Demand Fair Cancel Plans with Cruel Bear Show

Target: Dennis McDermott, Event Services Director of Florida State Fair

Goal: Demand Florida State Fair cancel its plans with Welde’s Big Bear Show.

Welde’s Big Bear Show is a traveling, “educational” show that exploits and profits off of its bears. Forcing these wild animals to perform in loud, crowded areas is incredibly stressful for them and unnecessary.

During Welde’s Big Bear Show, bears are forced to ride scooters, walk on their hind legs, balance on balls, and pull their bodies through hoops. When the animals are not performing, they are allegedly kept in cages with limited time to roam freely and socialize. In the wild, bears travel far distances, build nests, play with friends, and climb. In addition, the training tactics typically used for wild animals involve pain to force these animals to perform. Life for these bears is not a happy one.

Sign this petition and demand Florida State Fair cancel its plans with Welde’s Big Bear Show. It is time to stop supporting the exploitation of these innocent animals.


Dear Mr. McDermott,

The Florida State Fair plans on hosting Welde’s Big Bear Show during the celebrations. The show claims to be education, but in reality the bears are exploited for profit. It is time to stop supporting such a cruel business.

During the show, Welde’s bears are forced to ride scooters, stand on their hind legs, balance on balls, and pull their bodies through hoops. Training for wild animals typically involves pain and fear tactics. When the animals are not performing, they are reportedly kept in cages and have limited time to see their friends and stretch their legs. While trapped in captivity, these bears are denied everything natural to them including climbing, socializing, and roaming large distances.

Please consider no longer hosting Welde’s Big Bear Show at your fair. These animals should be in the wild, not in a crowded, stressful environments being forced to perform ridiculous tricks.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cliff

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  1. As more and more people learn about animal abuse that happens behind the scenes, the less people want to participate in it. YOU (the fair) should too!

  2. I am amazed that people still want to see animals “perform” at fairs, or circuses! These are wild animals that have families, and need to be living in the wild, NOT “performing” at places, so people that have nothing better to do with their time, can watch them being exploited! They are being used and abused for someone to make money off of the animals suffering! The people that pay to watch are just as guilty as the people that abuse the bears daily!

  3. Making wild animals perform stupid tricks is cruel and inhumane. These animals should have never been taken out of the wild in the first place. May karma take revenge on all who abuse innocent animals!

  4. Kathy Snavely says:

    I am a Florida resident — I will NOT attend the Florida State Fair and will also encourage others to boycott as well.

  5. When will this pitiful and obscene cruelty come to an end? This sort of appalling entertainment was popular in days gone by but nowadays people are better educated and do not wish to see wild animals perform demeaning tricks and be hauled from place to place in a manner totally foreign to their natural instincts. Do not take part in or encourage this cruel abuse, it is time to put an end to it once and for all.


  7. This horrific animal cruelty MUST END! This bear show is responsible for abusive animal suffering. Why would the Florida State Fair enable and encourage torturing helpless animals?!
    End this life of misery for bears that should be in the wild or transferred to a reputable sanctuary!

  8. Jenny Harris says:

    When will the cruelty towards animals ever end!!!!?

  9. I wish this damned son of a whore, this goddamn animal tormentor a live quite bad.
    Only because of the money abused this heap of shit the poor animals.
    This asshole must pay.
    NO ANIMAL belongs to prison


  10. End this immediatly . Barbaric sadistic evil bastards . The people who pay to watch these vile so called shows are just as bad . Boycott them . Release these beautiful bears . Heart breaking !!!

  11. Eileen Goodman says:

    Sue them for animal cruelty!!!

  12. Signed & shared❗️😠

  13. What dumb-ass came up with that show? Activists in that area don’t give up! Protest! Protest! Protest!

  14. Animals are not to be used for human “entertainment”. The only way to prove this is to hit them where it hurts – the bottom line. Don’t attend any of these shows.. they WILL get the message.

    Thank you.

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