Stop Closing Borders to Refugees

Target: Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Hungary

Goal: Stop closing borders to refugee families in need.

Refugees fleeing into Hungary are being denied entry into the country, facing both death and mistreatment. Human rights activists say only two refugees are being allowed into the country per day.

Hungary has essentially closed its borders to those in need. This has torn many families apart and has potentially led refugees to turn around and face death. These actions follow the nation’s string of abuse against refugees, including Prime Minister Viktor Orban calling refugees “Muslim invaders.”

This mistreatment of refugees must be brought to an immediate end. Refugees aren’t “invaders.” They’re mothers, fathers, and children seeking a safer life for loved ones. Sign the petition to demand that Hungary open its borders and help refugees, not leave them to die.


Dear Prime Minister Orban,

Only two refugees per day are allowed into your nation. The rest are being left to suffer and potentially die. You are condemning, not “Muslim invaders,” but mothers, fathers, and children to death.

The crisis in Syria is one the entire world must take note of and work to bring to an end. As a member of the European Union and the United Nations, you have a duty to protect the refugees at your border. I demand that you do so.


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Photo Credit: Freedom House

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  1. GEN AGUSTSSON says:


  2. A lot of them really aren’t families, often just single men. Stop spreading false information. Regarding the African (often economical) refugees, the only relevant long term solution is to set up effective developmental programs in those countries, and most of all tackle the population growth. Africa’s population will double over the next 30 years, if no action is being taken. No matter how many refugees Europe would accept, it would be an absolute disaster.

  3. that’s exactly what they are we have so many here in Canada now thanks to Trudeau who gives them everything for free they are housed and clothed better than us and our homeless are freezing sleeping out in the streets hungry they are trying to take our culture away from us if it keeps up something is going to happen and our children and grandchildren will have to deal with it while Trudeau and his trophy wife live out their lives on an island somewhere these people come into a country and try to take over send them all packing back home

    • Trudeau is an idiot, a puppet of islamisation. At the same time I do think the conditions to be allowed as a refugee in Canada are stricter than in Europe.

  4. Maurice Robison says:

    There are plenty of NATIVE families in need also. Where is your compassion for them? It is NOT the duty or the responsibility of Prime Minister Orban to do anything for these Syrian refugees. It’s his duty and responsibility to serve and protect the people of HUNGARY!

    Every mass murderer has been either a father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, brother, sister, or some other close relative of someone, but that means NOTHING! People will kill others, no matter how badly it hurts other family members. Muslims even kill their own family members in what they call “honor” killings. What honor could they possibly bring upon themselves and their families by killing their own family members?

    You tell us that signing all these petitions really helps. I sign a LOT of your petitions, but I have also notified you of ones that I feel are offensive. But you continue to campaign for the abominable LGBTQ… lifestyle; you still attack President Trump, as if you think he has the ability to control the weather; and now this petition in which you assume that the leaders of other countries who don’t allow their countries to be overrun with undocumented immigrants, are evil people. You never accept the fact that these countries are for the use and protection of the citizens of that country. The citizens have been loyal to the country and have helped to shape it into what it is. Immigrants have no RIGHTS to anything in other countries and it’s none of your business to butt in.

    These immigrants need to go back to their own countries and fight for the changes they think they need. Our Founding Fathers paid a price for their actions in forming this country. Nothing is FREE!

    You need to get your head out of your Liberal asses and quit championing these ignorant and abominable causes. Stick to advocating for animals that are tortured and horrifically killed, or you will lose my signature for ANY of your petitions!
    Maurice D. Robison

  5. Of course close borders to refugees. We have enuf of our own citizens to care for first, esp. homeless vets!

  6. Who would sign such a ridiculous petition?

  7. Pls. keep idiotic petitions like this, off this site.

  8. For those still believing the ‘mothers, fathers and children’ lies, please check these data

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