Punish Sicko Who Nailed Koala Corpse to a Post

Target: Ian Stewart, Queensland Police Commissioner

Goal: Punish person who desecrated the corpse of a koala bear.

The dead body of a koala bear was found nailed to a post, posed so convincingly that onlookers initially thought it to be alive and halfway through a climb. Prior to investigations revealing that the animal was long dead, it was thought that someone had killed the animal simply to pose it in such a way; an autopsy revealed that the poor koala had been hit and killed by a car.

Regardless, the fact remains that someone had desecrated the corpse of this innocent creature when the proper thing to do would have been to give it a proper burial or alert animal control to the scene. Instead, they took the body and used it to fool curious onlookers, who were absolutely horrified and disgusted to learn that this cute little creature was a corpse posed in such a way. It is all too possible that this was done for the sake of photo ops, as it is common for humans to exploit animals for photos these days.

The culprit may not have killed the koala themselves, but they have still committed a sick act of cruelty. This display is an example of human contempt for wildlife and selfish need to gain attention and controversy. Sign this petition to demand that the culprit be found and punished severely.


Dear Commissioner Stewart,

The corpse of a koala struck by a car was nailed to a post, complete with gum leaves nearby, to fool onlookers into believing a live koala was climbing the fence. A photo of the scene posted to social media has sparked outrage and horror, and prior to an autopsy and investigation, it was even believed that someone had killed the animal simply for the sake of the pose.

This is a prime example of human contempt for wildlife. The corpse of this innocent animal was horribly exploited, most likely so that the culprit themselves could post a photo on Instagram, which is a disturbing trend in and of itself. The culprit may not have killed the animal themselves, but their actions are just as reprehensible and must not go unpunished. You must find the person who nailed the koala’s corpse to the post and ensure that they face justice immediately.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. How could anyone not see this person committing this sick act? Certainly someone saw something. Hopefully this person is caught and brought to justice.

  2. Totally agree with previous comments. People who abuse & torture should be put to death, PERIOD!

  3. The work of a completely sick human. I don’t even want to call this human an individual or a person; IT is merely a human devoid of compassion. I think “human” is still giving IT too much credit. I really hope IT is caught and punished. When caught, I really hope the courts decide that IT is a danger to society; so hopefully no slap on the wrist, as we (compassionate individuals) see way too often.

  4. Hate to tell you, but unless they intentionally killed the koala bear (and there is evidence to support this, which it doesn’t sound like there is), then there is no cruelty to animals here. Sure, they could probably convict them for antisocial behaviour if they found the culprit and had the evidence to back it up, but even then we’re talking a fine and some community service.

    This koala is dead. The autopsy shows it was dead before it was nailed to the wall – Which means, shockingly enough, it cannot feel pain or distress. It didn’t suffer as a result of being nailed to the wall, so it is not cruel to do so. It’s not nice, and it’s not particularly respectful, and I’m not saying I agree with it, but it’s not cruel… Unless you’re going to start calling out butchers, tanners, taxidermists, and probably countless other people (who do things to animal corpses that would be considered unforgivable if done to a human corpse) for being cruel as well? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    How’s about we spend more time looking out for and helping animals who are alive and suffering, rather than getting our knickers in a twist about someone messing about with an animal corpse when there are entire professions dedicated to chopping up and displaying animal corpses for human benefit or enjoyment anyway?

    • Patti Stock says:

      Hate to tell you, if there is enough outcry for the sick perverted person/persons that did this, there will be justice. To make everyone aware of who did this would be a benefit to society and if you feel the way you write who’s to say it wasn’t you.

  5. This person is ripe for a lobotomy! Do we need to wait until this is done to a live animal?
    Sickos are a time-bomb. Send them to an mental institution so they get a feel what can be in store for them.

  6. Jacqueline Adams says:

    This was supposed to be funny?

  7. Cruel, stupid idiotic person or persons who did this. They probably didn’t even try to avoid hitting it with their automobile, either. People who think that animal cruelty is a joke need to be put to work helping to rescue animals, with supervision, so that they can understand that all living beings feel the exact same things that us human beings do. It is no joke to hurt or injure or mistreat or kill an animal.

  8. Diane SilvestrI says:

    I always say I believe in “an eye for an eye” and this just proves why I continue to say it. Whoever did this deserves the same fate. Let’s hope he or she suffers that same fate!

  9. Do the same thing to who ever did this.

    • Bill Berkekey says:

      If only this could happen, barbaric thug needs nailing to a pole and leaving somewhere remote to get pecked by scavengers, wicked retard


    • Bill Berkekey says:

      I agree, wicked scum needs a bullet or a red Hot Poker where sun doesn’t shine, such barbaric acts cannot go unpunished , all involved In this should die. JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS, please God

  11. Disgusting piece of S*IT!!!

  12. Teresa Antignani says:

    Usually I have a lot to say, in this instance I’ll keep it short: Find the bastard and do the same to him/her.

  13. Something like this happened in Montreal a year or so ago, but was far worse in this case: a raccoon killed, then skinned and left on display in a children’s playground. A chilling message considering these type of people are known to graduate to offenses against women and kids later. Horrible way to deal with wildlife and I hope it ended up as a petition on forcechange

  14. The person who killed the animal with his car could well be the one who strung it up…..if not, there is one reckless and crazy driver around to not see one of these animals out on the road.

  15. Agree to all above

  16. Eye for an eye!! Animal welfare laws are PATHETIC!! We need much stronger laws and much harsher punishment to deter animal abuse. We must ensure those who commit cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments. If we do not properly punish these people then as a society we are essentially legitimising abuse against animals.

  17. Next time would it be a live animal ???

  18. Samuel Nkrumah says:

    I couldn’t even look at the photo. No one in their right mind would do such a thing to a helpless animal. The person is psychotic and evil. God is nature. Respect God and live in harmony with his creation.

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