Protect Marine Environment From Gold Mining on Sea Floor

Target: Michael W. Lodge, Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority

Goal: Stop ridiculous plan to engage in deep sea gold and copper mining.

A seabed mining company, touting itself as the first of its kind, is set to extract gold and copper off the ocean shore of Papua New Guinea. Nautilus Minerals Inc. aims to mine metals and minerals using technologies borrowed from the oil and gas industry. Mining deep sea ecosystems is a terrible idea that will destroy marine habitats and the environment. We must stop this budding industry before it takes hold.

Potential impacts include destroyed seabed habitats, clouding from sediment and chemicals used in the process, and noise and light pollution. Although the term is deep sea mining, the actual process just includes breaking up the seabed crust, pumping up the minerals, and then returning the leftover water into the ocean. However, this does not mean it is not disruptive or destructive.

Sign the petition below to urge the International Seabed Authority (who regulates seabed exploration and exploitation) to prohibit Nautilus Minerals Inc. from continuing with the project. We don’t need any new ways to destroy the environment.


Dear Mr. Lodge,

Nautilus Minerals Inc. is planning a deep sea mining project off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Although it obtained the mining contracts in partnership with the country, the legality of these contracts are in question. In addition, the risks of seabed mining are significant and the extent of these risks are unknown. Scientist and miners’ lack of knowledge about the potential impacts of seabed mining are compounded by the lack of comprehensive regulations. Members under your guidance have been urging you to establish a framework for monitoring and managing mining projects, and rightly so.

If this industry gains traction, then there must be extremely strict guidelines put in place. Mining companies cannot be allowed to exploit the deep seas without being held accountable. While materials are needed to create new technology, we should focus on making use of what we have now. Encourage better recycling of metals and materials. Create products that last longer. Substitute rare and costly materials with similar, abundant materials. In the meantime, prohibit Nautilus Materials Inc. from mining until there are proper regulations in place and thorough risk assessments have been conducted to ensure ecosystems are not harmed in the process.


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Photo Credit: PNG Today

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  1. GEN AGUSTSSON says:


  2. Greedy fat cat humans . Leave the oceans alone . Disgusting scumbags .

  3. What the hell is wrong with humanity . Is it not enough we have raped this beautiful earth surface we share now the greedy bastards want to rape the oceans. Shame on humanity we soon will all perish at the hands of the $$$

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. How do get Rapists of the Earth in authoritative positions?

    Protest! Protest! Protest!
    Old Money, Old Thinking!

  6. Susan Rodriguez says:

    This cannot happen. We have done enough damage to the earth without now damaging the seas and oceans. It is due to greed.

  7. What will this mining do to the sea life. It will harm them and their environmentand what about the islands?Greed leads to no good

  8. Alexandre Engelen says:

    No use for exploration and exploitation on the sea floor: there is enough oil (and gas,…) in the Middle East !!!!

  9. Good God, what next? Mining oxygen? Everyone except the marine animals who do not have a choice about where to live or where to be should just get the hell out of the water. Our oceans are under severe stress from oil spills, trash spills, climate change and horrific plastic pollution and there is talk of mining the sea bottom to make all of this ten times worse? NO, NO,NO!

  10. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Humans need to quit breeding for a few years for the good of all. It’s that simple.

    • Lilian, if only they would stop breeding. Our human population is out of control. We have finite resources. Yet people keep reproducing while they drain and pollute our natural resources.

  11. This is truly a horrible idea and must never be allowed. Gold mining is a terribly toxic process that would contaminate vast marine expanses and ecosystems. And of all places! Papua New Guinea is one of the last frontiers of wonders of the earth. It was pristine until the invasion of explorers contaminated and started exploiting it in the last few decades. What remains of its natural beauty and unspoiled uniqueness must be protected at all costs. Gold mining the ocean floor cannot be allowed.

  12. Healthy oceans equal a healthy planet. Haven’t we done enough damage to our oceans and the marine life that dwell there?! Plastics, chemicals, and other foreign matter are severely harming our oceans. And now they want to mine the oceans? Is there no end to the greed and destructiveness of man? We must NOT destroy our oceans so that a few can profit.

  13. Is there no place left on earth that we humans will not rape and pillage.
    We are like an infectious deadly disease that the earth would be a better place without.

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