Shut Down Abusive Slaughterhouse in Israel

Target: High Court of Justice in Israel

Goal: Close down Adom-Adom slaughterhouse for severe accounts of animal abuse and prosecute the guilty party.

A slaughterhouse in Beit She’an has been exposed for ongoing accounts of animal abuse. Recently, an environmental agency opened a criminal investigation of the slaughterhouse and discovered a horror beyond their expectations. The cattle that are taken to the house for slaughter undergo severe torture before they are killed, and many suffer so badly from injuries that they cannot physically walk to the slaughter. Ask that the High Court of Justice in Israel close down this dysfunctional and abusive organization as well as prosecute all those guilty of animal abuse.

Animal groups are widely protesting the horrific discovery of criminal abuse at Adom-Adom, and some are even urging other nations to end cattle shipments to Israel because of it. Video evidence of the cruelty showed slaughterhouse workers prodding the cattle with metal rods and electrocuting those who did not move fast enough. Slow or already injured cattle received the brunt of the punishment and were attacked with electric shocks over and over. The luckier cattle escaped electrocution and received only cruel stick beatings.

The company CEO Erez Wolf claims that his company “unequivocally condemns this behavior” and that strict measures were being taken against the participants of the crimes. While the slaughterhouse will be inoperative until the investigation is concluded, danger remains for cattle if the company is granted rights to re-open in the future. Every CEO should be aware of employee behavior, and if any employer fails to keep his employees from committing ongoing crimes, he should be immediately removed and the organization shut down. Punishment for such crimes must be severe enough to deter other organizations from following suit.

Ask the High Court of Justice to consider these requests and help to prevent future cases of animal abuse by dealing out appropriate punishment to the CEO and his employees who participated in criminal behavior against animals. Urge them to stand up for innocent animals that were abused and violently mistreated at the hands of terrible people.


Dear High Court of Justice in Israel,

Due to the recent discovery of severe animal abuse at a slaughterhouse in Beit She’an, I urge you to remove the company CEO from his post and punish those who participated in the violent mistreatment of cattle. These innocent animals, who were already being led to their deaths, suffered brutal attacks with sticks and were continuously electrocuted to the point of incapacitation. The already injured cattle suffered the brunt of the handlers’ cruelty.

I urge you to also shut down this company as a warning to other abusive organizations that unwarranted violence against innocent animals is a terrible crime and will be punishable by law. While the guilty party should be heavily prosecuted and the CEO permanently removed from positions of authority, it is vital that the entire operation be ended to prevent future cases of abuse. Please take action for this cause and stand up for the guiltless cattle abused by cruel human beings.


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  1. Surprising, because the Torah commands that animals be respected and treated humanely.

  2. Sadie Dempsey says:

    I forced myself to watch this undercover film on “Animals Australia.” Sadistic, barbaric savages! I pray that they burn in Hell, in excruciating pain, for all eternity.

  3. The rabbis are complicit in this. They pretend to be powerless to stop it yet manage to throw their authority around for displaying a Christmas tree or some other minor infraction. They are dirty and corrupt just like both the Australian government and the Israeli government and the lying slaughterhouse CEO. The meat/slaughtering business is corrupt in all governments in all countries. The investigation has already been done by the ONLY people who ever find animal torture…the undercover welfare people. The shitheads “in charge” NEVER do. No further investigation (i.e. stalling and lying) is necessary here. Shut the hell-hole down, fine the owner and incarcerate the.abusers or stop pretending you give two shits about the animals, assholes.

  4. God is everywere also in Animals and look how people all around the world treat them, you who kill and murder and torture animals you are not special,you think you are so special ,that you can give pain to another being an animal one of Gods Creature and you think you are better than God because hes Creature do not talk your languages,but they do they feel pain they cry they suffer they drink water they eat they take cover when it’s bad weather they talk together they love they play.
    I Pray for all animals who must suffer just so people they can eat of the flesh ,when God has given us Fruit and Greens Nuts and Seeds and herbs.Eat like God Wanted us to eat not like we think we should eat.Mana is a good thing.
    ♥ LOVE ♥


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