Stop the Wrongful Confiscation of Pit Bulls

Target: Jerry Pullen, Mayor of Sikeston, Missouri

Goal: Stop the wrongful confiscation of innocent pit bulls and pit bull type dogs

Pit bulls continue to be a victim of discrimination in Sikeston, Missouri. Laws have been enforced that deem “pit bull type” dogs automatically dangerous. Recently, these laws have been taken to a completely different level; pit bulls and pit bull type dogs are being confiscated from their homes simply because of their breed. Something needs to be done in order to correct and prevent this kind of injustice.

Previously, the laws regarding pit bulls and pit bull type dogs forced owners to take extra measures to control their “dangerous” dogs. Owners were required to license their dogs, keep their dogs leashed and muzzled, and have a “beware of dog” sign posted on their property. All of this was required if an owner wanted to keep their pet. Despite complying with these laws, owners are now facing the horror of having their pets removed from their homes.

The pit bulls and pit bull type dogs being taken away from their homes are being taken to animal shelters. Unfortunately, these dogs will most likely be killed. To the authorities of Sikeston, it does not matter if these dogs are family pets. It does not matter if the dogs have no history of aggression or that the dogs’ owners complied with every law regarding the dogs. The only thing that matters to the authorities of Sikeston is that these dogs are “dangerous” simply because they are of a specific breed.

This is completely unacceptable. Innocent animals should not be condemned to death simply because they are victims of ignorance and discrimination. These animals are family members and should be treated and respected as such. Taking animals from their loving families and the comfort of their homes to murder them is extremely inhumane and cruel. Sign the petition below to demand that Sikeston authorities stop this brutal act of discrimination against pit bulls and pit bull type dogs.


Dear Mr. Pullen,

Discriminating against a certain type of dog breed is completely irrational. Not all pit bulls or pit bull type dogs are “dangerous.” Pit bulls have already faced discrimination in Sikeston. The city has previously enforced certain laws that require the owners of pit bulls and pit bull type dogs to take certain precautions in handling their “dangerous” pets. While a majority of owners complied with these laws, the authorities of your city have taken the discrimination against these dogs too far.

Recently, authorities have begun taking pit bulls and pit bull type dogs away from their homes. There is no reason as to why these dogs are being taken away from their families other than simply breed discrimination. These animals will most likely face death at the animal shelters they are being taken to. I urge you to stop the discrimination against these animals. Please take the action to stop taking animals from their families and homes just so your authorities can kill them.


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  1. The dog reflects the owner and how the owner chooses to train the dog. Labeling pit bulls for no reason is absolutely unjust, and euthanizing them is murder.

  2. Carol Dibbens says:

    Not all pit bull dogs or types are dangerous It depends on how they are brought up Yes it may not be a good idea to have them with young children until you know what personality traits they have but this is no excuse to confiscate all pit bull type dogs from their homes Its cruel! If the government do not like them then why have the breeds in the country in the first place It is very unfair to the owners as dogs become one of the family Please do something to save these dogs and to save everyones heartache

  3. Anyone who judges a dog without ever raising one, I feel sorry that they could ever be so damn judgmental. I would love to kick them all in the arse.

  4. SHANNON LACK says:

    I am apolled at this.. this is not far from my home town. I am shocked in MO. much less nice little town of Sikeston. I think this is very narrow minded and a genocide. What town and state is next? What breed is next? Dobermans, German Sheps, Rotties??? I am mean really people this is UNITED STATES still right? Now we are being told what kind of dog we can have? It starts with the owner. We always had pittie and growing up with mine. He was the nicest dog ever. When he died of old age we got another one. I now rescue all kinds of dogs and YES I also help the pitties out here in NC where I reside now. Pit bulls have bad rap for the wrong reasons. It is out of control and it needs to stop!

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