Protect Returning Wolves in Europe

Target: His Excellency Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

Goal: Preserve protection for wolves in Europe.

Europe is calling for the death of the returning wolf. The species’ first appearance in Belgium after 100 years marks the completion of its return to mainland Europe, where it is legally protected from hunters due to its previous near-extinct status. Unfortunately, many countries see the animal as a vicious predator and are lobbying to have its protections revoked; they wish to control the population by allowing politicians to kill more than half of the wolves living in each country.

This is unacceptable. It is not okay to demand legal murder of a species that disappeared almost entirely for over 100 years, despite its reputation and status as a predator. Should these people have their way, the government would be allowed to kill a certain number of wolves per year, plus control the reproduction of the species. Farmers are in the majority of those seeking to implement these rules and abolish the legal protection of the species, despite there being far more humane methods of protecting their livestock from wolves.

We cannot allow the European Union to revoke protection for wolves after they have spent 100 years struggling to keep from going extinct. Sign this petition to demand the European Union say “no” to those demanding the death of this species.


Dear Your Excellency,

The return of wolves to Belgium has citizens rallying for the death of the species through ‘population control.’ Farmers in particular are demanding politicians be allowed to kill half the wolves living in their countries, as well as controlling how many offspring they are allowed to have. For years, wolves have been endangered due to poachers, the fur industry, and people murdering them to keep themselves safe despite not being under attack by the animals.

This is the first time in 100 years that wolves are plentiful on mainland Europe. You must not give in to pressure to revoke their legal protection, and instead encourage more humane methods for farmers to protect their livestock. Wolves may have a reputation as predators, but they are still living creatures who do not deserve to be mass-murdered to make people feel safe. Maintain their legal protection, do not allow politicians to slaughter them on request.


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  1. Wolves and other predators also keep their prey healthy by eating the sick ones. They also eat the old ones which means more food for the young. They also keep animals on the move so areas dont get overgrazed and so all areas get some grazing. This encourages more open woodland and more varied plant species. People should read about the great benefits wolves have brought to Yellowstone National Park in America. They are of enormous benefit to their ecosystems. And people want them! Its mainly farmers who dont want them anyway but they get compensation for stock losses so they shouldnt complain.

  2. Sweden has a wolf population of around 355 animals, according to the latest estimates. The Swedish authorities have previously ruled that Sweden should have a minimum of 300 wolves.

    Twenty-two wolves are to be culled in the licensed hunt, which takes place in five counties between January 2nd and February 15th 2018, with a limit on the number which may be killed in each of the Swedish county’s.

    Protect the Wolves by Discontinuing the Licensed Hunt in Sweden.

  3. Sad that human intelligence becomes extinct. Predators are part of the cycle in nature that keeps species healthy and allow continuity.

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