Over 100 Animals Kept Outside in Freezing Cold Deserve Justice

Target: Colonel Ann Claire Assumpico, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police

Goal: Ensure the man who allegedly abused more than 100 animals and left them living in squalor in the freezing cold face the full sentence for his crime.

More than 100 animals were rescued from a home in Exeter, Rhode Island, where they were reportedly living outside in freezing and inhumane conditions. According to officials, they found “approximately 24 dogs, several newborn puppies, as well as approximately 40 ducks, chickens and roosters, 40 rabbits and 10 goats” in “deplorable and inadequate living conditions for animals.” Their water bowls were reportedly frozen or empty when police arrived, there were feces all around the area, and the animals had mere boxes—without bedding or insulation—as shelter from the brutal winter.

This is Rhode Island’s largest animal cruelty case of the year. The suspect, 59-year-old Carlos Alves, only faces two misdemeanor charges of animal mistreatment and cruelty. These offenses carry a penalty of up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine, but it is likely that this man’s sentence will be much lighter. This is unacceptable considering the alleged neglect and cruelty with which he treated these innocent animals, who were depending on him to survive. Sign below to demand that these abused animals receive the justice they deserve, and that their alleged abuser face the maximum penalty for his actions.


Dear Colonel Assumpico,

The Exeter animal abuse case, in which over 100 animals were rescued from freezing cold and squalid conditions, is the largest animal cruelty case in the state this year. It is unacceptable for the alleged abuser not to face maximum penalties for his cruelty.

These innocent animals were kept in little more than boxes—without insulation, bedding, or basics like water they could drink—in the frigid winter. They deserve justice. I urge you to ensure that the suspect is faced with maximum charges for these despicable actions, if found guilty.


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Photo Credit: RISPCA

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  1. Nothing less than jail time must be served! No excuses! No exceptions! This is horrific cruelty and abuse!

  2. Barton Dixon says:

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.” Albert Einstein
    “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” Authur Schopenhauer
    “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” St. Francis of Assisi

  3. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Much too lenient a sentence for all the cruelty done here.

    It’s time the law was updated to reflect large numbers of animals. There should be a charge/fine for each and every animal. This is more than a misdemeanor…..

  4. cruelty to animals show that offenders need extremely long sentences.this bastard is evil.

  5. michelle taylor says:

    Abuse of animals is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  6. Maria Nowicki says:

    Put the worthless human being in a wire cage and leave
    it out in the freezing cold. That would be the ONLY just

  7. MISDEMEANOR! Rhode Island’s laws are a joke!! This would be a felony in other states with a ban on all future ownership of animals. Glad I don’t live in Rhode Island. Pity the poor animals who have no choice because of inept legistators.

  8. Jambrina Sakellaropoulo says:

    People who behave this way are clearly a danger to all living beings. They know they can get away with what you see here because protection for the voiceless is so lax! If you are moved to contribute to the community in a positive way, then start to voice your outrage with signing petitions for animals! It should be obvious these crimes begin with cruelty to helpless animals and escalate to include anyone who happens to cross their path! Signatures are vital to change our lives for the better….We MUST protest vigorously so judges will pass harsh sentences to people who inflict these horrific acts!

  9. A MUCH HARSHER PUNISHMENT IS CALLED FOR IN THIS CASE!!!if these abusers aren’t SEVERLY punished,the animal abuse and neglect will NEVER be reined in…..will continuously happen again and again…..it MUST STOP!! Animals are not on this earth for us humans to abuse,torture and neglect !!!!
    We are the keepers of Gods creations,to protect,nurture and enjoy….
    Teaching children from the ground up to respect,care for all life is a great place to start….

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I’d like nothing better than to lock the bastard up in a cage in the freezing temp weather til he croacks❗️😠
    Signed & shared 🤬

  11. Agree all above put them out there no clothes. Need a permit to own breed animals. This world needs to wake up and stop animal abuse.

  12. Once an abuser, officials must keep tap on them. They must be registered like sex offenders w. pictures, must declare all moves – can’t trust these bastards!

  13. Vile subhuman feces of a being must be imprisoned!!! Let the inmates know of his crimes, they’ll take care of the piece of shit! Hopefully for good, as slime like this do NOT DESERVE TO LIVE!

  14. Have the Authorities gone MAD! — Such lenient & lax punishment for this cruel, irrational, unconscionable, depravedly indifferent crime is beyond understanding — LISTEN — the Residents of this community MUST rise & strongly urge your local Authorities to take these CRUEL CRIMES against animals SERIOUSLY — 5 years in prison with $10,000 penalty should do it for the first offense.

  15. lynn woods says:

    few words hang this bastard put him in a cage and leave him our in the cold the heartless creep

  16. Misdemeanor? I’ll show him what misdemeanor means to me in this instance! Starving him caged and imprisoned in the bitter cold naked isn’t enough. This low-life piece of filth needs to suffer much more profoundly. Whoever makes innocent animals and children suffer should be made to suffer at least a thousandfold!!! Toss the worthless remains in the trash where they belong.

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