Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia

Target: Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

Goal: Stop the inhumane slaughter of dogs for human consumption in Indonesia.

Millions of dogs are being ruthlessly slaughtered for their meat every year in Indonesia. Devastatingly, the dog meat trade is legal in Indonesia, however, much of the industry operates without regulation, with widespread illegal trafficking and inhumane treatment of animals. Many Indonesian markets are disgusting displays of vicious animal cruelty with horrific public executions on a daily basis.

Dogs are captured on urban streets and in rural regions, and many of them are pets stolen from heartbroken families. The abuse these animals endure before their premature and grisly death is appalling and saddening. Crammed into tight cages with their muzzles strapped shut, many do not survive the journey to the restaurant, market, or slaughterhouse due to suffocation and dehydration.

The surviving dogs are not the lucky ones, being forced to await their death in filthy and overcrowded conditions. Full of fear, they sit and watch fellow captive animals as they are brutally killed in atrocious ways. Self-styled “extreme markets” in Indonesia make a public display of torture, bludgeoning, and barbaric cooking of live dogs with blowtorches.

Stories about the marketplaces are sickening, conjuring images of medieval dungeons and torture chambers. Swarming with maggots and many health hazards, the grounds are covered with splattered blood, flesh, and brains. Caged animals are forced to sit in the blood of other dogs who have been executed. The hygiene is despicable, with dead dog carcasses strewn everywhere waiting to be torched and butchered.

It is unfathomable that this type of activity is legal in Indonesia with no existing punishment for animal abusers and illegal traffickers. If a society wants to be considered respectable, humane, and civilized, they must act accordingly. Stop this horrific animal cruelty and demand the dog meat trade be banned in Indonesia by signing the petition below.


Dear President Widodo,

The slaughtering of millions of dogs each year for the dog meat trade in Indonesia is inhumane and a tremendous health risk to the country’s citizens. Unregulated industry practices have given rise to widespread illegal trafficking of animals. The Indonesian government must take corrective action to eliminate the cruel and senseless murder of dogs for human consumption.

Dogs are sentient beings, and the magnitude of pain and suffering inflicted upon these poor creatures is intolerable and offensive. There are many sources of meat readily available in our world, making this heinous activity unnecessary. Furthermore, the cruel massacre of animals for entertainment is vile and speaks poorly of any society that would condone it.

The dog meat trade in Indonesia is permitting citizens to act illegally and inhumanely. The practice of brutally murdering animals in the streets also poses a tremendous public health risk due to germ-infested markets and poor industry standards, and a higher rate of rabies has been reported around market areas. The dog meat trade must be terminated by banning the brutal killing of dogs for meat in Indonesia.


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Photo Credit: Dog Meat Free Indonesia

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  1. I agree with all the previous comments calling for a total boycott of EVERYTHING to do with the countries where animals are treated with such deliberate brutality. This is the only thing we can do which will be effective. Direct action ,not depending on politicians to act on our behalf.

  2. This is pure evil and needs to be stopped , I am so glad I was not born in any of these horrible country’s

  3. These people make me sick what the hell is the matter with this world that we allow this? that we tolerate it? At what point is enough enough? I’m sick and damn tired of people thinking they can treat animals anyway they want to like they have no feelings. What disturbs me the most is they do it to companion animals man supposed best friend. Just let them have a tragedy and I guaran-damn-tee you canines from other countries along with other people will be over there looking for their sorry asses. I hope each and every one of them rot in hell.

  4. Nancy Merbvitz says:

    t’s not because they’re Muslim. The Prophet Muhammad said many times to be kind to animals. It was really a thing with him, cats particularly. Muslims don’t believe dogs are clean and don’t usually have them as house pets (as I understand) but there was nothing in official Islamic teachings that says it’s ok to torture any animals. These are men without hearts. You can find such men in every culture. The idea of actually celebrating torture of the animal you are about to eat is a pecurliar thing about machismo and male dominance. Cultures with a lot of male dominance are cruel. Period. You can see that everywhere (including our South and West states, and places where they have settled in the North).


      • Hi Lauren, FYI– it is the Christian tribes here that do this and are the consumers of the dog meat because dog meat is considered Haram or unclean in Islam. The markets of the Christian Batak tribe from North Sumatra and the Christian Manadoese of Sulawesi, plus others from outer Eastern provinces feature these killings.
        I’m a Canadian who lives in Indonesia, and I have heard tourists of different nationalities say that they are “curious” to eat dog here; hopefully knowledge about their ‘meat’ can discourage them. Adding your voice to this injustice is helpful and so is spreading the word. Please let’s stay united to stop this. cheers

        • I just hope everyone involved dies a horrible death, they are uncivilised and should be condemned to the bottom of the sea – wicked scum

    • Nooshin Perla says:

      You are right. I heard the same thing. Cruel,sick and evil people are every where and in every religion! I wish and hope that every where in the world, start having a very strong and strict laws against cruelty to animals just like people. They are God’s creatures and we have no right to hurt them!!!

  5. Lilian Caughlin says:

    They should start eating each other and do the world a favor.
    Spread rumors on how dog and cat meat ruins libido. Put somehting in the soup and make up fake news. Obviously they are gullible why not. There are too many people in the world of the wrong kind no less. It’s all disgusting the barbaric attitude.

    • Katie Teloo says:

      Yes! You said what I wanted to say!!!

    • Totally agree. Wish these barbaric nations could be wiped out, evil, wicked trash, brainless morons, castrate the lot until none are left then aninals be safe. Totally wicked scum, boycott the lot of the uneducated, uncivilised louts

  6. Nooshin Perla says:

    For every cats, dogs and other animals that you moron hurt and kill, I hope one day, you pay for it in a very painful way!!

  7. There will never be progress in your society due to the lack of compassion and intelligence. Overpopulation is the culprit of progress!
    Who are these Gods in your country? So many temples – what for? What are you praying for? There is no future for you the way you are right now! All of you be damned forever!

    • Katie Teloo says:

      Well, said!!!

    • Agree, hope they all die of plague or similar, uncivilised Retards deserve to be wiped off the planet – JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS please God

      • Joanne Bradley says:

        These barbaric morons deserve the same treatment. What a barbaric uncivilised country, evil scum who murder animals and enjoy torturing them they have no soul, hope karma catches up with them.

  8. Stop this ugly act against man friend Boycotting those ugly Nations who Slaughters Dog’Cat’Horses

  9. barbaric killer pack
    hopefully die this killer and dogs and cats carnivores

  10. I love animal’s. If I wrote what I think about this, I’d be arrested…

  11. How many petitions and how many years do we wait for change ???
    Couldn’t care less whether it is in their culture or not. This is absolutely disgusting.
    Listen to Ricky Gervais’ comedy show on the treatment of these poor dogs. They think that the dog meat is more tasty when the dog is tortured first. In one example two men were laughing as they skinned the dog alive while it howled in pain.
    I can’t bear to even think of it.
    You would think Indonesian officials would be so ashamed to know that the rest of the world view their people with disgust and horror.

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