Make Wildlife Killing Contests Illegal

Target: Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts

Goal: Ban all inhumane and unnecessary wildlife killing competitions in the state, including an upcoming coyote killing contest.

A gun shop in Massachusetts is inviting hunters to take part in a brutal coyote killing contest, sparking fury among local animal rights advocates. Wildlife killing competitions, such as this one, are completely unnecessary and can wreak havoc on local ecosystems. Demand that this cruel event be made illegal so that such celebrations of wanton killing cannot take place.

Although some people incorrectly view coyotes and other predatory species as pests, these creatures are an essential part of the environment. Predators help maintain the ecological balance by keeping the populations of herbivorous species in check, which in turn can have a cascade of positive effects in the ecosystem. To encourage hunters to slaughter these creatures in mass numbers is irresponsible and must not be permitted.

Coyote killing contests and any other wildlife hunting competitions have no place in a society that values compassion or the natural world. Sign this petition and demand that they be made illegal to prevent future killings.


Dear Governor Baker,

An upcoming coyote killing contest hosted in Hyannis is a prime example of the disposable way in which some people view Massachusetts’ many species of wildlife. Such contests are not only inhumane, but are irresponsible from an environmental perspective. Predatory species, including coyotes, form a vital part of the ecosystem, and should not be killed simply to help gun store owners gain publicity or to give hunters something to boast about.

We, the undersigned, urge you to consider the long-term effects such wildlife killing competitions can have on animal populations and the environment as a whole. Please call for a ban on this and all other forms of wildlife hunting contests.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Yathin S. Krishnappa

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  1. Remember the old adage, “the extinction of one is the extinction of the other.” We are all connected and what does it tell about us if we allow these practices to continue harming wildlife and other animals. End it.

  2. just more kill crazy bastards they are the ones that should be shot

    • YES YES YES!!!! All Evil people deserve to be killed, especially animal killers, baby killers, the mentally ill, as in narcisstic psychopaths, sociopaths, etc. They are a threat to ALL.


  4. Something is wrong with this site, and I’ll probably stop signing these petitions because of it.

    • Wendy Burrows says:

      What is wrong with this site?
      or are you concerned because you yourself are also a crazed gun enthusiast that kills and maims anything that lives/breathes/walks?

  5. killing any animal is wrong no matter what the purpose is for. Wildlife killing contests are sick and demented and so are the scumbags who engage and encourage it.

  6. APPALLING 2018 PEOPLE (WHITE TRASH I GUESS) BEHAVE LIKE THIS. Sickening and this madness has to stop!!!

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    “Contests” are supposed to be between 2 individuals on equal footing. People of the same size, weight, etc, compete against each other to see who is the best (e.g. in boxing, they have featherweight, welterweight, heavyweight, etc). So how can a coyote with only 4 legs and some teeth compete on equal footing with a human with a high-powered weapon such as a gun, possibly with telescopic sights? This is NOT a “contest” – but a pathetic excuse by mentally sick sadists to massacre innocent animals. Why don’t these trigger-happy sadists rather shoot it out with each other in a “killing contest” – where everyone is a volunteer, so it can’t be called murder?

  8. Like CAnad and uk guns should be COMPLETELY illegal if u are not in police,or army…..what the fuck is wrong with u Americans……kill kill and kill….NO POWER OF YOUR OWN LIVES, NO DECIPLINE IN YOUR OWN LIVES….YOUR GOVERNMENT STINKS AND SO THE ONLY POWER U HAVE IS GUNS…..and now the killing of the kids in Florid …your government is BALLLESS ….consficate the guns…make it all illegal…nut nooooo u hide under some frigging AMENDMENT…..the world laughs…

  9. Killing *anything* as a form of recreation or entertainment is abhorrent.


  11. Signed & shared❗️😠

  12. Agree and kill animal abuser there the problem in this world

  13. These killing contests make me believe that governments are run largely by morons! No intellect, no compassion just full of hot stinky air!
    May God have no mercy on you!!!

  14. the only and largest pest or the most deadly bacteria
    to destroy this wonderful world and the whole universe,
    alone is the human point

  15. Reason # infinity why there is so much violence in the world.

  16. Charlie – WTF? Don’t you know that the Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too? They have just as much a right as we do to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans. Hunting, or should I say murdering, any living thing is total bullshit since every living thing on this planet has its place. End the bullshit now Charlie!

  17. Coyotes are ESSENTIAL, IMPORTANT species which HELP our ecosystems and human communities by keeping populations of rodents and other herbivores in check. Without these predators, unchecked rodent populations can spread disease, and herbivores overpopulate and stress our forests. As a landowner, I can tell you from personal experience that coyotes are helpful, coyotes are smart, and coyotes are sentient beings. They are are allies. We MUST get beyond the idea that humans have the right to decimate whole populations of other species, because we do NOT have that right. Leaving these animals alone helps us all.

  18. Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
    Those who kill animals for whatever reason are filth,those who even think about sexual degeneracy in connection with an animal should face capital punishment.Wolf killing for example is carried out by the same social level as those who dress up in white sheets and burn crosses-FACT!

  19. Wendy Burrows says:

    what sane person would consider killing any animal for sport or a competition or for that matter any reason at all?
    America seriously has a problem, a huge problem with guns and killing … does the entire country suffer with small penis syndrome? certainly seems that way.
    America is supposed to be a first world country, yet the citizens seem to act like they are living in a pre-historic backwater where they kill any living being for any reason or no reason at all.


  20. the only and largest pest or the most deadly bacteria
    to destroy this wonderful world and the whole universe,
    alone is the human point
    I wish this damned son of a whore, this goddamn animal tormentor a live quite bad.
    Only because of the money abused this heap of shit the poor animals.
    This asshole must pay.

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