Save Starving Polar Bears

Target: Voters in the United States

Goal: Save the rapidly disappearing polar bear population by opposing Donald Trump’s anti-environmental policies.

Polar bears are sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared as a result of climate change transforming their natural environment into one where the bears struggle to find enough food to sustain themselves. Bears need a high daily calorie intake to avoid starvation, but with receding sea ice as a result of climate change, the bears are finding it harder to hunt.

The US Geological Survey and UC Santa Cruz studied nine polar bears for a three-year period. The researchers found that polar bears need to consume at least one adult or three juvenile ringed seals every ten days to sustain them. During their observation period, the researchers found that five out of the nine bears were not able to achieve this calorie minimum, resulting in starvation.

The US government has listed polar bears as a threatened species. However, the Trump administration has reversed measures that work to combat climate change. The president himself seems to be unaware of how dire the situation in the Arctic is. In an interview, Trump said that “the ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records. They’re at record levels.” As of September, Arctic sea ice has receded by approximately 13% per decade since 1979. Sign this petition to urge the United States to instate measures that tackle climate change and protect these threatened animals.


Dear United States Voters,

The current president of the United States has pursued extreme anti-environmental policies. He has even claimed that polar ice is at record levels, even though it is melting faster than ever. Polar bears are starving and will reach extinction at a rate much faster than previously feared.

In a recent three-year study, the US Geological Survey and UC Santa Cruz found that polar bears need to consume one adult or three juvenile seals every ten days in order to maintain their health. Five out of the nine polar bears that they observed were unable to meet this minimum of surviva. Climate change is devastating the polar bear population.

We must force the United States government to acknowledge climate change and its devastating effects on species like polar bears, and implement measures that tackle climate change before it is too late.


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Photo Credit: Gerard Van der Leun

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  1. Carol Breton says:

    Stop killing these beautiful polar bears now for God’s sake what the hell are you doing.👿👿👿

  2. This is an atrocity to our environment. Our public officials could care less about taking care of our wildlife and the environment. As long as pockets are lined and evil is in the White House humanity is on its way to total disgrace. Humanity sucks

  3. What do you expect from Trump, he would only save polar bears if they created jobs.

  4. Jeannette Allan says:

    Not until we have leadership in this nation which is motivated by integrity, compassion , and intelligence of the heart, will we have environmental protection, and a commitment to catastrophic climate change which is depriving those bears of their habitat at an unprecedented rate. In a political climate full of mendacious greed, and irresponsible malicious self interest with its corrupt and self serving issues, our planet and its precious wildlife are in mortal danger.

    • Jeannette, you are so right. We need to elect those people who care about our environment. Those people are generally Democrats. Trump and his Republican Congress are basically puppets of their wealthy benefactors in the fossil fuel industry. These Republicans could care less about our environment or about the survival of our precious wildlife.

  5. The prevalent use of fossil fuels continues to drive global warming. Trump and his Republican lapdogs in Congress only care about enriching and expanding the fossil fuel industry. Therefore, it is imperative that we elect Democrats to office. Democrats have a continuous record of supporting legislation that protects our environment and wildlife. Republicans receive millions in campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry. The Republicans have long since sold their souls to their wealthy benefactors from the polluting fossil fuel industry.

  6. Signed & shared❗️😠

  7. Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of Climate Change.
    Save the planet and trillions of sentient beings’ lives! #GoVegan

  8. May all the Nay Sayers go to Hell! Hope they have a rotten life!
    Voters vote with your brain, not who kissed your baby – they could not care less once they are in.

  9. This f’ing congress, fat chance. They are a bunch of blood thirsty un-human parasites like Don Young, the fat vermin (house rep.) from Alaska. There is no chance that they would even understand the words being spoken to them. I keep getting their disgusting emails because I sign petitions that goes to them. They are disgusting, stupid and greedy. They are like bacteria in a petri dish, they will not stop until they consume everything and then start eating each other.

  10. The present population of polar bears is three times it was just a couple of decades ago . Where is YOUR declining numbers coming from?

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