on New Orleans)… A friend of mine says they all have tiny dicks but I got pulled over by a woman and I can tell you she had a great big one.

  7. Joan Mikolajczyk Joan Mikolajczyk says:

    Cavity searches should never be conducted in public-I suppose you mean searches involving sexual organs. It is unsafe for both the examiner and the recipient of the search. Sharp implements have been hidden in the body cavities ready to gash your fingers. If the search was warranted, a police/medical van should have been called to the scene. I am surprised that these police officers weren’t gunned down by other victims of police assaults. What were these women littering? Please investigate.

  8. Are we sure this wasn’t a Candid Camera moment?

  9. Kathleen Byers says:

    How can this horrific abuse be stoped? This legal rape and humilliation of women is going on every where in US. Just disgusting… As usual we the tax payers will pay these poor women for these assalts while the thugs are paid and proteced by the might of this thug government. FU US government. People don’t spit on the side walk. This lets the thugs know you want to be raped, beaten, deprived of all rights

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