Protect Bald Eagle Nests

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Support and fund the protection of bald eagle nests.

A recent study has proven that bald eagle reproduction will thrive if humans are kept away from their nests. The species has been vulnerable to human disturbance for at least the last 40 years, and was considered nearly extinct at several points due to poaching, habitat loss, and the theft of their eggs. The new study shows that nest protection has saved many other species from extinction, and is vital to keeping the bald eagle thriving.

Unfortunately, despite the proof, “getting the science straight is vital, since protecting nests and counting eagles carries costs” according to a report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Few studies exist regarding nest protection, and such endeavors do require funding. Nest protection is used in a wider context, protecting general areas, but it is believed that the protection of each individual nest could be much more effective.

The bald eagle is not only a majestic species worth protecting, it is the national bird of the United States. This iconic creature must be kept alive and thriving, and only the release of nest protection studies and appropriate funding can make this happen. Sign this petition to support individual nest protections for the bald eagle.


Dear Director Kurth,

The bald eagle was once in imminent danger of extinction, and remains vulnerable even with the ban on insecticides once known for weakening the shells of their eggs. Poaching, loss of habitat, egg theft, and other factors have driven the species close to extinction many times. Recent studies have proven that individual nest protection is vital to their survival, but these studies are few and rare. Additionally, counting eagles and instilling these protections will require funding.

Individual nest protections will help this species repopulate and thrive once more, and we need more studies and funding to make this a reality. You must support this endeavor wholeheartedly; the bald eagle is our national bird and a beautiful, majestic species worth preserving. Please aid us in the studies and funding needed to save the bald eagle.


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Photo Credit: Dan Bodenstein



  1. Save the bald eagles! Our national bird and we can’t protect it?

  2. Dawn Pettinger says:

    The wrong man. Is in the wrong job. You need someone like David Attenborough , who genuinely cares about the wildlife on this planet. Who will protect the bald eagle for generations to come. After all the BALD EAGLE Is on the nations flag…Jim Kurth, do you want to be the man who goes down in the history books for ever, as the Director of the United States of America Fish and Wildlife Service, who failed to protect and save Americas Bald Eagle. The world is watching JIM KURTH.

  3. this is the symbol of the USA what in the hell is wrong with that country they have to kill everything that breaths or not making them money

  4. I live in Wisconsin and just heard a program on public radio about the bald eagle in this state. Everyone should take heart (at least in Wisconsin). The man was from UW (GO BADGERS!) and had been studying eagles for years. The good news is that there are eagle nests in every county in the state except Milwaukee. That says a lot considering they were on their way to extinction not so long ago. Other states should be able to protect their eagles also by being vigilant against human interference.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ❗️😠

  6. Never again let eagles go to the brink of extinction! They are part of our heritage, our earth!

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