Trump Administration Must Stop Undermining Science

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Lift the unnecessary ban that deprives the EPA Science Advisory Board of  its best and brightest.

Over half of the EPA’s advisory board, including some of the most highly regarded environmental scientists in the country, have been forbidden to continue serving on the board. This maneuver came in late 2017, when EPA head Scott Pruitt announced a radical makeover of the Science Advisory Board. Under the guise of maintaining ‘independence’ and objectivity, a new directive proclaimed that scientists receiving grants from the EPA can no longer act as board members.

EPA grants help fund independent research. Therefore, this callous move will ultimately make the board and the agency itself less independent, as the EPA again populates its ranks with the very individuals and organizations it has long deterred. For example, as a result of the new ban, many qualified and studied experts were unceremoniously replaced by the following: an active Clean Power Plan opponent, scores of former gas and chemical company executives, and a brand-new chairman whose claim to fame includes a prolonged fight against environmentally friendly chemical regulations and strong ozone standards in Texas.

Scientists countrywide are speaking out against this and other troubling actions by an agency given the honor of protecting our precious environment.  In 1978, Congress itself ensured the EPA would always provide a strong, vigorous scientific perspective for government leaders.

Demand the EPA do its job by first restoring needed scientific perspectives to the Science Advisory Board. Sign the petition below to add your voice to the chorus chanting with conviction that science matters.


Dear Administrator Pruitt,

A leader must conduct his mission with strong, unyielding conviction. As the leader of the EPA, your mission is to protect the environment — not big business, not political allegiance, but the lands and the resources that have nourished, sheltered, and awed us for centuries. Your recent dismissal of key members from the Science Advisory Board runs counter to this mission.

The EPA can and should grant funds for the continuation of scientific research and exploration. Independent research is the lifeblood of science and our continued advancements as societies. The individuals who drive this progress should not be punished, however. These individuals are the very visionaries and expert thinkers that our government needs in order to craft the most efficient and informed policies.

Restore the integrity of the Science Advisory Board –- fulfill its role assigned by Congress to protect the public health and interest — and end unfair restrictions that punish the agency, curtail its mission, and ultimately hurt the environment you are sworn to protect.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit:  Alan and Flora Botting

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    ‘Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning; for death, unheralded, shall come upon thee and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds’….Baha’i Faith Writings
    The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations. – Pope John Paul II
    Our planet’s oceans, forests and soils work constantly for humanity. They are acting as vast storehouses for greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Our planet’s astounding biodiversity provides for every single human need. Humans everywhere spend every working day connected to nature; by the foods we eat from the fertile soils and the natural water we drink all come from our generous earth, and we stake our very lives upon it.

    • Absolutely! When you join the spirit world, it will be payback time.This I know for a fact. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not.

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    This administration is all about protecting the wealthy, corporations and trumps personal assets. Pruitt wants to gut the EPA because of greed. They want to drill oil, lift regulations protecting out air, lands and water. McConnell had Trump lift the ban on dumping coal waste in public streams that was protected by the clean water act. McConnell does not care that thousands of people in his own state of Kentucky get their water from springs. He gets major donations(bribes) from the coal industry. To actually tell members of your staff that you cannot say the words Climate Change is both ignorant and dangerous. Get these morons out of office.

  3. The Earth has provided so much for humans and lifeforms, and all we have done is exploit her more and more, for what… So that a few greedy corporations can take profit. Science, true science can truly build a better world for ALL!

  4. Gen Agustsson says:

    do not have to ban epa! epa stays with gov! no gov, no epa! epa is part of the government. science out of the politics now! do some earth day rallies, marches, and protests to stop villains from destroying the earth.

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