End Cruel Animal Experiments at University

Target: Professor Shearer West, President and Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University

Goal: End all testing procedures performed on animals and seek humane alternatives.

Animal rights advocates are protesting the University of Nottingham’s allegedly cruel and abusive animal testing facilities. According to University figures, over 25,000 procedures were carried out in a single year on a vast array of animals, ranging from mice to sheep. Animal rights groups say these animals were subjected to painful and potentially lethal experimentation, much of which resulted in unnecessary distress, suffering or premature death.

Animal testing is far too common in academic settings worldwide, in spite of the existence of humane alternatives, such as synthetic or digital models for replicating organs or other body systems. In many instances, animals are injected with potentially harmful substances, given unnecessary and painful operations, or are bred with debilitating inherited diseases. Once the experimentation is complete, many of these animals may be euthanized.

Animals are living, sentient beings that deserve far better treatment. Sign this petition and demand that this university close its animal testing facilities immediately.


Dear Professor West,

The University of Nottingham is a respected research university, committed to advancing the fields of both science and medicine. That is why it is so important that your institution also commit itself to maintaining the highest ethical standards, especially when it comes to the treatment and welfare of animals in its care.

The fact that the University has subjected thousands of animals to over 25,000 potentially cruel and unnecessary testing procedures is deeply troubling. Research has shown that animal testing is largely ineffective, and there are far better alternatives available, including digital and synthetic models. Therefore, I urge you to put an end to the pain and suffering that animal testing at the University of Nottingham has caused, and to commit your institution to animal-free research.


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Photo Credit: Linda Bartlett

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  1. “Animals are living, sentient beings that deserve far better treatment.” This alone should be enough to end animal based research.

    Animal experimentation is faulty in so many ways, such as the fact that over 94 – 96% of drugs that pass animal trials simply do not work and even end up harming humans. Or the fact that more than 2/3 of Nobel Awards in Medicine have gone to scientists that did not use animal testing and the percentage is increasing every year! Or the fact that even the US National Institute of Health director (Dr. Elias Zerhoni) once said, ““we have moved away from studying human diseases in humans. we all drink the kool-aid on that one. Me included. The problem is that animal testing hasn’t worked and it’s time we stopped dancing around the problem. We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans.”

    With alternatives such as cell/tissue cultures, organ on chips, computer modeling and other’s that are not only cheaper and faster, but also more closely relate to humans, let’s end this form of animal abuse! For a better world for ALL!

  2. the people who do this shit should be tested on themselves. I would slit my own wrists before I would do this to any animal.

  3. gabriela torres says:

    Why doesn’t he use himself to experiment instead of torturing innocent creatures?


  5. Veronique Peere says:

    Torturing the Innocent is unforgivable.

  6. Barton Dixon says:

    If on the one hand you say that animals are the same as human beings, then it is unethical to experiment on them.

    If you say on the other hand that animals are not the same as human beings, then you have no justification for experimenting on them.

    If you don’t want something done to yourself, then it is probably unethical to do it to another life.

    Please also consider the following quotes: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi
    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer
    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” St. Francis of Assisi

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